[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

The Universal Spelling-book; or a new and easy guide to the English Language, by Daniel Penning. 1755. pp. 150. 173x102. [5955, D 426]
At the foot of the title page is printed 'Douglas, Isle of Man : W. Cannell.' It would appear that Cannell, who was a bookseller, had copies printed with his imprint on the title-page.

The Free School at Castletown, 1798. In Feltham's Tour, Mx Soc. vi, pp. 91-93.

Castletown Green: Mrs. Gray's Terms for Day Pupils. N.D. (the water-mark on paper is 1818.) pp. 1. 200x125. [ D 426]

WILSON (James [ ?]) Filial Duty, a religious discourse, delivered at the Christmas Vacation, 1830, by the Principal of Hampton Court and Thomas-street Academies. Douglas: J. Quiggin, North-quay. 1830. pp. 8. 210x120. [4210, D 426]
Hampton Court was used as a school in 1830, and Thomas-street was between King street and Drumgold-street, where Victoria-street now is.

Parochial Teachers, with their salaries, number of scholars, etc., prior to 1831. In Train's Hist. ii, pp. 264-270.

The Schoolhouse at Ballaugh in 1838. In Train's Hist. ii, p. 252.

The School Boy's Companion. Douglas: M. A. Quiggin, 52 North-quay. 1840. pp. 16. 150x95. [1403, D 426]

Prospectus of Misses Dutton's School at Villa Marina, Douglas. Liverpool: Hutchins, lithographer. N.D. [c. 1840] pp. 4. 10 in. x 8 in.
On p, 1 there is an excellent picture of Villa Marina, which had been occupied by Col. Steuart. Not in Library; F. S. Graves, Peel, has a copy.

A Statistical View of the state of Education in the Isle of Man: furnished by the Teachers to the Committee of the Isle of Man Educational Library, 1847. Douglas: P. Curphey, 6 North-quay. 1847. p. 1. 510x620. [4523, D.426]

Gives valuable information as to the state of the town and parish schools, the names of the teachers, and whether they were wholly or partially dependent on teaching, the system, apparatus used, the salaries, and numbers of scholars. There is also a list of the Sundayschools and the names of the conductors.

MOSLEY (Rev. H., H.,M. Inspector of Schools). Rep. on the Parochial Schools, addressed to the Committee of Council on Education. Douglas: Robert H. Johnson, 2 Great Nelson-street. 1847. pp. 24. 210x135. [4889, D 426]
The report was made in response to the request of Bishop Lord Auckland, who in the preface to the report recommends an 'educational tax.'

Infant School in connexion With the Castletown National Schools. Castletown ; M. J. Backwell. 1851. pp. 4. 225x175. [4528]
An appeal for funds to found an infant school.

STOWELL (Rev. Canon Hugh). An Address to the Commercial Young Men of Manchester. Manchester Y.M.C.A. 1852. pp. 12. 210x130. [4552, D 426]

Santan School : An Account of the Subscriptions, etc., for the erection of Kirk St. Anne new School-house. Dated March 2nd, 1855. R. H. Johnson, 2 Great Nelson-street. Broadside. 330x210. [6250, D 426]

Grammar School, Castletown : Class list, Christmas 1856. [6354, D 426]

KENNEDY (Rev. W. J.. ,M.A.). General Report for the year 1855, by H.M. Inspector. In Min. of Committee of Council on Education. H.M. Staty Office. 1856. pp. 353 373. 210x135. [2212, D 426]

Castletown National Schools: Report for 1858. Castletown: M. J. Backwell. 1858. pp. 4. 260x195. [4528]
The schools were instituted in 1820. The number of children attending the school in 1858 was 119 boys and 152 girls.

Grammar School, Douglas: Common-place Book, 18591860. pp. 46. 190x155. [1309, D 426]
Contains references to the dispute between the managers of the Grammar School and its master, Mr. W. Pearce Poole, M.A.; to the Douglas Wesleyan Day School, corner of Thomas-street and Wellington-street ; to the 'new' Grammar School ; to Greba Castle Academy ; and to the law proceedings of Gaudemarde v. McMullen (proprietor of the school at Dreemlang).
Note re John McMullen's School at Dreemlang : The following letter sent to the Librarian, and written by Miss Elizabeth C. Yeats, sister of the well-known Irish poet, W. B. Yeats, is interesting :

I think my father's ' Letters' would interest you. You know something of him from reading my brother's ' Reveries from Childhood and Youth.' My father was educated in the Isle of Man till he went to Dublin University. The Head Master of the Isle of Man School [at Dreemlang] was a fierce old Scotchman.-Yours sincerely, E. C. Yeats.

Peel Grammar School : An Act to enable the Trustees of the Peel Grammar School to make sale and dispose of the old School-house and premises and to purchase other ground in lieu thereof, and to build a new school-house and master's residence thereon. H. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, 13 King-street. 1864. pp. 8. 245x145. [3812, D 426]

Old Schoolboy Days: a poem. In Letters from the Isle of Man, 1864. [F 65]

Tynwald Grants to the Schools from 1868 onwards. In Returns of the Revenue and Expenditure, and in Financial Statements. [2512, D 154/1]

Parish Schools: An Act for making better provision for the Parochial Schoolmasters, and for making further regulations for the better government of the parochial and other schools. Douglas: P. Curphey. N.D. ] c. 1870 pp. 8. 340x215. [3713, D 200]

Educational Statistics with reference to Trust Deeds of Schools, 25th April, 1870. B. & S. pp. 4. 245x150. [6121, D 152]
Church of England, denominational and undenominational schools are listed.

Education Commission, Report of. Returned 10th Nov., 1871, to Tynwald. B. & S. pp. 11. 242x152. [6307, D 426]
Gives the number and ages of scholars in each school.

The Elementary Education Act, 1872. B. & S. [4785, 4284, D200]

St. Matthew's Chapel and Grammar School. Report of Committee of Tynwald. B. & S. 1880. pp. 10. 245x155. [6307, D 426]
A brief sketch of the old school is given., The Committee recommend that the Middle School be substituted for the old Grammar School ; the latter was closed by Vicar Cannell in 1838.

Correspondence as to Discrepancies in the Reports of H.M. Inspector of the Board of Education. B. & S. 1880. pp. 8. 330x210. [6122, D 152]

Special Report of J. H. Davies, H.M.'s Inspector, as to Public Elementary Schools. B. & S. 1880. pp. 8. 330x210. [6122, D 152]
A table gives the number of scholars in the 56 schools, the average attendance, the passes, etc.

Rules and Regulations of the Douglas School Committee, passed 6th April, 1886. Not in Library. No copy known.

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). Education of Princes of Scotland in Man. In Manx Sun, c. 1886. [3726]

Educational Endowments, and Funds available for Educational purposes. Peter Curphey, Manx Sun Office, Victoria street. 1887. PP. xviii,58; Appendix ii. 330x195. [4430, D 152]
Portion of a report on Elementary Education made by a Commission, issued in 1871, to Messrs. James Gell, Evan Gell, and Rev. W. B. Christian. This work was entrusted to the Rev. Edward Ferrier, M.A., Secretary of the Council of Education, under the supervision of Sir James Gell. An authoritative work on educational endowments.

Supplementary Minute of the Board of Education as to attendance of children at school, dated 17th January, 1887. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Kirk Braddan : Report of Committee of Tynwald on the school accommodation in Kirk Braddan, dated 3rd July, 1888. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Elementary Education : Minutes of evidence taken before a Commission appointed by the Lieut.-Governor [Walpole] to inquire as to the desirability of Industrial or Technical Instruction into Public Elementary Schools. Pt. i. B. & S. 1889. pp. 65. 330x210. [6123, D 426]
The report of the Commission was issued 11th April, 1891.

DOBBIE M.A. D.Sc.). Education Commission Evidence on Agricultural Education. B. & S. 1889. pp. 24. 210x130. [3591, D 426]

QUINE (Rev. John, M.A.). The vocation of the merchant; or trade as a profession. B. & S. 1889. pp. 14. 240x150. [4107, D 426]

RADCLIFFE (William). An illustrated Handbook to Radcliffe's Patent Triangle of Number, an apparatus for demonstrating principles and processes of Arithmetic. London. N.D. [c. 1890] pp. 16. 215x130. [4494, D 426]

Education Commission : First Report of the Education Commission, appointed by Lieu t.-Governor Walpole, 26th Sept., 1889, to inquire as to the desirability of the introduction of Industrial or Technical Instruction into Public Elementary Schools, etc. Dated 11th April, 1891. B. & S. pp. 17. 330x210. [6146, D 426]
The minutes of evidence were printed in 1890. There was no second report.

The Education Act, 1893. In Statutes. [D 200]

INGLIS (Rev. David, B.A.). The Free Library as a means of philosophic culture. Spencer & Hannay. 1894. pp. 32. 125x95. [4195, D 426]

LEECE: (Joseph E,). Our Summer Visitors and our Children. C. & F. 1895. pp. 8. 185x120. [4835]
Paper read before the Northern Teachers' Association.

Horn-Book: Description of two examples found at Ballamodda-beg, Malew (by W. J. Clarke, Malew-street, Castletown). c. 1894. In Mx Ch. Mag., Mar. 1895.

Commission on Secondary (including Industrial and Technical) Education. Report of the Commission appointed 2nd Dec., 1895. Dated 23rd August, 1897. B. & S. pp. 23,xxviii. 330x210. [6146, D 426]
Attached to the report is a valuable tabulated list of educational endowments, properties, and funds available for education, prepared by Robert Garside, Secretary to the Commission, and L. S. Kneale, advocate, covering 25 pp.

__Minutes of evidence taken before a Commission appointed 2nd Dec., 1895, by Lieut.-Governor Ridgeway ; to which is added evidence in the form of a Report from the Elementary Teachers. B. & S. 1897. pp. iv,91,xxv. 330x210. [6146, D 426]
The report of the Commission was issued on 23rd Aug., 1897.

Around the Douglas Board Schools. [A series of articles in The Manxman. from Oct. 1897.] [L6]

A Bill entituled An Act to extend the Elementary School Teachers' (Superannuation) Act, 1898, to Teachers serving in the Isle of Man, and to service as a Teacher in that Island. Brought from House of Com. 2nd Aug., 1900. H.M. Sta. Office. 1900. pp. 3. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

Minute of the Council of Education establishing Regula tions for Evening Schools, 1902. Dated 6th Aug., 1902. B. & S. pp. 8. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

Revised Minute of the Council of Education, establishing Regulations for Evening Schools. Dated 17th March, 1903. B. & S. pp. 10. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

Education Bill 1905: Report of Committee of House of Keys on a Bill to make further provisions for Education, with minutes of evidence and appendices, dated 16th Nov., 1905. B. & S. pp. xiv,134. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

JACKSON (Cyril). Secondary and Higher Elementary Education, report on : including the Training of Teachers for Public Elementary Schools, by Cyril Jackson, M.A. (late Chief Inspector Board of Educ, Whitehall), made at the request of the Lieut.-Governor. July, 1906. B. & S. pp. ii,61. 330x210. [6129, D 152]
Contains useful historical information, and ten interesting plans showing the number and ages of pupils in K.W. Coll., Douglas, Castletown, and Ramsey Grammar Schools, and the Secondary School, Douglas.

Programme of the Gilchrist Lectures in Douglas in 1906 and 1911.[1973, D 426]

Kirk Malew and Castletown : Correspondence relating to the School Boards of. B. & S. 1911. pp. 4. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

Higher Education Board of the Northern District abridged syllabus of instruction for the Supplementary Classes in Ramsey. Ramsey Courier. 1911. pp. 4, 270x210. [D 426]

Special Report of Council of Education on Medical inspection and treatment of scholars, and education for the blind, etc., dated 11th Nov., 1912. B. & S. pp. 2. 330x210. [6146, D 426]
The Council recommended that a test medical inspection be made.

Secondary Education. Memorandum by F. R. Grundey. In Dep. Com. Rep. on Constitution, 1912, ii,274. [6133, D 153]

Administration of Education. In Dep. Com. Rep. on Constitution, 1912, ii,275. [6133, D 153]

Report of the Test Medical Inspection made by Dr. R. R. Stitt, L.R.C.P., dated 14th Nov., 1913. W. Newby. 1913. [6146, D 426]

Salaries of Teachers in Elementary Schools: Table showing (1) annual salaries paid in 1914; (2) present annual salary (Oct. 1920) on basis of 25 per cent. increase; and (3) estimated annual new salary if Burnham scale applied. S. K. B. 1920. pp. 5. 330x210. [6146, D 426]

Public Enquiry held by the Council of Education in connection With the Endowments in the parishes of Lezayre, Jurby and Ballaugh. In Deb. vol. 38. 1921. pp. 966--969.

Central Education Authority. Report of its Committee on the development of Secondary Education. In Debates, vol. 38. 1921. pp. 1028-1032.

Council of Education : Report With regard to the Endowments for Educational purposes. C. & F. 1923. pp. 32. 330x195. [4430]
The report is signed by G. Fred. Clucas, R. B. Moore, J. D. Qualtrough, G. B. Kermode, and J. R. Corrin.

An Act to consolidate and amend the Law as to Public Education and Industrial Schools, 1923. In Statutes, vi. [D 200]
Part i deals with the Council of Education ; ii, the Central Education Authority ; in, provision for education ; iv, educational endowments ; v, administrative provisionns ; vi, attendance ; vii, notices ; viii, offences ; ix, provision of meals ; x, blind and deaf children.

Lady Elizabeth Hastings Endowment. Enquiry by Council of Education. In Mx Church Mag., May-June 1924.

Education Authority : Douglas Evening Classes, session 1925-6. Vic. Press. 1925. pp. 4. 250x190. [D 426]

Education Week, the handbook of the; held in the Isle of Man. S. K. B. 1926. pp. 104. Illus. 210x130. [5348, D 426]

MOORE. (R. B., Attorney-General). History of Education in Isle of Man. In Handbook Educ. Week. [5348]

CUBBON (William). Early Schools and Scholarships in Man. In N.H.A.S. Proceedings, vol. iii, pp. 106-129. 1927.

PARR (D. Kermode). Compulsory Education in the Isle of Man 200 years ago. In Educ. Outlook. London. Nov, 1927. p.389,

Education Authority: Rep. of Special Com. on the proposed re-organisation of schools, dated 23rd July, 1930. Vic. Press. pp. 26. 250x156. [6171, D 426]

Education Authority: Minutes of Meeting held 24th Sept., 1930. Vic. Press. pp. 3605-3619. 250x156. [6171, D 426]

Castletown Educational Endowments Bill, 1931. pp. 5. 330x210. [D 200]
Gives in brief the history of the Academic School, Catherine Halsall's School, etc.

The Castletown Educational Endowments Act, 1931. 3d. See also [D 200] Acts of Tynwald.

Financial Statements and Statistical Abstracts in Sec. D 154/1.

Council of Education annual reports. Dep. Corn., Rep. on Constitution, 1911-12. A.W.M. Hist. pp. 368, 470, 510, 671, 692. Train's Hist. ii, pp. 383-4.

Education, 1674 A.D. In A.W.M. Notes & Docs., pp. 43-44 Education. In Thwaite's History, 1863.

Old Douglas Schoolmasters. In Reminiscences of James Cowm, 1902.

The First Education Act in 1703. See Cubbon : 'Early Schools' in Proc. iii, pp. 106-129; also the text of the Act in the Statutes.


Anno MDCLxx./ The Names of the / Benefactors / And the Sums by their Charity Contributed / To the Isle of Mann; / For the Erection of a Free School in the said Island: / And of an English School in the several Parishes thereof : And also for the Augmentation / of Stipends to the poor Livings in that Island/ . . . . 1670. Broadside. 520x390. [W. Cubbon Coll. 5729, D426]
This item appears to be unique. The benefactions, which amounted to 1,341/8/4, were nearly all collected by Bishop Barrow, and became the real foundation of King William's College.

Letter of Bishop Levinz, 1690, relating to Educational projects in the Island. In Ramsey Ch. Mag., Sept. 1897.

Bishop Barrow's Charity. Report of Com. of Tynwald to report on an application of the Trustees of the College for leave to introduce a Bill authorizing them to borrow £4,000 on the security of Ballagilley, Hango-hill, and Orristal. Laid before Tynwald, 20th July, 1893. B. & S. pp. 22. 1893. 330x210. [6147, D 427]
The report contains a valuable Minute on the history of Bishop Barrow's Charity, by Sir James Gell, AttorneyGeneral.

GELL (Sir James, Attorney-(;eneral). Minute on the history, of Bishop Barrow's Charity and its connection with King William's College. Written July, 1888. In Rep. of Corn. of Tynwald, 20th July, 1893. pp. 9-19. [6147, D 427]

Castletown Grammar School: Report upon an Examination of Arches at the School supposed to have been removed from Rushen Abbey. By J. Ronald Bruce, M.Sc. In Proc. iii, 195-6. Illus. [A 363]

See also 'Early Schools,' by W. Cubbon. Proc.-iii, 1927.


MOORE (Robert I., High-Bailiff of Peel). Sketch of the origin, progress, and present position of Christian's Endowed National School, and Bishop Wilson's Infant School. Peel. Douglas: H. Curphey. 1861. pp. 16. 210x135. [1515, 3962, D426]
The author relates the history of early education in Peel, and the founding of the Clothworkers' School by Philip Christian in 1652-3.

__An Address to the inhabitants of the town of Peel on the proposed visit of a deputation of the Clothworkers' Company to Peel. B. & S. 10th July, 1869. Broadside. 373x213. [4360, vol. i, D 426]

__Christian's School : Address from R. J. Moore. High-Bailiff, to inhabitants of Peel. Isabella Johnson. 25th July, 1873. pp. 4. 255x190. [4360, i, D 426 and F 64]

__Christian's School: suggested Testimonial to William Cowley upon his retirement from the mastership. B. & S. 2nd March, 1875. Broadside. 225x178. [4360, vol. i, D426]

__Christian's School: Explanatory Address to the inhabitants of the Town . . . B. & S. 11th Oct., 1875, pp. 4. 253x190. [4360, vol. i, Frowde]

__Christian's School : Address to the inhabitants of Peel, etc. . . . B. & S. 9th Feb., 1876. pp. 4. 270x190. [4360, vol. i, Frowde]

LATHAM (Wm., Q.C.) and ROBERTS (Sir Owen). The Clothworkers' Company : Christian's School Foundation at Peel, Isle of Man; Report and resolutions of Court. London: Smith & Ebbs. 1896. pp. 56. 215x120. [5206]
This is the most authoritative account of the history of the Clothworkers' Schools in Peel.

Peel Endowed School : Report of a Committee of the House of Keys on the Bill in reference to Christian's Endowed School, the Peel Grammar School, and the Peel Mathematical School; together with minutes of evidence. Dated 7th April, 1899. B. & S. 1899. pp. i,58. 330x210. [6146, D 426]
Contains brief sketches of the history of the Peel endowments for education.

LEECE (Joseph E.). Philip Christian, Clothworker, of Peel and London. In N.H.A.S. Proc. iii, pp. 83-9, 1927.


An Appeal / to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man / in behalf of the Manks College. [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1830] Broadside. 330x210. [6034, D 426]

First public appeal made on behalf of K. W. Coll. Rare. Destruction of King William's College. In Illus. Lon. News. 1844. [3030, L 6 portf.]
Two wood engravings.

Circular describing the effect of the Fire which destroyed the building in 1844; and an Appeal made by the Trustees for funds to rebuild. N.D. [ 1844?] pp. 2. 265x205. [6358, D 426]

Account of the Fire issued by the Trustees. [No printer's narne. ] N.D. [1845] pp. 4. 265x215. [4234, D 426]
There is a wood engraving drawn by Dalamotte, who was the art master at the College.

DIXON (Robert, D.D., Principal of K. W. Coll.). A Sermon preached at an OrdinatIon held by the Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Sodor and Man. P. Curphey, King Street. 1855. pp. 12. 220x140. [4942, D 426]

Class Lists (with breaks) from 1854 to 1880. Broadside series. M. J. Backwell. Various sizes. [6362, D 426]

Rep. of Examiners, 1858 and 1862. M. J. Backwell. 1858. p. 1. 226x178. [6359, D 426]

Prospectus. C'town : M. J. Backwell. N.D. [c. 1866] pp. 4. 255x200. [115]
There is an early photograph of the College pasted on the circular.

Principal's Annual Report, and Prize List. Broadside series. 1874 to 1879 inclusive. M. J. Backwell. pp. 4. Average 330x208. [6361, D 426]

Principal's Report, Prize List, etc., 1880 to 1888 inclusive. Small 8vo. series. M. J. Backwell. 1880. pp. 24. 180x108. [6355, D 426]
The first report is by Dr. Hughes-Games, who was Principal in 1866 to 1885. He was succeeded in 1886 by Rev. F. Walters.

Principal's Report and Prize List, with account of the speeches made at the prize distribution, 1909. B. & S. PP. 29. 246x150. [6355, D 426]

Prize Day, 1886. pp. 20. [5100, D 426]

The Form of Service to be used at the Consecration of the Chapel of King William's College. B. & S. 1879. pp. 12. 170x110. [4227]
The chapel was consecrated on 28th January, 1879, by Bishop Rowley Hill.

Reports for 1884. M. J. Backwell. 1884. pp. 32. 180x105. [4496]

Prospectuses. M. J. Backwell. 1890. pp. 4. 220x140. [4234] Prospectus, 1892. London: Waterlow. N.D. [1892] pp. 23. 15 exterior and interior views. 245x185. [6356, D 426]
Also prospectus for 1896, 1899, 1901.

Bishop Barrow's Charity: accounts for each year from 31st Dec., 1894. B. & S. pp. 16. 330x210. [6339, D426]
In the issue for 1900, there are explanatory notes on the Barrow estates of Ballagilley and Hango-hill, and the Quilliam, Kermode, Kelly, Wilks, Clucas, Caine, etc., endowments.

Statement as to Pupils and Scholarships at K.W.C. and University Exhibitions from the College. 16th Feb. 1904. pp. 6. 330x210. [6128, D 152]

King William's College Register, 1833-1904, compiled and arranged by H. S. Christopher, Secretary to the Trustees. Glasgow: James Maclehose & Sons. 1905. pp. xxix,381. 16 illustrations in half-tone. 224x142. [2794, 863, G4]
Contains a list of the principals and masters and a Register of the boys from 1833 to 1904. There is a historical Retrospect, including a list of endowments and benefactions.

Syllabus of the Engineering side, under the direction of J. D. Paul. M. J. Backwell. N.D. [1905?] pp. 11. 180x120. [6357, D 426]
Also for 1906 and 1914 (the latter has nine views).

School Lists, 1922 to date. M. J. Backwell. pp. 34-40. 185x120. [D 426]
The lists are published at Easter, Midsummer, and Christmas.

Prize Day, 1925. pp. 13. [4736, D 426]

Prize Day, 1931. In I.M.T. Ist Aug., 1931. [6297, D 426]

WILSON (Rev. Canon James M., D.D.). Early Recollections of Life at King William's College. In Barrovian, Oct. 1924, pp. 103-109; March 1925, pp. 11-5. 1924-5.

Floreat Barrovia. Some Memories of a Happy Life [at K.W.C.] In Barrovian, June 1925, pp. 58-70. 1925.

DRURY (Bishop T. W.). Reminiscences of K.W.C. In Barrovian, March, 1926. pp. 4-10. 1926.

BULKELEY (J. P.). Reminiscences of Old Boys. In Barrovian, Dec. 1926, and March 1927.

Circular relating to the Centenary Building Fund (illus. by a plan of main building). B. & S. 1928. pp. 9. 210x135.

King William's College Register, 1833-1927, compiled under the direction of Major K. S. S. Henderson, sec. and bursar to the trustees. Glasgow: Jackson, Wylie & Co., publishers to the Univ. 1928. pp. xxxii,498. Six half tone illus. 213x138. 21/-. [5819, G 4]
The production of the book was financed by the K.W. Coll Society.

OWEN (Rev. Canon E. C., M.A.). A Hundred Years of Education: King William's College, 1830-1930. B. & S. 1930. pp. 66. Plus. of the College. 212x137. [6070, D 426]

Collection of Circulars relating to K.W.C. Sports, Debating Club, Historical Society. [6360, D 426]

Prospectus, K.W.C. B. & S. N.D. [1931] pp. 13. D 426


[All 6340, D426]

Brief Review of Proceedings of the School Committee of Douglas from 1st Nov., 1884, to 31st Oct., 1887, by G. A. Ring, Chairman. B. & S. 1887. pp. 20. 214x136.
This appears to have been the first printed report of the Committee, and is from a newspaper. The first rate levied was in 1885, 3d. in the , reduced to 2½d. the following year. Number of children of school age in 1886 was 2,800.
The schools then were : S. George's, S. Barnabas, S. Thomas. S. Mary's, Thomas-street, Well-road, and the Board School. The fees per head, per year, were 1884, 6/41 ; 1885, 6/9J ; 1886, 6/41 ; 1887, 6/2j.

Brief Review of Proceedings of the School Committee of Douglas from 1st Nov., 1887, to 31st Oct., 1890, by G. A. Ring, Chairman. C. & F. 1890. pp. 36. 244x150.
This report gives a mass of useful information relative to the early history of Douglas schools. Tynwald-street, Hanover-street, and Drumgold-street Schools were added in this report. The school fees came to 305.

School Committee of Douglas. Triennial Report by G. A. Ring, Chairman, for the period ending Oct., 1893. Manx Sun Office. 1893. pp. 30. 245x153.
The average cost per head for the three years was 2/3/5. The school fees came to 106.,

The School Committee of Douglas. Report of the work of the Committee for the three years Nov. 1st, 1893, to Oct. 31st, 1896, by G. A. Ring, Chairman. S.K.B. & Co. 1896. pp. 45. 240x150.
A census of the school population was made after the closing of St. George's in 1894: it showed a deficiency of 1,050 school places. As a result, the Murray's-road School was built for 1,000. The Board now had the following temporary premises : Athol-street, 200 boys and 200 girls ; Bourne Hall, Drumgold-street, 160 mixed ; Salisbury-street Chapel, 180 infants. The Higher Grade School was an addition and was opened in 1894, with F. R. Grundey as Science Master. The Pupil Teachers' Centre came into being in 1896. Manual instruction, cookery and savings banks also were features. Not in Library ; the only copy known is in the office of the Central Authority.

The School Board of Douglas. Report of the work of the Board for the three years Nov. 1st, 1896, to Oct. 31st, 1899. Manx Sun. 1899. pp. 37. 245x153.
The chairman was James Moore. The Physical Lab, and P.T. Centre were opened in 1898. Murray's-road School was opened in 1899. At this time there was accommodation, exclusive of St. Mary's, for 3,395 children. A new scale of salaries was fixed. The rate in 1896 was 8d., with 2,366 children ; in 1899 the rate was 10d.. with 3.089 children. The school fees amounted to 536.

Report of the work of the Board for the three years Nov. 1st, 1899, to Oct. 31st, 1902. B. & S. 1902. pp. 45. 245x150.
The number of children on the registers was 3,752. The highest salary for a headmaster was from 170 to 230 ; mistresses from 100 to £120; principal of Higher Grade School, 300. The average net cost per child to the rates during the period was 1/2/6. School fees amounted to £469.

__Report of the work of the Board for the three years Nov. 1st, 1902, to Dec. 1, 1905. C. & F. 1905. .32. 245x153.
Rev. D. Inglis was chairman from 1902, following the short period of Dean Walsh. The number of children on the registers was in 1905, 3,779, with an average attendance of 3,317. In 1901 a scheme of scholarships to the Secondary School was adopted. School fees ' if allowed,' 531. Not in Library.

Report of the work of the Board for the three years, 1st Dec., 1905, to 30th November, 1908. S.K.B. 1908. pp. 50. 250x155.
Rev. R. B. Baron was chairman in 1906 ; his death occurred in the same year, and W. H. Kneale took his place. Demesne-road School was built in this period. The Higher Education Act, 1907, had not become operative in 1908. The number on the registers in 1908 was 3,861, with an average attendance of 3,401. The number of teachers was 132: their salaries came to 8,667. School fees ('if allowed'), 648.

Report of the work of the Board for the three years 1st Dec., 1908, to 30th Nov., 1911. S.K.B. 1911. pp. 26. 247x153.
Mark Carine was chairman from 1910. One of the most valuable measures passed in the history of social legislation was the 'Children Act, 1910,' well named the Children's Charter.' The number on the registers in 1911 was 3,586, with an average of 3,150, not including the Secondary School and the Douglas Supp. Classes. On the 1st April, 1909, the duties of the Board with regard to education other than elementary were transferred to the Higher Education Board. The rate was 1/- in the , and this included 2d. levied for Higher Education. The item School fees, 'if allowed,' is set down for the last time at 163. This is the last 'Triennial' Report issued.

Douglas School Committee. Regulations for the management of Schools, Syllabus of Pupil Teachers' Studies, etc. F. W. Spencer, Mx Sun Office. N.D. [c. 1886] pp. 42. 160x98. [D 426]

Douglas School Board. Standing Orders, adopted Feb. 3, 1903. C. & F. pp. 15. 243x154. [D 426]

Higher Education Board of the Eastern District. Standing Orders, adopted 18th Jan., 1909. S, K. B. pp. 16.


The title 'Council of Education' appears for the first tinte on the 1899 report in place of the former name 'Board of Education.' [All D 426, Reg. No. 6385]

Elementary Education. The First Report of the Board of Education for the Isle of Man: year ending 31st March, 1873. B. & S. 1873. pp. 37. 240x148.

The first meeting of the Board was held on 29th June, 1872, when Attorney-General James Gell was appointed chairman ; following upon the Elementary Education Act of 1872, and the election of School Committees in the various towns and parishes. A report as to the educational requirements m the country made by Rev. H. S. Gill and J. T. Clucas is interesting. A list of all the older schools now abolished is given. A rare and valuable report.

__Second report: year ending 31st March, 1874. Harriet Curphey. pp. 16. 215x140.
The vote of Tynwald on 10th June, 1873, was 3,500, and that of 3rd March, 1874, 3,700. The Barregarrow (Michael) School was transferred to the Board in 1873.

No copy of the third report in Library.

__Fourth report to 31st March, 1876. B. & S. pp. 24. 243x145.
The vote of Tynwald was for 4,218. Schools transferred to the Board in 1874-5: Rushen Parochial Girls, Michael Parochial, Bride Parochial, Lezayre Parochial, Maughold Central, Andreas Parochial, Castletown National. The expenditure of each school is given, also the receipts from school fees and rates ; the lowest rate is 1d., the highest 4d. The School Committee having the highest expenditure is Douglas (415) with 1,455 children.

__Fifth report, 1877. B. & S. pp. 19. 240x150.
The vote 5,300/16/4. The report records troubles in Jurby and Marown.

__Sixth report, 1878. B. & S. pp. 23. 240x150.
Vote 4,757. The Douglas School Committee having closed the Wellington Board School without the permission of the Board of Education, they were instructed to supply additional accommodation for 200 children within four months. Patrick Parochial School was transferred to the Board.

__Seventh report, 1879. B. & S. pp. 41. 240x150.
Vote 4,907. The second triennial election of school committees for all school districts except Douglas (which had been declared in default) took place in 1878. The number of children in the elementary schools was 8,522. For the first time, the reports of H.M. Inspectors for all the schools are quoted. The schools mentioned are :Patrick, Dalby, Foxdale, German, Cronk-y-Voddy, Marown, Michael, Ballaugh Board, Jurby, Andreas, Bride, Lezayre, Sulby, Maughold New, Dhoon, Laxey Glen, South Cape, Ballagawne, Conchan, Braddan, Baldwin, Santan, Ballasalla, St. Mark's, Arbory, Rushen Boys, Rushen Girls, Port St. Mary, Castletown Nat., St. George's, St. Barnabas, St. Thomas's, St. Mary's, Thomasstreet, Well-road, Douglas Board, Peel Nat., Peel Wes., Ramsey Nat., Ramsey Wes. Santan and Patrick Schools were transferred to the Board.

__Eighth report, 1880. B. & S. pp. 43. 240x150.
Vote 4,708. The trouble with the Douglas School Committee continued, and a new committee was appointed by the Board. There is in this issue a lengthy report by H.M. Inspector H. E. Oakley on the state of the Manx schools. Schools transferred : Marown and Jurby. Mr. Kennedy had been the previous inspector.

__Ninth report, 1881. B. & S. pp. 45. 240x150.
Vote 5,013. Tynwald Street School was authorised to be built. J. H. Davies, H.M. Inspector, gives a lengthy report as to the various schools.

__Tenth report, 1882. B. & S. pp. 41. 240x150.
Vote 5,745. The trouble with the Douglas committee continues, and the Board appointed eight persons to act on the committee on their behalf ; they were C. Kay, S. Webb, J. A. Brearey, W. Kneale, J. Robertson, H. Gelling, G. A. Ring, and R. Sherwood. The accounts of all the schools are given.

__Eleventh report, 1883. B. & S. pp. 54. 240x150.
Vote 5,303/15/0. School fees amounted to 2,427. St. Jude's School was transferred.

__Twelfth report, 1884. B. & S. pp. 51. 240x150.
Vote 6,140. The highest percentage of passes was 97 in Thomas-street School, and the lowest 66 in St. Barnabas. The subject most discussed by the Board was the unsatisfactory attendances of the children.

__Thirteenth report, 1885. B. & S. pp. 48. 240xl50.
Vote 6,757. The inspector's report on the schools is interesting reading.

__Fourteenth report, 1886. B. & S. Pp. 53. 240x5t).
Vote 6,046. The number of children on the registers was 8,152, an increase of 191 on the previous year. Pensions to teachers, 52/10/0. The average expenditure and the average grant per child for each school is given.

__Fifteenth report, 1887. B. & S. pp. 58. 240x150.
Vote 6,112. The highest percentage of passes (for third successive year), 100, was credited to Laxey Glen, and the lowest (66) to Baldwin.

__Sixteenth report, 1888. B. & S. pp. 52. 240x150.
Vote 6,240. In this and in succeeding reports are shown : The number in average attendance in each school, the number presented for examination, and the percentage of passes. The number of names on the registers. Reports made by H.M. Inspectors. Receipts and expenditure for each school. The average expenditure per child the average grant earned, the income from all sources and the expenditure, with the average amount of school fees paid by each child. The amount voted by Tynwald ; the amount of grants, the cost of inspection, of pensions, the salaries paid to teachers and attendance officers, etc.

__Seventeenth report, 1889. pp. 51.
St. Barnabas' School closed and a new school opened in Bourne Hall, Drumgold-street.

__Eighteenth report, 1890. pp. 48.
Hanover-street School opened and Drumgold-street School closed.

__Nineteenth report, 1891. pp, ,
__Twentieth report, 1892. pp. 9.
__ Twenty-first report, 1893. pp. 11.
__Twenty-second report, 1894. pp. 45.
__ Twenty-third report, 1895. pp. 39. Vote 11,944.
__Twenty-fourth report, 1896. pp. 63.
Vote 12,500., The Rev. Ed. Ferrier resigned in 1885 with a pension of 70, and Robert Garside was appointed as secretary and auditor to the Board at a salary of 190. St. George's ceased as a voluntary school and was taken over.

__Twenty-fifth report, 1897. pp. 79.
Vote 13,715. Plans for Murray's-road School approved.
__ Twenty-sixth report, 1898. pp. 62.
Vote 14,355.
__ Twenty-seventh report, 1899. pp. 72.
Vote 15,060. Decision to close the temporary schools in Douglas, i.e., Athol-street, Drumgold-street, Salisburystreet, and Thomas-street.
__ Twenty-eighth report, 1900. pp. 75.
Vote 15,045. Murray's-road School opened and all temporary schools closed excepting Athol-street.
__ Twenty-ninth report, 1901. pp. 70.
Vote 15,000. Ramsey National (voluntary) School closed.
__ Thirtieth report, 1902. pp. 71.
Vote 15,150.

Elementary and Secondary Education. Thirty-first report, 1903. pp. 71.
Vote 15,480. 'Elementary Education' was the title of the reports up to 1902. From 1903 to 1908 the title was ' Elementary and Secondary Education.'

__Thirty-second report, 1904. pp. 70.
Vote 15,500.
__ Thirty-third report, 1905. pp. 71.
Vote 15,100. Albert-road Schools, Ramsey, opened; and plans for Demesne-road School, Douglas, approved.
__ Thirty-fourth report, 1906. pp. 73.
Vote 15,519.
__ Thirty-fifth report, 1907. pp. 64.
Vote 15,500. Demesne-road School was opened this year.

Thirty-sixth report, 1908. pp. 71.

Vote 15,920. Robert Garside died this year and T. Brown was appointed secretary.

Elementary and Higher Education. Thirty-seventh report, 1909. pp. 77.

Vote 16,236. From 1909 to 1922 the title of the reports was 'Elementary and Higher Education.' The title has since been dropped.

__Thirty-eighth report, 1910. pp. 100. Vote 15,784.
__Thirty-ninth report, 1911. pp. 92. Vote 16,175.
__Fortieth report, 1912. pp. 112. Vote 16,029.
__Forty-first report, 1913. pp. 95. Vote 16,178.
__Forty-second report, 1914. pp. 100.
Vote 16,186. Succeeding Reports of the Council also appear in the Debates of the Legislature.
__Forty-third report, 1915. pp. 82. Vote 15,452.
__Forty-fourth report, 1916. pp. 74. Vote, 15,151.
__Forty-fifth report, 1917. pp. 72. Vote 14,383.
__Forty-sixth report, 1918. pp. 70. Vote 13,346.
__Forty-seventh report, 1919. pp. 96. Vote 17,140.
__Forty-eighth report, 1920. pp. 80. Vote 17,515.
__Forty-ninth report, 1921. pp. 81.
Vote 19,806, with 18,240 supplemental votes. H. B. Noble Trustees present a sum of 32,000 for the purpose of providing instruction in Domestic Science for Women..
__Fiftieth report, 1922. pp. 18.
Vote 53,285, with 3,030 supplemental votes. As a result of the passing of the Education Act, 1920, the familiar Blue Book issued by the Council of Education was discontinued. This and subsequent reports are uniform with the size of the Legislative Debates.
__Fifty-first report, 1923. pp. 15. Vote 50,979.
__Fifty-second report, 1924. pp. 18.
Ordinary vote, 53,463; special votes, 53,410 Secondary School provision ; 16,250 for Rushen School ; 700 assisting students ; 1,123 medical inspection. W. R. Webster was appointed Secretary of the Council in 1924, following Thomas Brown.
__Fifty-third report, 1925. pp. 20.
Ordinary vote, 54,914 ; special, 250 medical service.
__ Fifty-fourth report, 1926. pp. 19.
Ordinary vote, 54,552.
__Fifty-fifth report, 1927. pp. 20.
Ordinary vote, 54,059 ; 17,500 Laxey new school.
__Fifty-sixth report, 1928. pp. 23.
Ordinary vote, 55,860 ; 7,000 Douglas Sec. Boys' School.
__Fifty-seventh report, 1929. pp. 16. Ordinary vote 56,963.
__ Fifty-eighth report, 1930. pp. 20.
Ordinary vote 57,930 ; special 14,226, Douglas High School for Girls (revoted).
__Fifty-ninth report, 1931. pp. 18. Ordinary vote 52,830.


STOWEL L (Rev. Hugh). A Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas, on Sunday, 25th July, 1813, being the anniversary or yearly meeting of the children educated in the Daily and Sunday School in the town of Douglas. Douglas: G. Jefferson. 1813. pp. 16. 170x110. [4233, D 454]
The Rev. Hugh Stowell, who was Rector of Ballaugh, was one of the founders of Sunday-schools, and conducted a school before Raikes did in England (1780).

Schools. The third report on the Day and Sunday Schools, Douglas, 1813. Not in Library.

BROWN (Rev. Robert). A Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas, on Sunday, 1st Sept., 1816; being the anniversary or yearly meeting of the children educated in the Daily and Sunday School in the town of Douglas. Douglas: G. Jefferson. 1816. pp. 30. 210x130. [4209, D 454]

STOWELL (Rev. Hugh). Scriptural lessons for children in Manks and English. N.D. [c. 1830] pp. 60. 125x80. [4497
An incomplete copy.

The Sunday Scholars' Jubilee in the Isle of Man. 4th edn. London: Houlston & Son. 1832. pp. 32. Illus. 100x60. [4864 D 454]
Records a great , gathering of Sunday-schools of all denominations at a field adjoining St. George's Church,' Douglas, on 19th July, 1824.

Manx Sunday-school Book No. 2, New Testament History London: John W. Parker. 1845. pp. 24. 130x70. [4614, D 454]
Issued by the Diocese of Sodor and Mann. A copy of No. 1 is not in the possession of the Library.

List of the Sunday Schools and the names of the conductors. In Statistical View of the State of Education, 1847. [4523, D 426]

Programme for the annual sermons in aid of Kirk Michael Church Sunday-school, 1856. Preachers : Rev. Edward Qualtrough and Rev. W. Drury. Douglas: R. H. John son. 1856. p. 1. 180x110. [1681, D 454]

The School Boy's Companion. Douglas: M. A. Quiggin, 52 North Quay. N.D. [c. 1860] pp. 16. 155x95. [4555, D 454]

Hymns to be sung in St. George's Church, Douglas, on Sunday, 21st June, 1863, when sermons will be preached in aid of the Atholl-street Daily and Sunday Schools; that in the morning by the Rev. Canon Stowell. Douglas: H. Curphey. 1863. pp. 4. 210x135. [1682, D 454]

LEECE (Joseph E.). Our Summer Visitors and our Children. Reprint from " Mona's Herald." 1875. pp. 8. [D 454]

HILL (Bishop Rowley, M. A.) Instructions on The Church Catechism; being fifty-two Lessons for Bible-class, Sunday-school, &c. 3rd edn. London : James Nisbet. 1878. pp. 108. 165x111. [2213, D 454]

Sunday-school Centenary : Programme for Church Festival, Douglas Deanery. Douglas: Johnson. 1880. p. 1. 320x208. [D 454]

Centenary of Sunday Schools : Douglas Nonconformist Celebration. Hvmns and Tunes to be sung by the Nonconformist Sunday Schools of Douglas and neighbour hood, September, 1880. Leeds : James Strafford. 1880. pp. 8. 245x155, [4508, D 454]

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