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2 - Formal taking Possession of the Tramways within. the Borough boundaries by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgeses.
15 - Local Government Board Inquiry into the Laxey Drainage and Water supply.
30 - Death of Mr. Thomas Fisher, J.P.
30 - The House of Keys and Legislative Council at loggerheads on Licensing Bill. The Council insist on insertion of Permit - Clauses and the Keys refuse compliance


1 - Sale of the Electric Tramways effected by Mr. Walker, liquidator, to Mr. E. Schenk, Chairman of the Crystal Palace Company.
4 - The Douglas Pedlars Bill rejected by the Legislative Council on the Second Reading.
4 - Public Meeting in Douglas to consider Coronation Celebration.
4 - Conference between Labour Representatives and Douglas Members of House of Keys on the Re-introduction of Employers' Liability Bill.
- Douglas Corporation Trams: New cable laid.
12 - C. B. Nelson, one of Dumbell's Bank convicts, appeals for release, to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, and has his five years' sentence quashed, the three years' sentence, however, remaining in force.
25 - Annual Meeting of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. An, attempt to force Sunday trading frustrated. Sir Wm. Pearce, director, resigns his seat on the board. Mr. W. A. Waid appointed director.


2 - Sad occurrence in Malew. A man dies from starvation,
4 - The Keys pass the Commons Tree Planting Bill. Mr. J. T: Cowell withdraws his Bill to Amend the Local Government Act giving extraordinary privileges to Railway Companies.
9 - Death of Capt. John Hill, Commodore of the Isle of Man Steam Packs Company's fleet of steamers.
11 - Formation of a local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
12 - Death of Mr John Curphey, junn, Manager of the Regent-street Branch of the Isle of Man Banking Company.
18 - Annual Licensing Court in Douglas. A large number of Boarding House Licenses again granted.
21 - The Keys pass Mr. Quine's Bill making the " tying" of public houses illegal.
21 - Foundation Stone of new hall for, Port Erin laid by Mr. Alderman Jennison.
21 - House of Keys appoint Deputation to wait on Governor with respect to reign of terror at Dalby and Cronk-e-Voddy, whereby Mr. Hutchin and the Rev. A. B. Bowerman had been victimised.
24 - Douglas Town Counsel meet and consider estimates and rates. . Boarding House keepers protest against having to pay trade rate for water. The protest of no effect. The Borough Rate increased by 1½d..
25 - Keys pass Mr. Cowell's Evening Schools Continuation Bill.
26 - - The High Court (Chancery Division) approves Mr. Walker's fee of 8,000 for liquidating the Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Company.
30 - Laying of Foundation Stone of New Chapel for Lambfell.


1 - Second Contingent of Manx Volunteers leaves for South Africa,
3 - Opening of new Science buildings at King William's Callege.
4 - The Legislative Council reject the Tied House Bill and pass the Juvenile Smokers' Bill after considerable amendment. The Council make an end of the Licensing Bill.
9 - 250 granted for Coronation Celebration by Douglas Town Council.
9 - Half-yearly Meeting of the Great Laxey Mining Co. The mines flooded. Proposed Amalgamation of North and Great Laxey Mines. More capital to be raised.
11 - Legislative Council refuse to pass Married Women's Property Bill without Widow Right and Dower Abolition Clauses, and the Keys refusing, the Bill falls through.
15 - General Gaol Delivery., Thos. Teare, of Dalby, charge 'with stealing a lamb, the property of Charles Hutchin. Teare pleads not guilty, and is acquitted.
18 - Sad death of Mrs. Garbett, of Castletown, followed a few days afterwards by the death of her husband.
24 - Foundation Stone Laying of new Catholic Schools for Ramsey by the Bishop of Liverpool.


1 - Douglas Town Council celebrate the completion of the Discharge Tunnel in connection with the Injebreck Reservoir.
2 - Tynwald Court Committee appointed to consider and report as to the financial position of the Island and the necessity of raising further revenue.
3 - Death of Mr. J. J. Creer, advocate.
6 - Judgment given by Clerk of the Rolls in Kentraugh Sand Case, in which petitioners (Trustees under the will of Ed. Moore Gawne, deceased, and E. B. Gawne) sought to restrict certain defendants from removing sand from the shore. An order refused.
13 - Annual Meeting of Isle of Man Breweries, Ltd. Loss of 3,000 on year's working. Finance Committee appointed.
17 - Release of Mr. J. D. Rogers, who was sentenced to 18 months' hard labour, for being concerned in the issue of false balance-sheets of Dumbell's Banking Company,
27 - Governor's Budget Speech before Tynwald Court. Great decrease in revenue - nearly 13,000 less than last year. - Surplus of receipts over expenditure 5,120. Tynwald Court Committee appointed to consider finances reported that further taxation was not necessary.


1 - Official announcement of Peace between Britons and Boers declared. Great rejoicings and thanksgivings throughout the Island.
9 - Opening of the Isle of Man Banking Company's magnificent new premises, corner of Prospect- hill and Athol-street, Douglas.
24 - King's serious illness announced. The Coronation Ceremony postponed. Douglas Town Council decide to proceed with Coronation Demonstration.
26 - Douglas celebrates what was to have been the Coronation.
27 - Death of his Excellency Lord Henniker, Lieut. - Governor of the the of Man.
29 - Funeral of Lord Henniker.


3 - Mr James Gell (Clerk of the Rolls) appointed
7 - The Dalrymple.Will Case commenced. 40,000 at stake
9- Manx Volunteers return from South Africa and tic reception.
12 - Extraordinary Meeting of the Breweries Company decide to go into liquidation and, if possible, reconstruct company.
27 - Rev. Dean Welsh, of St. Mary's, Douglas, leaves f or another appointment in Waterloo. Rev. Father Crookall appointed his sccessor.
30 - Death of Mr. Alderman Curphey, of Douglas.


4 - Death of Captain Pritchard.
9 - The King remits the sentence of five years passed on John Shimmon,. one of Dumbel1's Bank defaulters. Three years' sentence remains in force.
9 - Coronation of their Majesties King Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandra.
14 - Official announcement of appointment of Lord Raglan to Governor-ship of Isle of Man.
21 - Mr. Hall Caine opens Ramsey new baths.
21 - Lady Ridgeway and Miss Ridgewayr visit the Island.
24 - Death of Mr. W. J. Craige, auctioneer, AD.
24 - Tfie Royal Yacht, with the King and Queen aboard, anchored in. Douglas Bay. The Speaker of the House of Keys has an interview, and arranges for the landing of their Majesties at Ramsey on the following morning.
25. - The King and Queen land at Ramsey, and along with their respective suites and a few local dignitaries, proceed to Bishopscourt and thence to Peel, where luncheon, al fresco, was served in the Castle grounds The Royal Party next visit Cronkbourne, the residence, of Mrs. W. F. Moore, and afterwards drive through Douglas to the Tramway Station, where they embark on electric car and. return to Ramsey. Yacht left Ramsey next morning.
25 - Death of John Christian Bullitt, of Paoli, Philadelphia. Mr. Bullitt was an eminent lawyer, and claimed descent from the famous William Christian ( Illiam Dhone.")


8 - Lord Raglan, the Governor-elect, pays an unofficial visit to the Island, and sojourns at Bishopscourt.
9 - Manx Choir competes in Welsh Eisteddfod, and takes fourth position among the nine competing choirs.
13 - Fire at The Palace, Douglas.
28 - The following Manx officials receive appointments to the Royal Victorian Order: Sir James Gell and Mr. A. W. Moore, Commandership; Colonel Freeth, Fourth Class of the Order; and Supt. Boyd, silver Victorian Medel.
20 - Two boys terribly injured by the explosion of a sound signal which they discovered.
24 - Opening-Ceremony in connection with Thomas Street New Sunday Schools.
25 - Extraordinary Meeting of Great Laxey Mining Company. Severe criticism of the management., Winding-up and reconstruction of the Company decided upon.
27 - Manx Choir compete at New Brighton and take third place, with three choirs competing
29 - Death of Mr. John Crellin, grocer, Douglas. Personalty, 50,000.
29 - Douglas Trades Council decided to run several Labour candidates in connection with School Board election.


2 - Trespass Jury Inquiry into the Dalby outrages. 'No satisfactory result. Remarkable, ignorance of, witnesses '
8 - At the monthly meeting of the Douglas Town Council, Alderman Goldsmith announces a profit on the Borough Tramways of 2,650 for the financial year.
8 - Annual Meeting of Great Laxey Mining Company. Mr. Jas. Spittall retires from the directorate, but afterwards joins.
9 - Foundation Stgne laying of Primitive Methodist New Chapel and Sunday School at Port St.. Mary
10 - Valedictory Meeting of Douglas school Board.
13 - Thirty-three Candidates nominated for Douglas School Board election. Several public meetings held : Charges of extravagance made by new candidates and repelled by the old board. The election resulted in the return of eight of the old board and seven new members. Mr. W. M. Kerruish headed the poll with 839 votes.
18 - Arrival of Lord and Lady Raglan
21 - Inauguration of Lord Raglan as Lieut: Governor of the Isle of Man.
22 - The Douglas Town Council present an Address to the new Governor.
24 - Tynwald Court Inquiry into proposed Extension of Douglas Borough Boundaries.
22 - Extraordinary Meeting of Great Laxey Mining Company. Another attack on the management. Vigorous reply by Capt. Reddicliffe, who resigns after 30 years' connection with the Mine.
31 - Further outrages reported at Dalby.


4 - House of Keys discuss Dalby outrages,.and committee appointed to consult with Lieut.-Governor.
4 - First Meeting of Douglas new School . Board. The Rev. D. Inglis appointed chairman.
10 - Rev. J. M. Bacon and Mr. Percival Spencer ascend in balloon from Douglas and cross the channel to Dumãrieshire. Interesting signalling-experiments conducted between balloon and H.M.S Renaud, which escorted aeronauts.
10 - Mr. Alderman Proctor appointed Mayor of Douglas; Mr. Alderman Lewthwaite made Deputy - Mayor.
12 - Registration of the Manx Electric Railway Company, Ltd., with a capital of 250,000.
19 - Death of Mr. Robert Corlett, H.K., of Andreas.
20 - Sir James Gell, C.V.O., appointed Acting-Governor, owing to the serious illness of Lord Raglan, Lieut -Governor.
20 - Clerk of the Rolls gives Judgment in the Dalrymple Will Case against Mrs. Cubbon.


1 - Dividend of 2s. in the paid by Liquidator of Dumbell's Banking Company, Ltd. Total dividend to date, 7s. 4d.
2 - House of Keys meeting. Mr. J. R. Kerruish's new Licensing Bill and Mr. J. T. Cowell's new Reform Bill introduced.
3 - Meeting of Douglas Town Council and co-opted members to discuss a form of memorial to perpetuate the Visit of King and Queen.
5 - Annual Meeting of The Palace and Derby Castle Company, Ltd. No dividend on ordinary shares: 5 per cent. on preference shares
13 - Issue of "Examiner" - Annual.
27 - Death of Mr. S. W. Higginbottom, M.P., founder of the Liverpool and Douglas Steamers, Ltd., Dec. 27, 1902. Personalty, 44,456. [from 1903]




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