[From IoM Examiner Annual 1919]

The Great War-VICTORY!

THE GREAT WORLD WAR in which the British Empire became involved on August 4th, 1914, came to an end in the Autumn of 1918. On November 8th German plenipotentiaries under a white flag, crossed the allied lines in France and asked Marshal Foch for armistice terms with a view to peace being determined. Foch practically dictated his terms, which in effect amounted to the complete surrender of Germany; on Monday, November 11th, the plenipotentiaries signed acceptance, and hostilities ceased as from 11 o'clock am. on that day, amid general rejoicing. The Kaiser of Germany had abdicated and fled from the German headquarters into Holland on November .9th. Previously Bulgaria, Turkey, and Austria-Hungary-Germany's duped allies-had surrendered on September 30th, October 31st, and November 3rd respectively, with the result that with Germany's submission the world was once more at peace. It remains, how ever, for the exact terms of peace to be settled at a Conference, to be held probably at Versailles. The principal features of the final ten months of war were the Russo-German peace signed at Brest-Litovsk (March 2nd); the great blow delivered by Germany with the intention of smashing through to Paris and the Channel Ports, which, opening on March 21st, set the 'backs of the British Army to the wall, and was happily unsuccessful, , the check of the attempt at the River Marne on June 2nd; the beginning of the definite initiative by the Allied armies on July 15th, followed by the development of the great plan of Marshal Foch, the allied generalissimo, which eventuated in complete triumph; the practical annihilation by the British, under General Allenby, of the Turkish forces in Palestine and Syria; and the great defeat of the Austrians by the Italians, resulting in the capture of 400,000 prisoners and thousands of guns during the closing days of October and the first three days of November.

In this number of the Annual we give a list as complete as is possible of Manxmen who have been killed, reported missing, and decorated in the course of the year's fighting, together with portraits of many of the Island's sons who have either made the Supreme Sacrifice for King and Country or who have been decorated for gallant conduct in the field. — (November, 1918).

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