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Principal Manx Events of 1908.


2nd.-Opening by Lieut.-Governor of extension to Onchan School. 5th.-Presentation of gold watch and framed picture to the Rev. Canon Savage, M.A., on the 21st anniversary of his induction into the vicarage of St. Thomas's, Douglas.

6th.-Death of Mr. E. Chadwick, who was Mayor of Douglas during part of the year 1904.

9th.-Bishop Drury installed and enthroned at St. George's Church, Douglas.

26th.-Death of Rev. Father Barton, of Ramsey.


7th.-Election of Mr. R. Kerruish, of Maughold, to the House of Keys, in the stead of Mr. John Killip, resigned.

15th.-Presentation of a lug-boat to " Ganja " Roney, of Douglas, who had rescued forty persons from drowning.

17th.-Deputation appointed to interview the Home Secretary on Constitutional Reform reported to the House of Keys that the Home Secretary had received the petition favourably.

17th.-Death of Mr. Andrew Craine, of Douglas, a well-known organist.

22nd.-Annual meeting of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Discussion on suggested regular summer service of steamers on Sundays. A poll of shareholders on the subject decided upon. Dividend of 64 per cent. declared.


3rd.-The House of Keys passed a motion against running of Sunday steamers.

12th.-Death of the Rev. Theophilus Talbot.

16th.-Public meeting of protest against Sunday sailings, at the Grand Theatre, Douglas.

18th.-Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.'s poll declared with reference to Sunday sailings, showing majority against such a service, but in favour of leaving the matter to the Directors.

23rd.-Launch of new turbine steamer Ben-my-Chree at Barrow. Ceremony performed by Mrs. J. T. Cowell, of Douglas.


3rd.-Close of Barony Lawsuit, McNaught v. Walker (second hearing), which lasted nine days. Verdict for the defendant.

7th.-Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Lord and Lady Raglan's wedding.

13th.-Deputation of Licensed Victuallers to High-Bailiff Gell. making application for an hour's extension (from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.) during Easter Holidays. Extension not granted.

24th.-Death of Mr. Flaxney Stowell, Castletown.

30th.-Presentation to Miss M. L. Wood of a cheque for 200 guineas, on the completion of 50 years' connection with musical affairs in the Isle of Man.


20th.-Mr C. H. Hutchin, of Creg Lea, obtained a verdict of £200 damages against Mr. Thomas Teare, of Dalby, for personal injuries sustained.


lst.-Territorials at Peel. Arrival of first contingent.

7th.-Death of Edward Fargher, of Cregneish, Manx Poet, etc.


lst.-Henry Bloom Noble Baths completed and formally opened.

2nd.-High-Bailiff Gell gave judgment in the case of the Douglas Corporation v. Caroline Goodman, of Oban House, Douglas, in which defendant was charged with touting from her doorstep. The touting consisted in calling out the name of the house to passers-by, and the High-Bailiff decided that this was a breach of the bye-laws. A fine of 10s. was imposed, and several other cases were governed by this decision.

15th.-Arrival of the Ben-my-Chree after a record trip of 2h. 18min. 30sec., from Rock to Douglas Head.

18th.-Weekly service of steamship sailings between Peel and Belfast inaugurated for the summer months.


12th.-Memorial Tablet to commemorate Sir William Hilary, founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, presented to the Corporation of Douglas by Messrs. William Hy. Clucas, William Gell, Louis G. Meyer, and Samuel Norris. The Tablet has been affixed to the Shelter on the Harris Promenade.

13th.-Resignation of Mr. T. P. Ellison, as Secretary and Manager of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Subsequently, Mr. W. M. Corkill was appointed to the position.

13th and 14th.-Convictions against boarding house keepers in Douglas and Port Erin for having sold liquor without a license. Pines ranging from £20 to £25 were imposed by the High-Bailiff.

23rd.-Death of Dr. John Clague, of Crofton, Castletown.

24th.-Steamer Ben-my-Chree run into by the Merganser, while anchored in the Mersey. The Ben-my-Chree took no further sailings during the season.

26th.-Bazaar in aid of Peel Church Spire Fund opened by Lord Raglan.

29th to 31st.-Visit of section of the Atlantic Fleet to Douglas Bay. The visit was marred by severe storm, which generally interfered with shipping.


1st.-Closing of Snaefell Mines.

1st.-Rev. W. H. Moseley succeeded the Rev. Bamford Burrows as Chairman of the Isle of Man Wesleyan District.

16th.-Institution and induction of Rev. Robert Wakeford, M.A., as Vicar of Onahan.

17th.-Collision between Manx Electric car and a roundabout [a form of tourist vehicle] at Ramsey. One death resulted.

21st.-Consecration of New Chancel of St. Matthew's Church, Douglas.

22nd.-The Auto-Cycle Races were held. Result: 1, Marshall (Triumph) ; 2, C. R. Collier (Matchless).

24th.-Royal Automobile Club's " Four-inch " Race. Result 1, Watson (Hutton) ; 2, Guinness (Darracq) ; 3, George (Darracq).


1st.-Loss of a Fishing Boat, during a squall, off Port Erin. Search proving fruitless, the occupants-Joseph Shimmin, a local boatman, and Henry Nordlinger, a visitor from Manchester, were given up for drowned. A subscription was raised for the relief of the boatman's family, and reached some £120.

1st.-Induction of the Rev. R. D. Kermode, -MA., as Vicar of St. George's, Douglas.

17th.-Isle of Man Choir (conductor, Mr. J. D. Looney) placed fifth at Choral Contests at Blackpool Music Festival. At same Festival, Mr. Noah Moore's Choir gained second place.

25th.-Dissolution of the House of Key's. its full term of five years having lapsed.

27th.-The Rev. J. G. Pope, Curate of Braddan, was appointed Vicar of Maughold, vacant by the preferment of Rev. R. D. Kermode.


2nd.-Douglas Municipal Elections. Contests in two Wards, one now member being returned, viz., Mr. W. H. Cowell, for Athol Ward.

3rd.-Opening of Glen Rushen Lead Mines.

7th to 15th.-General Election of House of Keys. Contests oocurred in six districts.

Votes cast for successful candidates :-

North Douglas A. Rigby, 1,477; J. T. Cowell, 1,312 : W. Goldsmith, 1,212,

South Douglas R. Moughtin, 622; W. M. Kerruish, 582.

Garff : J. H. Kerruish, 468; R. Kerruish, 407.

Michael: E. J. Curphey, 266; J. W. Cannan, 218.

Rushen J. D. Clucas, 775; A. Qualtrough, 575; J. Qualtrough, 534.

Glenfaba W. H. Kitto, 598; R. B. Quirk, 462; T. C. Kermode, 313.

9th.-Election of Mr. Councillor A. H. Marsden as Mayor of Douglas, in succession to Mr. Councillor J. Sharp, and. Mr. Councillor W. J. Corlett was appointed Deputy-Mayor.

11th.-A serious fire, involving the loss of out-buildings and a horse and cow, and supposed to be the work of incendiaries, occurred on Creg Lea, Dalby, the farm of Mr. C. H. Hutchin.

13th.-Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Fielding, of Derby Square, Douglas, celebrated the seventieth anniversary of their wedding day. Mr. Fielding is known for his long and honourable connection with the Oddfellows' Society, and for his many years' service as a Warden of St. Matthew's Church, and as a Member of the Guardians of the Poor.

16th.-The Trustees of the late H. B. Noble wiped off the debt, amounting to about £1,800, which for a long time had burdened the Committee of Noble's Isle of Man Hospital.

17th.-Judgment given in the appeal to the Staff of Government Court against the, decision of High-Bailiff Gell, in fining William Hudson £20 for the illicit sale of drink in his boarding house, Post Erin. The conviction quashed.

17th.-Staff of Government Division of the High Court, on hearing of appeal of Mr. J. E. Gale, of Ballakilmorton, Onchan, against High-Bailiff Gell's decision convicting Appellant of selling milk which was not of the nature and quality of the article demanded, reduced fine imposed from £3 to 10s. Reason for reduction was that it had been shown by experiment that milk which had been standing in milk cans might be unduly rich in fat at surface and correspondingly poor at bottom, whence sample sold was drawn. Court, however, warned milk sellers that this must not be taken as precedent.

19th.-Opening of grand new Organ in Victoria Street Wesleyan Church, Douglas, by Mr. F. C. Poulter. The instrument, which cost £1,200, was supplied by Mr Jl. Morgan, of Douglas. The collections on the opening day and the following Sunday totalled £150.

24th.-First meeting of the newly-elected House of Keys. the appointments made as follows:-

Speaker Mr. A. W. Moore, c.v.o. Secretary.Mr. R. D. Gelling. Chaplain Rev. J. Quine, M.A.

24th.-Triennial election of Douglas School Board. Unusual interest was taken in this election, 32 Candidates being nominated for 15 seats. Of these, 25 went to the poll. Eleven members of the old Board were returned, and four of the new candidates.


12th.-Issue of the EXAMINER ANNUAL.

26th and 28th.-Performance of "Pepita" (comic opera) by the Douglas Choral Union.


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