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A severe snowstorm was experienced in the Isle of Man at the close of the year 1908 and the beginning of 1909. Trains were snowed up, steamers delayed, telegraphic and telephonic communications were interfered with, and considerable damage to live stock resulted..


5th.— Death of Mr. William Waid, a centenarian; formerly a director of the Manx Bank.

34th .— A public meeting was held in Douglas to demand Old Age pensions, addresses being given by the Douglas Members and by Mrs. Clarks, an English woman suffragist. ,

14th.— Death of Mr. William Kelly, of Parville, Arbory; formerly a director of the Manx Bank, etc.

14th.— Death of the Rev. A. A. Bridgman, of Lezayre, at the age of 94. He was a midshipman in the British Navy, and fought it Na- aain(y, ere entering the Church.

12th.— At a meeting of the House of Keys, a motion reaffirming ~e proposal for Reform of the Constitution, as contained in the petition to the Hoene Secretary, was carried by 18 votes to 5.

l6th.— Mr. Quayle C. Farrant, of Greeba Towers, died.


7th.— Resignation of Canon Taggart, Vicar of St. Matthew's.

13th.— Lecture by Professor Sigmund Stein (arranged by Mr. J. Cunningham and the Agricultural Society) on the possibilities of beet-growing- in the Isle, of Man.

20th.— Mr. T. M. Mylchreest, of White House, Michael, killed in motor cycle accident. .

23rd.— Annual meeting of Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Ltd. Mr. R. T. Curphey appointed a director, vice Mr. T. Stuttard (resigned). Dividend of 6 per cant.

23rd.— " Kitty's Affair," a play written by the Rev. John Quine, B:A., was performed at Peel, under the auspices of the Manx Language Society.


4th.— A steam fire engine, " The Raglan," "added to the equipment of the Douglas Fire Station, went through its preliminary trials successfully.

9th.— At a meeting of the Higher Education Authority for the Eastern District, a scheme in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education Act was approved.

12th.— The Rev. H. S. Taggart, M.A., appointed to succeed his father, the Rev. Canon Taggart, as Vicar of St. Matthew's.

7th -Death of Mr. D. M. Robertson, Art Master, Douglas.

13th.— A valuable collection of books, prints, mineral specimens, and curios, bequeathed to the town by the late Rev. T. Talbot, was formally taken over by the Library Committee of the Town Council.


1st.— A " Marathon " Race from Peel to Douglas was won by J. S. Karran.

13th.— The Rev. James H. Cain appointed Vicar of Lezayre, of which parish he had for some time been curate.

15th.— A Licensing Appeal Court, a general public house licence was granted Caleb Kennedy Counsell in respect of the Waterfall Hotel, Glenmaye, instead of a license for seven days in summer and six in winter as granted by the Peel Licensing Court:

23nd --Several actions against the Manx Electric Railway for damages caused to passengers (visitors) injured in an accident ow September 17th, 1908, were heard, and successfully sustained.

23rd.— Villa Marina offered to Douglas by Noble's Trustees for 60,000 in, Corporation Bonds at 3 per cent.; the Trustees to spend 20,000 on buildings, and 40,000 of the money to be earmarked by the Trustees for -educational and charitable purposes. Offer provisionally accepted by the Finance Committee of the Council.

21st -Foundation stone of the Ballasalla Church Institute, erected for the benefit of the church by the Hon. W. Cain, M.L.C., of Melbourne, was laid by the, H-on. Georgina Sommerset.

27th.— Rev Canon Taggart formally took leave of his parishioners in the Town. Hall, and several valuable presentations were made to him and his family.

27th.— Rev. H. S. Taggart inducted to. St. Matthew's.

30th.— Deadlock between the Keys and Council on the Governor's taxation proposals, owing to the refusal of the Governor to indicate the direction it which the additional revenue gained by the imposition of spirit and tobacco duties would be devoted. On May 1st, the Keys gave way on the understanding that the Governor should waive his objections to an estate Duties Bill, and agree to submit an Old Age- Pensions scheme, and that he should continue the Advertising Grant and Horse and Cattle Premiums, which he had threatened to withdraw.


14th -Mr J. T Cowell appointed Receiver-General, is succession to Colonel Anderson (resigned).

24th.— Councillor W. J. Corlett elected Member of the House of Keys for North Douglas to succeed Mr. J. T. Cowell. Polling:- Mr W. J. Corlett, 1,209; Mr. M. Carine, 1,186. Majority, 23.

22nd.— Death of Sir William Leece Drinkwater, sometime First Deemster of the Isle of Man, at the age of 97 years.


14th-17th.— Conference of Lancashire and Cheshire Baptist Association in, Douglas.

10th.— Order placed by the Isle of Man Steam Packet, Company for a new winter steamer for the Douglas-Liverpool station.

12th-18th.— -Conference of National Temperance Caterers' Association in Douglas.


8th.— Shareholders' trip on the turbine steamer, Ben-my-Chree to Dunoon, Scotland.

15th.— Foundation stone of St. Andrew's New Schools laid (Presbyterian).


1st.— Jubilee of St. Mary's R.C. Church, Douglas, celebrated. Presentation to Monsignor Carr, who founded the church in Douglas.

3rd.— Conductor on the Manx Electric Railway killed as the result of a fall from the footboard on to the metals between the car and the trailer

11th.— Death of Dean Lefroy, one of the Noble Trustees.

18th.— Foundation stones were laid of the Cardle New Wesleyan Chapel, Maughold.

24th.— At a meeting of parishioners of Michael, a motion favouring the immediate acquisition of additional burial ground was defeated.

25th.— Foundation stones of Pt. Erin New Wesleyan Church laid.

27th.— Death of Mr. W. Fayle, Chief Gaoler, Douglas.

During August, the Isle of Man was visited by women suffragists from England; they meet with rough treatment at the hands of visitors in Douglas, Ramsey, and Port Erin.


23rd.— International Auto-Cycle Race won by Mr. H. A. Collier on a Matchless, covering 158 miles in 3 hours 13 mins. 37 4-5ths sees.

23rd.— Death of Mr. W. A. Hutchinson C.P., J.P., a director of the leading Manx public companies, and .ex-M.H.K.


1st-Councillor A. H. Marsden selected by the Douglas Town Council as Mayor of Douglas for the year 1909-10.

1st.— Conclusion of herring season at Port St. Mary. Mr. Nicol (fish curer) and staff left the port, after a successful season.

6th.— The Clerk of the Rolls gave judgment for defendant in the protracted Empire Theatre lawsuit; in which Mr. W. F. Mates sought an injunction to restrain Mr. Charles Dare from conducting his theatre in such ;a way as to be a nuisance to him.

7th.— Mr. T Rutter, of Wakefield Gaol, appointed Chief Gaoler, Isle of Man. Gaol.

16th.— Douglas Male Choristers secured the Grundey trophy at Blackpool Musical Festival.

21st.— Visit of Rechabite High Officers. Meetings held through out the Island.

25th.— Wreck of the Mayfield, a coal steamer, on Dalby Point Subsequently the vessel broke up.

29th.— In the action of Alex. Gill v. F. T. B. Westlake, before the Privy Council, the appeal was dismissed.


1st.— Douglas Municipal Elections. A. H. Marsden (St. George's Ward). Robert Moughtin (Victoria), John J. Corlett (Hills), David Gray (Derby), and James Craine (Murray's) were returned unoppose3 Robert J. Kelly returned for Athol Ward, his opponent being Ales. Gill. Figures: Kelly, 372; Gill, 244.

2nd.— House of Keys Committee deputed to interview the Governor in regard to Old Age Pensions, reported that his Excellency did not see his way to introduce a Pension Scheme in the Isle of Man.

8th.— Serious affray on Douglas Promenade. Constable W. Stanley Cain was wounded in the head by two revolver shots. A foreigner named Andersen was subsequently arrested by Constables

W. Charles Cain and Henry Watterson, proceedings being instituted against him upon a charge of shooting with intent to murder.

12th.— Death of Mr. A. W. Moore, C.V.O., Speaker of the House of Keys, at the age of 56 years.

24th.— Election of Mr. Dalrymple Maitland, J.P., C.P., to the Speakership of the House of Keys.

24th.— Andersen committed to take his trial at General Gaol Delivery.


3rd.— Election of Member for Middle Sheading to fill vacancy caased by the death of Mr. A. W. Moore.

7th-9th.— Find Arts and Industrial Guild Exhibition, The Palace. Douglas

27th.— Opera, "H.M.S. Pinafore," by Douglas Choral Union, Gaiety Theatre-


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