[From IoM Examiner Annual 1919]


The Legislature.

Lieut.-Governor — The Right Hon. Lord Raglan, C.B.21st Oct. 1902, £1,800 and residence.


Lord Bishop — -The Right Rev. James Denton Thompson, D.D., (1912), — £1,500 (gross) and residence.

Clerk of the Rolls and First Deemster — S. Stevenson Moore, November, 1905; called to the English Bar, 1882. — £1,000.

Second Deemster — C. T. C. Callow, November, 1905; called to the Manx Bar, 1874. — £1,000

Attorney-General — George Alfred Ring, November, 1897; called to the Manx Bar, 1873. — £1,000:'

Receiver-General — John Thomas Cowell, May, 1909. — £230.

Archdeacon — The Ven. J. Kewley, M.A., October, 1912.

Vicar-General and Diocesan Registrar— C. T. W. Hughes-Games, March, 1906— 4230.

Government Office.— Government Secretary and Treasurer, Clerk of the Council, Registrar-General, and Superintendent of Public Buildings— Bertram Edward Sargeaunt, o s.E., 1st July, 1910— , Salary, £500.
Principal Clerks— H. M. Rogers and T. A. Craine;
Senior Clerk— R. T. Harvey;
Junior Clerks— T. Nesbitt and one vacancy.

H.M. Chaplain at St. Mary's, Castletown— Rev. E. H. L. Locke (£100).
H.M. Chaplain at St. John's Chapel— vacant (£100).

HOUSE OF KEYS (Elected 1913).

Glenfaba— W. H. Kitto, E. Callister (1917), G. S. Dalgleish (1917).
Michael— E. J. Curphey — R. S. Corlett.
Ayre — A. Christian, . C. Southward, S. Walker Anderson.
Garff — J: W. Walton, J. R. Kerraish.
Middle — D. Maitland, W. F. Cowell, W. Christian.
Rushen — J. Qualtrough, A. Qualtrough, T. F. Quine.
Castletown — George Moore.
North Douglas — M. Carine, J, Garside; J. Cunningham (1915).
South Douglas — R. Moughtin, R. Clucas.
Peel — T. H. Cormode.
Ramsey — A. H. Teare (191S).
Speaker — Dalrymple Maitland.
Chaplain — Rev. Canon J. Quine, M.A — £10.
Secretary — R. D. Gelling. — £100.


The Tynwald Court is composed of the Lieut.-Governor, the Legislative Council, and the Keys.
Clerk — R. D. Gelling — £50. Rolls Office, Douglas.
Chief Clerk — John Cannell.
2nd Clerk — J. E. Quayle.
Junior Clerk — John W. King (serving in Army Pay Department during War).
Tmporary Junior Clerk — Robert Clucas.


Various Officials.

Registrar of Deeds, etc. — F. J. Johnson.
Tithe Agent — Ramse G. Johnson,
Sumner-General — P. M. C. Kermode.
Official Correspondent of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries — J. D. Clucas.
Diocesan Surveyor — J. H. Cowle.
Southern Deemster's Clerk — J. Cannell.
Northern Deemster's Clerk — P. M. C. Kermode.
Inspector under Adulteration and Weights and Measures Acts — Col, H. W. Madoc.
Assistant Inspectors — Richard Duke, Douglas; William King, Ramsey; Edward Corkill, Peel; Edward Corkish, Castletown.
Public Analyst — W. A. Fyffe, Bacteriologist.

Income Tax Assessor — W. Williams, Coronation Chambers, Douglas.
H.M. Prison-Gaoler, R. Callin.
Warders — T. Faragher, G. H. Hussey and A. E. Vick.
Matron — Miss X. B. Cottler.
Female Warder — Miss C. E. Fayle.
Chaplain — Rev. R. Wakeford.

Surgeon to the Household and Prison, &c. — Dr. H. Caird (£120).
Custodian Castle Rushen — W. McLaughlin.
Custodian Peel Castle — W. A. Kelly.

Auditors of Local Board Accounts — W. H. Walker & Co.

Publishers of Government Documents — S. K. Broadbent & Co., Ltd.


Sir W. Francis K. Taylor, appointed 1918.

The Manx Bar.

1Tnnnrrinra.fw.7 5f.h _T„lo 7RKn I

Hy. Evans Gelling, C'town,1855
Wm. F. Dickinson, Douglas, 1869
*W. M. Stewart, Liverpool, 1870
Geo. A. Ring, A.G., Douglas, 1873
James Hodgson, Peel, 1873
*C. T. G. Callow, Deemster, 1874
John Craine, Ramsey, 1875
*Fred. A. Laughton, Natal, 1877
P. M. C. Kermode, Ramsey, 1878
James Stowell Gell, C'town, 1878
Llew. S. Kneale, Douglas, 1885
F. M. Lamothe, Ramsey, 1837
*H. B. C. Callow, 1887
*Frederick George Callow, 1889
*H. S. Clarke, Douglas, 1890
*William A. Kneen, 1890
William Lay, Douglas, 1891
C. W. Hughes-Games, V.G., 1893
John D. Clucas, Douglas, 1894
Thos. S. Q. Cooil, Peel, 1895
M. McWhannell, Ramsey, 1895
*George Frederick Clucas. 1895
Edward Cannell Kneen, 1895
Richard Daniel Gelline, 1896
Louis Constantine Kewley, 1898
G. Sayle Johnson, Douglas, 1899
Thos. Win. Cain, Douglas, 1899
Reginald D. Farrant, 1899
H. R. Gelling, 1899
John William Hyde, 1899
Percy George Cannell, 1901
Ramsey B. Moore, 1902
John Wm. Stephen, 1903
*Charles Wm. Coole, 1904
Henry Percy Kelly, 1906
Robert E. Craine, 1906
Thomas C.Teare, 1907
Charles B. Nelson, 1907
Percy J. Crellin, 1908
W. P. Cowley, Ramsey, 1909
*Jno. Lewin, Canada, 1909
J. K. Stephen, Douglas, 1909
A. A. Whiteside, Douglas, 1909
Leonard Mylchreest, Ramsey,
Edwyn Corlett Kneen, 1911
Ramsey G. Johnson, 1912.

* These do not practice.

 Notaries Public

W. F. Dickinson, L, S. Kneale, G. S, Johnson, J. W. Hyde. P. G Cannell.

Captains of Parishes.

Patrick — R. B. Quirk (25th January, 1909).
German — E. T. Christian (8th March, 1918).
Marown — D. Maitland, s.H.K. (8th October, 1909).
Michael — J. -C. Caine (1st March, 1918).
Ballaugh — T. S. Keig (25th June 1913).
Jurby — E. J. Curphey (25th June, 1913).
Andreas — Lieut. J. F. Crellin (11th March, 1918).
Bride — R. E. Garrett. (31st July, 1907).
Lezayre — W. C. Southward, Ø.H.K. (13th Nov., 1918).
Maughold — Robert Kerruish (1st March, 1918).
Lonan — R. T. Corlett (3rd April, 1913).
Onchan — G. M. Jones (21st February, 1916).
Braddan — Geo. Drinkwater (1898).
Santon — F. M. Greene (10th October, 1912).
Malew — Thomas H. Moore (17th March, 1905).
Arbory — Vacant.
Rushen — J. D. Clucas (10th April, 1894).

The Common Lands Board.

Glenfaba Sheading — W. Quayle, Glenaspet, Patrick.
Michael Sheading — John C. Caine, c.P., Glen Wyllin,
Michael. Ayre Sheading — Alfred Christian, c.P., H.K., Atherton, Ramsey.
Garff Sheading — William Kermeen, Approach Road, Ramsey.
Middle Sheading — G. M. Jones, c.P.,"Oriel," Selborne-rd., Douglas.
Rushen Sheading — J. D. Clucas, c.P., Douglas (chairman).

Secretary — John R. Quayle, 46 Athol-street, Douglas.
Northern Inspector — John Corlett, Ballacross, Andreas.
Southern Inspector — John Kinvig, Ballabeg, Arbory.

Officers of H.M. Customs and Excise.

Port of Douglas — Collector and Surveyor for the Isle of Man, G. Clark,
Second Officer, J. L. Beckett;
Officers, R. Adams, A. H. Bing, and J. Hunter.

Port of Ramsey — Officer in Charge — I. W. Maxwell.
Port of Castletown — Officer in Charge, T. Hayes.
Creek of Peel — Preventive Officer in charge, J. Costain.
Note. — The Collector is also Receiver of Wrecks, Mobilising Officer and Registrar R.N.R. for the Island.

Harbour Masters.

Douglas — George E. Kelly (£135).
Assistants — -John Corteen (£105). Arthur Lee (£90).
Peel — W. H. Moore (£100).
Port St. Mary — John Hughes (£95).
Castletown — Thomas Kewish (£85 and house).
Ramsey — John Clarke (£115).
Assistant — John T. Callow (£100).
Port Erin — William Elliott (£50 and house).
Derbyhaven — Thos. Curphey (£30).
Laxey — T. Wales (£00).

The Council of Education.

The Ven. the Archdeacon, J. R. Kerruish, M. Carine, Col. Moore and W. C. Southward.

Office — Murray House, Finch-road, Douglas.

Secretary (£225) and inspector of Schools — T. Brown, B.A. (1907).



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