[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]

D274 LAW.

PRYNNE (William, Keeper of H.M. Records in the Tower of London). Brief Animadversions on, Amendments of, and Additional Explanatory Records to / The / Fourth Part / of the / Institutes of the Lawes of England; / concerning / The Jurisdiction of Courts, / &c. London. 1669. Many historical references to Man Island. [2511, F 64]

Parr's Abstract [ 1690], its history. In Train's Hist. vol. i, 1845; pp, viii.

The full title is : 'An Abstract of the Laws, Customs, and Ordinances of the Isle of Man : compiled by ye Worshipful John Parr, Deemster.' A faithful copy in MS. made in 1745 by Rev. William Crebbin, Vicar of turby, is in the Library. Parr's work, which has never been printed, is pronounced to be the standard authority as to Common Law.

BALDWIN (John). A new Act of an Inferior Parliament . . . to imprison all women under Covert Baron for Debts contracted singly by their husbands, etc.1748. London. 8vo. [D 274]
Not in Library.

__Liberty Invaded, or the remarkable case of an English lady presumptuously- held in a slavish imprisonment within these His Majesty's Dominions, etc. 1750-1. London. 8vo. [D 2741 Not in Library.

__British Liberty in Chains, and England's kitin on the Anvil, in the Isle of Man, now commonly called Little France. Addressed to all free Britons, zealous for the King, the liberties of the people, and safety of the realm; especially to the laudable association of Antigallicans. (Review in Monthly Mag. xiv, 1756.) London: Woodfall. 1755. [1279, D 274]
Rare. Mr. Baldwin represents the Manks people in general as 'smugglers, friends to France, and betrayers of the interests of Great Britain'; but his chief grievance is the treatment of Mrs. Mary Hingston in Castle Rushen gaol, placed there for debt.

The Humble Petition of Mary, Wife to James Justinian Hingston, to the Honourable House of Commons. [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1755] pp. 2. 330x210. [1510, D274]
Rare. See Moore's Hist. vol. ii, p. 254, and Baldwin's British Liberty in Chains,' 1755.

The Laws and Customs in the Isle of Man. In Univ. Mag. Feb. 1765. [3030, L 6 portf]

Chancery Court Arrest against a Debtor leaving the Island. [No printer's name.] 1792. p. l. 155x190. [1531, D 274]
This copy is signed by 'Athol' and 'Tho. Stowell' [Clerk of the Rolls].

CHRISTIAN (Edward, A.M., Professor of the Laws of England). A Syllabus; or, the Heads of Lectures publicly delivered in the University of Cambridge. London: J. Butterworth. 1797. pp. 88. 220x135. Not in Library : in possession of Mrs. Browne, daughter of Mrs. Christian, Milntown.

Extraordinary Laws and Customs at present subsisting in the Isle of Man. In Gent. Mag., Sept. 1798. pp. 4. [3611]
Contains an engraving, ' Monument at Kirk Michael.'

TURNER (S.). To the Public : Statement respecting the Duel between Sir John Piers and Mr. Meredith. Douglas. Broadside. Not in Library.

Case / of / Major-General Wm. Stapleton,. / on / The Investigation, / ordered by His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State / for the Home Department, / into / the charges / preferred by General Stapleton, / against / His Honor John Lace, Esq. / His Majesty's / First Deemster in the / Isle of Man. [No printer's name.] 21st Oct., 1809. pp. 30. 210x130. [1268, D 274]
Very rare, and possibly unique. The case arose in consequence of an affray at the Theatre, in Douglas, caused by Major-General Stapleton having in a niere frolic pushed a Mr. Johnson forward on the stage. The General and Sir John Piers and Captain_ Edwards were summoned to appear in the Deemster's Court in Castle Rushen, when Deemster Lace reflected on the character of General Stapleton. Memorial and correspondence of the transaction.

JOHNSON (J.). A / View / of the / Jurisprudence / of the / Isle of Man; with the History of its Ancient Constitution, / Legislative Government / and / Extraordinary Privileges; / together with / the Practice of the Courts / &c., &c., &c. Edinburgh: Printed by George Ramsey & Company. ]811. pp. viii,234 ; vi pp. Index; 16 pp, Subscribers. 225x145. [639, D 274]

__ Large paper edition, with written signature 'Evan Gill 1817.' [Evan Gill was High-Bailiff of Ramsey.]
Printed on hand-made paper with water-mark 'C. 1811,' possibly Manx made. There are other copies of the same work on inferior paper, size 215x130. One of these has the signature of ' B. Philpot Vicar-General.' Another has the following written on the fly-leaf : 'To Stuart Sceales, ' Esquire, secretary of the Isle of Man Bank, as a testimonial of the friendship and sincere regards of his ' friend Chas. Gordon Robertson.

' May fortune smile upon thy infant Bank
And meet the wishes of the native Mark;
'May her kind favors follow thee through life,
'And make thee happy with thy loving wife.' C. G. R.'

The new / Criminal Code; / or, / 'An Act for Altering and Amending the / Criminal Law of the Isle of Man,' promulgated at / The Tynwald Hill, / on the / 31st July, 1817 / Published by Authority. Ptd. by G. Jefferson, 1817. pp. 24. 185x120. [3675, D 274]

CLARKE (James, Attorney-General). A View / of the 7 Principal Courts / in the / Isle of Man, / founded upon authentic documents, / accompanied / with Practical Remarks. / By a / Member of the Council. Liverpool: Printed by Harris & Co. 1817. pp. v,60. 230x140. [4905, D 274]

CHRISTIAN (Charles). An abridged Statement of Facts. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 28. [D 274]
Not in Library.

MILLS (Mark Anthony). A / Full Report / of the / Trial and Honorable Acquittal / of / James McCrone, Esq. / upon / An Information for Perjury preferred against him by / Robert Cunninghame, Esq., resident Attorney-General / of the Isle of Man; prosecuted before the Hon. Thomas Gawne, H.M. First Deemster / to which are added / the Arguments of Counsel on both sides - the judge's charge - / and other interesting particulars. / The whole carefully arranged and corrected from Notes taken at the Trial, / by Mark Anthony Mills, Esq., / member of the Hon. Soc. of King's Inn, Dublin, and Solicitor and Public Notary of the Isle of Man./ . . Douglas : Printed for the Author at the Phoenix Press. 1820. pp. 80. 202x130. 2/6 [And with a facsimile of the Book referred to in the Proceedings, 3/-]. [2202]
Very rare. An account of a trial which created intense interest in 1820, and written by a remarkable character. This copy is closely guillotined, and has in the author's graceful handwriting, 'Lane & Son's Library, Isle of Man.'

The Governor's Permit to Depart the Isle. Douglas Penrice, Manx Sun Office. 1820. 205x80. [1528, D274]

The Isle of Man and its Laws. In Mirror, viii, 1826, pp. 102-3. [2437]

Form of a Deemster's Oath. In Mirror, 26th Jan., 1828. [4146]

Kelly v. Thomson. Proceedings in Chancery 7th March, 1833, Isle of Man, on the Petition of James Tertius Thomson, Esq., of Knockan House, Ballaugh Glen, praying to set aside the writ of arrest ' Kelly v. Thomson,' for Rent Not Due; also the Trial at Common Law, ' Thomson v. Kelly,' before His Honor Deemster Heywood and a special jury, for 500 damages for said arrest, for which the jury returned a verdict 150 damages and costs in favour of the plaintiff. Tried at Castletown, 9th October, 1833, but appealed against by the defendant to the House of Keys, with an Appendix. L'pool : Evans, Chegwin & Hall. 1833. pp. 24; x pp. App. 210x135. [4884]
The suit was for the rent of Knockan House.

BLUETT (J. C., Advocate). Report of the Arguments of Counsel in the case of Christian v. Goldie and others, before the Court of Chancery, Isle of Man. With an Appendix containing two documents referred to in the pleadings. By J. C. Bluett, _Advocate. G. Jefferson, Duke Street. 1836. pp. 54. 215x125. 1/-. [2203, D 274]
Rare. The case dealt with involved the question of property which was claimed by the mortgagee as an elapsed mortgage.

An Englishman'. Freedom!' Righteousness! ! and Law! ! ! versus Manx Injustice, Oppression, and Tyranny in Three Letters, on the Functions and Liberty of the Press; Manx Advocates, judges, and juries; and the Liberty of the subject in the Isle of Man. By an Englishman. ' Hereditary bondsmen, know ye not Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.' Douglas : Reprinted from M. Herald. 1841. pp. 16. 165x100. [4883, D 274]
The pamphlet, which is rare, is written by an anonymous newspaper correspondent. His tirade against all officials is interesting only because of certain petty police details and the author's intemperate language.

ADAMSON (Lawrence). First Letter to Sir Robert Peel Bart., on the Present Code of Manx Law, and the effects of the administration of it on the welfare and happiness of the different classes of the community; containing the result of five years' close personal observation on the practical working of the existing law. Douglas: Penrice & Wallace, Liberal Office. 1841. pp. 16. 215x140. [4894, D 274]
A rare pamphlet.

A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann on the present state of the Law of Real and Personal Property in the Isle of Man, as compared with that of England. Longman & Co. 1842. pp. 56. 225x145.[4961, D 274]

BLUETT (J. C.). The Advocate's Note Book, being Notes and Minutes of Cases heard and determined before the judicial Tribunals of the Isle of Mann. By J. C. Bluett, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law, and Advocate at the Manx Bar. Douglas : Printed and published by Robert Heywood Johnson, 2 Great Nelson-street. 1847. pp. xvi,564. 230x140. [2205, D 274]
The introduction contains a brief sketch of the state of the Common Law and Statute Law of the country ; also an account of the publications relating to the Statutes from the issue of Stowell's volume in 1792 to M. A. Mills in 1821.

PIERS (Sir John B.). Appeal to the House of Lords between Sir John B. Piers and Dame Eliza, his wife, and Sir Hen. Saml. Piers, who wished to claim the property of the former, and prove the illegitimacy of his children. 1848. Privately printed. Fo. pp. 30. [D 274] Not in Library.

CRAWFORD (John). Manx jurisprudence, and 'its Blessed Privileges.' The Deed with the Altered Date. John Doe and Richard Roe. To which is added the Affidavit of Adolphus M'William, Esq. ; and A Letter from John Crawford, Esq., to the Editor of the Manx Sun. (Reprinted from The Liverpool Mercury.) Douglas Printed and published by Carre Cook Tupper, 13 South Quay. 1848. pp. 8. 255x170. [4912, D 274]

__Deed with the Altered Date. The Queen against Dumbell. Observations on the Proceedings in this Case, at the Court of Enquiry held at Castletown on 23rd and 24th August, 1848. By John Crawford. Douglas Printed for and published by C. C. Tupper. 1848. pp. 8. 200x125. 2d. [4912, 1532, D 274]
This and the foregoing are probably unique pamphlets. C. C. Tupper as a Douglas printer is unknown.

Stevenson: Commission issued upon the Petition of John Stevenson of Balladoole . . . to certain Estates belonging to, his brother, who died in April, 1742, etc. 1843. Fo. Not in Library.

Cowin and Goldsmith v. Moore. In the Privy Council. in appeal from the Isle of Man between James Cowin with George Goldsmith, Appellants, and William F. Moore, Respondent. (2 Plans.) Appendix. 1854. Fol. pp. 45. Not in Library.

CANNELL (C., B.A., ed.). Minutes of Cases decided in the Manx Courts from February 1857, to March 1858; including the Two Privy Council Cases of Williams, Deacon & Co. v. Tupper, and Avison and Boardman v. Quayle and Quirk; minuted by C. Cannell, B.A., student at law. Robert Fargher, 9 Mona-terrace. 1858. pp. 158. 220x125. [5291, D 274]
The cases had been reported in 'M. Hld.'

Judgment of the Lords of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on the Appeal of Quayle and others v. Davidson from the Court of Chancery of the Isle of Man. 1858. pp. 4. Fol. [D 274] Not in Library.

An Act for the Incorporation of the Isle of Man Law Society. H. Curphey, King-street. 1860. pp. 10. 245x145. [3200]

CRAWFORD (John). Memorial unto her most gracious Majesty the Queen in Council, of John Crawford, late of Onchan, in the Isle of Man, Solicitor, presently residing to Paisley. J. Brown, 56 North Quay. N.D. [c. 1860] pp. 2. 320x190. [1860, D 274]
Scarce. The memorial sought to allow Attorneys or Solicitors of England, Ireland, and Scotland to practice in Manx Courts.

Case on behalf of [Henry Montford] for the opinion of the Right Hon. James Whiteside, Q.C. and M.P. [No printer's name.] 1863. Broadside. 430x340. [3712, D 274]
Concerns marriages which took place between Henry Montford, a resident of Douglas, and Maria Doyle and Margaret Flint.

An Act to consolidate and Amend the Acts relating to certain Offences and other matters as to which justices of the Peace exercise Summary jurisdiction, and to define and extend the powers of the justices. H. Curphey, Manx Sun. 1864. pp. 16. 250x150. [113, D 274]

The Removal of the Courts, and how it is to be paid for. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. N.D. [c. 1868] pp. 4. 220x140. [1245, D 274]
The writer is against the removal of the Courts from Castletown, and suggests that if they are removed, Douglas should be taxed for the costs of their removal.

Commission issued by His Excellency the LieutenantGovernor, for the purpose of making enquiry with reference to the Removal of the Principal Courts of justice from Castletown to Douglas, and the reports of the Commissioners. Harriet Curphey. 1868. pp. 24. 245x150.[113, D 274 ; 6121, D 152]

Report of Committee appointed by Tynwald to report on the wages paid to witnesses, and the fees payable to advocates, attorneys, constables, coroners and sumners. 2nd June, 1868. Harriet Curphey. pp. 8. 245x150.[6121, D 152]

Bye-Laws and Ordinances of the Isle of Man Law Society. James Brown & Son. 1869. pp. 14. 245x150. [1536]

An Act to make all Real Property liable to the Payment of Debts. B. & S. 1869. pp. 258-265. 250x150. [113, D 200]

The principal Regulations contained in The Wills Act, 1869. B. & S. 1869. pp. 5. 245x150. [6121, D 152]

Hardy, Fleming, and Dumbell, correspondence between, 1867-70. B. & S. 1870. pp. 16. 240x150. [4175, D274]
Rare. The correspondence is published by Robert Hardy, as, he states, ' the case cannot be brought forward judicially owing to the principal party concerned being beyond the jurisdiction of the Manx Courts.'

Mr. Hardy and Dr. Fleming; further correspondence between. Matthew Glover, 52 North Quay, ' printer by steam power.' 1870. pp. 8. 210x135. [4175, D 274]

Clucas, Fleming, Greene, and Hardy, correspondence between. Matthew Glover. 1872. pp. 20. 215x140. [4175, D 274]
Scarce. Mr. Hardy's object in this correspondence was to procure evidence upon which to secure a divorce from his wife.

HARDY (Robert). Justice denied to Strangers in the Isle of Man, as seen from a series of Letters passed between R. Hardy and Manx Lawyers, Doctors and officials. [A fourth pamphlet.] Matthew Glover. 1873. pp. 54. 206x135. [6043, D 274]
Hardy was a pensioner living in Douglas ; he had been Sergeant of the Bengal Artillery.

CREER (J. J., Advocate). Directions [as to the execution and proving of Deeds in the Isle of Man]. B. & S. c. 1870. p. 1. 205x130. [488, D 274]

General Rules made in pursuance of the Bankruptcy Act, 1872, by Governor Loch, with the advice and assistance of the Deemsters. B. & S. 1872. pp. 131. 245x145. [4283, D 274]

Isle of Man Law Library Catalogue. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1875] Pp. 43. 240x150. [2206, D 274]

Table of Fees under the Advocates' Act proposed by a Committee of Tynwald and approved 21st June, 1875. B. & S. 1875. pp. 10. 245x150. [6121, D 152]

GELL (Sir James, Attorney-General). Ecclesiastical Courts : (i) The Nature and Extent of their jurisdiction; (ii) The Ecclesiastical Courts; (iii) Suggestions. By Sir James Gell, Attorney-General, dated 9th December, 1876. B. & S. 1876. pp. 21. 330x210. [6144, D 274]
An exhaustive review of the Spiritual, Ecclesiastical and Temporal aspects of the Courts.

The Status and Power of the Manx Legislature. In The Constitution of the Isle of Man, Mx Soc. xxxi pp. 21-32. [D 274]
This exhaustive Minute, dated 1876, is now considered to be the final authority on the question of the power of the Manx Legislature to deal with the temporalities of the See of Sodor and Man. 'It must be presumed,' he declares, ' that the powers of the Legislature of a country especially when such country is an ancient Kingdom or Sovereignty, are unlimited and supreme in all matters within or affecting the country.'

The Courts Amended Procedure Act, 1876. B. & S. 1876. pp. 33-40. 235x150. [4300, D 200]

Minute by the Lieut.-Governor [Loch] [on the new legislation necessary upon the Vicar-General's salary ceasing to be on the Civil List], dated 13th May, 1878. pp. 2. 330x210. [6122, D 152]

In Chancery : Between John Killip [The Rock, Lezayre] complainant, and Robert Christian [Close Moar, Lezayre] and others, defendants. B. & S. 1879. pp. 11. 335x205. [4720, D 274]
__ Bill of Revivor. 1880. pp. 4. 335x205.Admissions by the parties. B. & S. 1880. pp. 2. 335x205.
__ Answer of John Lace Christian and Esther Margaret Christian. B. & S. 1880. pp. 8. 335x205.

Case in Chancery between John Killip of the Rock, Lezayre, complainant, and Robert Christian and others of Lezayre, in respect of lands and premises called Close Moar, Lezayre. With Bill of Revivor, Admissions by the parties, and Answer. 4th March, 1880. B. & S. pp. 14. 330x210. [6143, D 274]

GELL (Sir James, Attorney-General). The Place of the Council in the Manx Legislature. London : Vacher & Sons. 1881. pp. 24. 330x210. [6144, D 274]
Written at the request of Lieut.-Governor Loch.

The Law as to Imprisonment for Debt, a review, dated 23rd November, 1882. B. & S. pp. 16. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Rules of the High Court of justice, approved by Tynwald, 16th December, 1884, With index. B. & S. pp. 110; index xix. [6394, D 274]

FOSTER (Robert). Peculiarities of Manx Law. In American Law Rev., vol. 18, pp. 53-67. St. Louis. 8vo. 1884. [D 274] Not in Library.

General Order and Rules of the Court of Chancery, to regulate the mode of proceeding under the Companies Act, 1865, issued by the Court, May 14th, 1869. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1884] pp. 110. 240x145. [488, D 274]

The Ecclesiastical Civil Judicature Transfer Act, 1884. B. &. S. 1884. pp. 511-554. 240x150. [113, D 200]

GELL (Sir James, H.M. Attorney-General). The Titles and Powers of Governors of the Island : an historical inquiry. B. & S. 1885. pp. 14. 250x150. [1535, D 152]

__Report on Educational Endowments, 1887. By Sir James Gell and Rev. Edward Ferrier. Peter Curphey. 1887. pp. 58. 330x210. [6144, D 274]

Bankruptcy Bill: Evidence taken before the House of Keys Committee, 16th December, 1887. B. & S. pp. 66. 240x150. [6123, D 152]

GREGORY (Rev. John Robinson). A Summary of tile Laws relating to Nonconformists in the Isle of Man, viz., The Marriage Acts, 1849, 1885; The Burial Act, 1881; The Education Act. 1872: with Notes and Observations. S. K. B. N.D. [1887?] pp. 16. 210x135. [1534, D274]

GELL (Sir James). In the matter of the petition of right of the Manx Northern Railway Co. against H.M. the Queen, in the High Court of Chancery: The Answer of Sir James Gell, Attorney-General. 8th December, 1888. B. & S. 1888. pp. 13. 330x210. [6144, D 274]
The claim of the Company was for a sum of 1,000 alleged to be due from the Government, under a guarantee deed, for the year 1887.

Charges of W. C. Lockerby : Report of Committee of Tynwald to investigate certain Charges made by W. C. Lockerby, dated 10th July, 1890. B. & S. pp. 6. 330x210. [6123, D 152]
The dispute concerned the collection of certain Lords Rent of the Abbey Lands of Kirk Braddan.

Peel Court-house : Instructions for Competition for Design. 21st November, 1890. B. & S. pp. 2. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Rules of the High Court of justice : supplemental rules. Douglas: B. & S. 1893. pp. 4. 240x145. [488, D 274]

' The Power of the Imperial Parliament to pass Statutes which are to be operative in the Isle of Man without in express terms making such Statutes applicable to the Island' : Sir James Gell, Attorney-General v. Samuel Harris and John Allen Mylrea. In the High Court of justice, 17th January, 1894. S. K. B. 1894. pp. 14. 330x210. [6143, D 274]
A Militiaman, John Looney, failed to appear for annual training in England, having no official permission to do so. The Petty Sessions Justices were applied to for a summons commanding Looney to appear as a defendant, but declined to do so on the ground that the Militia Act, 1882, did not apply to the Isle of Man. An appeal was made by the Attorney-General to the Chancery Division, with the result that the appeal was dismissed, the Clerk of the Rolls (A. Dumbell) giving his reasons in extenso.

GELL (Sir James). Memoranda as to Tithe Redemption, etc., by Sir James Gell, Attorney-General, 13th March, 1894. B. & S. 1894. pp. 18. 330x210. [6144, D 274]

Memorandum as to the Borrowing Powers of the Government. No printer's name. 1896. pp. 8. 330x210. [6144, D 274]

WESTLEY (George H.). Peculiarities of Manx Laws. In The Green Bag, vol. 8, pp. 55-57, 1896. Boston. 4to. [D 274] Not in Library.

GELL (Sir James). Territorial Waters Jurisdiction. Mem. presented to the Report on Fishing Industry, 1898, pp. 17-18. [6109, B 306]

Estates of Deceased Intestates : Report. of Committee of Souse of Keys on a Bill to amend the laws relating to estates of deceased intestates. 30th March, 1899. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210. [6143, D 274]

SHERWOOD (Richard). Manx Law Tenures, being a short Treatise on the Law relating to Real Estate in the Isle of Man, by Richard Sherwood, Esq., late one of the Deemsters of that Isle. With Preface by Alfred Nelson Laughton, Esq., High-Bailiff of Peel, and Notes by Sir James Gell, Knt., H.M. First Deemster, and Index prepared by George Frederick Clucas, Esq., Advocate. Douglas : Robinson Bros., 19 Athol-street. 1899. pp. viii,152; Appendix pp. 14; Index pp. 12. 240x140. [483, 5288, 2207]
There are several typographical and other errors in this work, which was printed after the death of the author. A copy in MS. of Deemster Sherwood's original work is in the Library.

Employers' Liability : Report of Committee of House of Keys, with minutes of evidence. 25th April, 1901. B. & S. pp. 28. 330x210. [6143, D 274]

Companies Bill : Report of Committee of House of Keys. 29th November, 1901. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210.[6143, D 274]

RING (George Alfred, Attorney-General). The Legislature and Judicature of the Isle of Man. In Law Mag. and Rev., Feb. 1902. pp. 129-144. [6254, D 274]

Dalby Outrages: Report of Commission to inquire and report upon certain alleged outrages at Dalby, dated 30th April, 1903. B. & S. pp. 10. 330x210. [6127, D 152]

Report of Committee of House of Keys on the Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency, with minutes of evidence. B. & S. N.D. [1903] pp. 21. 330x210. [6127, D 152]

Regulations made by the Committee of the Isle of Man Law Society as to the Law Library under the powers contained in Clause 63 of the bye-laws and ordinances of the Isle of Man Law Society. B. & S. May, 1906. pp. 6. 250x150. [1537, D 274]

Companies Acts: Order of the Governor in Council making regulations under Sec. 80 (i), 127 (i), and 92 ot the Companies Act, 1908, and prescribing forms, etc. 4th January, 1909. pp. 23. 330x210. [6130, D 152]

Howard Divorce: Report of Committee of Tynwald on petition of Kathleen Maud Howard for leave to introduce a Bill to dissolve the marriage between petitioner and Cecil Harry St. Leger Howard. 14th February, 1914. B & S. pp. 15. 330x210. [6143, D 274]

The Courts (Emergency Powers) Rules, 1914, an Act of the Imperial Parliament made applicable to the Isle of Man. Dec. 1914. B. & S. pp. 5. 265x205. [6143, D 274]

Landlord and Tenant : Report of Committee of House of Keys on Landlord and Tenant Bill. 20th Feb., 1915. 13. & S. pp. 4. 330x210. [6131, D 152]

NORRIS (Samuel). Woman's Position in the Isle of Man: a lecture. B. & S. 1919. pp. 14. 180x120. [1507, D 274]

Advocates' Fees Act : Report of Committee of Tynwald on the revision of fees under the Advocates' Fees Act,1874. 2nd April, 1919. B. & S. pp. 14. 330x210. [6143, D 274]

MOORE (R. B., M.A). Attorney-General). Law Making in the Isle of Man. In Ellan Vannin Mag. No. 1. Dec. 1923.

__Curiosities of Manx Law, by Ramsey B. Moore, Attorney- General. in I.M.T. 1925. pp. 3. 215x125. [4661]

__' A well-known and popular judge' : The Deemster. In Great Thoughts. January, 1925. pp. 2. 255x195. [3611]

Rules of the High Court of justice : supplemental rules. 1925. pp. 12. 245x150. 6d.[5212, D 274]

High Court : Example of notice announcing the sittings of the High Court of Justice (Common Law, Chancery, and Staff of Government) for term commencing 15th Jan., and ending 1st April, 1926. B. & S. 1926. p. 1. 330x210[6143, D 274]

MOORE (Ramsey B., Attorney-General). The Isle of Man and International Law. B. & S. 1927. pp. 80.

The Romance of Manx Common Law, by Ramsey B. Moore, Attorney-General. In Ry Courier, Nov. 1927. pp. 25. [D 274]

The Development of Modern Law, by Ramsey B. Moore, Attorney-General. In Ry Courier, Jan. 1928. pp. 5]. [5681]

Woodworth Divorce : Report of Committee of Tynwald, with a note of evidence taken at the Enquiry and a copy of the proceedings in the Chancery Division of the High Court. 3rd March, 1927. B. & S. 1927. pp. 8. 255x190. [6170, D 274]

List of Special and Common jurors within the Six Sheadings for the year commencing 5th ,July, 1927. Victoria Press. 1927. pp. 89. 320x200. [5777, D 274]

Coroners : Report of Commission to consider the present functions and status of the Coroners and their number; also the revision of Fees payable to them. 23rd February, 1929. B. & S. 1929. pp. 6. 255x190. [6170, D 274]

Report of Committee of Tynwald to consider petition of Mrs. Ada Sage Wilson Teare for leave to introduce a Bill to dissolve her marriage with Thomas Gerard Mallendame Teare. B. & S. 1930. pp. 11. 250x187. [6170, D 274]

Stone Tokens for summoning to Court. Waldron, 1726. In Mx Soc. xi, pp. 40, 113. 1864.

Daniel Quark, Coroner of Garff Sheading; evidence as to the duties of his office. Commis. Rep. 1792. Also in Mx Soc. xxxi, pp. 262-3. 1882.

The Commissioners' Statement in 1792 of the instances in which Manx Laws differ from English. 1792. [758]

Courts : Civil, Spiritual, Juries, Officers. In Feltham's Tour, 1797-8. Mx. Soc. vi, pp. 30-40, 1861.

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Also in Mx Soc. xxvii, pp. 66-9. 1877.

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