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BRISCOE, (Joseph). Acts / of / Tynwald, / passed / In . . the Years ]776 and 1777/ [Roy. Arms.] Douglass, Isle of Mann: / Printed by Joseph Briscoe, MDCCLXXXIII. 1783. pp. 68. 188x148. [21282, D 200]

This is unique : no other complete copy is known. It is almost perfect, in its original cover. It has the inscription : 'John Cosnahan to Mr. Hugh Cosnahan, 23 Aug1783' Hugh Cosnahan was a well-known Douglas nicechant. John was his son, and became Deemster after being the first High-Bailiff of Douglas. He is said to have written the 4 pp. introduction to the Statutes as printed. The book had belonged to High-Bailiff R. J. Moore ; his signature is inside the cover. It is printed upon what appears to be locally-made paper. An incomplete copy, without cover, title and the last four pp. is also in the Library. It is understood that there is also an incomplete copy in the Cronkbourne library. This is the first attempt at printing the Acts of Tgnwald, of which eighteen are given. Thomas Stowell, Clerk of the Rolls, printed a collection of the Acts in 1792 ; and Christopher Briscoe, brother of Joseph, printed a collection in 1797.

Statutes of the Isle of Man passed previous to the Revestment. In Commis. Report 1792, pp. 175-333. App. A. No. 22.

__since the Revestment. In Commis. Report 1792, pp. 334-358. App. A. Nos. 23 to 26.

STOWELL (T., Advocate) [afterwards Clerk of the Rolls]. The / Statutes / and / Ordinances / of the / Isle of Man / now in Force. / Alphabetically Arranged / by T. Stowell, Advocate. / Most humbly inscribed / To the Honourable Alexander Shaw, Esq. / Lieutenant Governor and Chancellor / Of the Isle of Man. Douglas Printed by C[hristopher] Briscoe. 1792. pp. 166 and pp. of Errata. 210x130. [2107, D 200]
This is the first printed compilation of Manx Statutes. See Preface of ' Lex Scripta,' 1819, which says (p. xiv)
'As far back as the year 1792, an Abridgment of the Manks Statutes appeared, under the form of an alphabetical arrangement, from the hands of an erudite and eminent lawyer of great talent. On the acknowledged merits of this publication it were perfectly superfluous to offer an eulogium.' The compiler was a brother of the Rev. Hugh Stowell. There are several copies of Stowell's work in the Library, including two large paper copies printed on probably Manx-made paper. The 'errata' pp. at end vary, some being five pp. and others three pp The size of the large paper copies is 230x140. The Library copies were at one time owned by 'j. Christian, Deemster, 1840' ; ' John Lace' [Deemster] ; 'Robert Moore, Peel, 1810'; ' Robert J. Moore' [High-Bailiff, Peel] ; 'John Clucas, Mary-voar, May 16, 1777'; ' F. B. Clucas, Advocate, Douglas'; ' with J. Howard's kind regards to the Rev. William Mackenzie, March 3, 1857.'

BRISCOE (Christopher). The / Statute -Laws / of the / Isle of Man. First edn. Douglas: C. Briscoe. 24th August, 1797. pp. v,240. 215x130. [1729, D 200]
The text was probably taken from that printed in the Commissioners' Report of 1792. The first edition is dated 24th August, 1797. Folios 217 to 240 are wrongly paged 117-140. The preface states that the work 'has been done without any professional or other assistance whatever.' See Preface of 'Lex Scripta,' 1819, which says (p. xiii) : ' An attempt at a publication of the Statutes at length was made by Christopher Briscoe in the year 1797 ; but from its very imperfect and mutilated state, its inferior paper and type, and its want of sufficient document to stamp its accuracy and authenticity, it failed to afford general satisfaction.' Appended to this volume are several memoranda and abstracts of fishery laws in MS by George Quirk, Water Bailiff (d. 6th Aug., 1851). The first edition was purchased by Robert J. Moore, High-Bailiff of Peel, at the sale of the effects of Rich. Harrison, High-Bailiff of Peel, 16th April, 1855.

__Second edn. C. Briscoe. 1st Sept. 1797. PP. v,240. 215x130. [2108, D 200]

BEATSON (J.). The / Four New / Acts of Tynwald / promulgated at a / Tynwald Court / holden at / St. John's / on the 5th day of July, 1813. / Now published by authority. / Second edn. Douglas : Printed and sold by J. Beatson. 1813. pp. 30. Price only sixpence British. [2096, D 200]
The first edition is not in the Library. Beatson, who was an excellent craftsman, printed few books which have survived.

JEFFERSON (George). Acts / of / Tynwald / promulgated / on the Tynwald Hill, / on the 24th March, 1814. / Second Edition, carefully revised and corrected., Printed by G. Jefferson. 1814. pp. 24. 205x110. [2097, D 200]
This copy has the signature of ' R. Faragher, printer.' The first edition is not in the Library.

THE LEX SCRIPTA .: The / Lex Scripta / of the/ Isle of Man; / comprehending / the / Ancient Ordinances / and / Statute Laws. / From the / Earliest to the Present Date. / A New Edition. / Published by Authority./ Printed at the Manks Advertiser Office for G. Jefferson, bookseller & stationer, Duke-street. 1819. pp. xvi,544; 24 pp. Index. 220x130. [5051, D 200]
Contains an Appendix published in 1820 of 24 pp. with two additional Acts of Tynwald. The preface (p. xiv) acknowledges that this work is taken from the Cornmissioners' Report of 1792, of which only a few copies were printed.

The / Lex Scripta / of the / Isle of Man; / comprehending / the / Ancient Ordinances / and / Statute Laws / f rom the / Earliest to the Present Date. / A new Edition / Published by Authority. 235x135: [633, D200]
A large paper copy, on water-marked paper dated 1816.
There is a list of subscribers, xvii-xxiv. The type arrangement on p. 1 in this edition is different from that in another edition of same date, and there are also other typographical peculiarities. The work is well printed. Appendix No. 1 to ' Lex Scripta' (pp. 23) was published by Jefferson in 1820 ; followed in the same year by Appendix No. 2 (pp. 8). These are not in the Library.

MILLS(Mark Anthony). The / Ancient Ordinances / and / Statute Laws / of the / Isle of Man: / carefully copied from, and compared with, the Authentic Records. / Together with copious extracts from the several / British Statutes / which have reference thereto. / Published under the patronage of, etc. / By Mark Anthony Mills, Esq. / Member of the Honourable the Society of King's Inns. Douglas : Printed at the Pheenix Press. 1821. pp. iv,557; xii index and Subscribers' Names. 235x145. 25/-. [627, D200, G.F.C. Coll.]
The compiler was a solicitor from Ireland. He was resident in Douglas for several years ; his only son lies buried in St. George's churchyard. Under the firm name of 'M. A. Mills & Co.,' he and others owned 'The Phoenix Press,' which commenced in 1816.

__Folio edition. 302x190. [6057, D 200]
This is perhaps the noblest piece of typographical work ever done by a Manx press. Only a limited number of copies were struck off in folio. The work was printed from ' a new and beautiful pica type,' on Manx hand made paper. The paper was probably made at the Laxey mill of William Banks & Co. A portion of the paper used in the folio edition has a three-legs device, with the letters 'WW 1821.' Only about half-a-dozen of the folio edition are known to exist, while the quarto edition is now very rare. The folio edition in the Library had been owned by G. Quirk, Water Bailiff. It appears to have been locally bound and is in full leather, handsomely tooled. This copy is annotated by Deemster Fred Gill, and was the copy submitted to the printer for the first volume of the Statutes printed in 1883.

The Statute Laws of the Isle of Man. Douglas. [No printer's name; probably David Marples, Liverpool.] N.D. pp. 559-616. 240x140. [1835, D 200]
Containing the Statutes promulgated from the year 1826 to 1832. The pp. 1-558 are Mills' sheets. They include the Acts in Geneste's edition of 1832, printed by Mary A. Quiggin. The leather label on the back of the book states it was the property of 'The Council Chamber, Castle Rushen.' The volume is a gift to the Library by the Manx Government.

GENESTE (George, Advocate). Statute Laws of the Isle of Man passed since the year 1821, with an appendix containing the regulations of the Insolvent Debtors' Court; and an abridgment of such British Statutes as relates to the Isle of Man, etc. Mary A. Quiggin, 52 North (2uay, 1832. pp. 110. 240x14-0. [1835, 5292, D 200]
The Huguenot Genestes came to Man in the last quarter of the 18th century, and married into the best Manx families.

__Liverpool: David Marples. 1832. Pp. 146. 250x150. [6216, D 200]
This vol. has two more Acts of Tynwald and one table additional to that of Geneste printed in the same year by Mary A. Quiggin of Douglas.

__Printed and published by Mary A. Quiggin, 52 North Quay. 1836. pp. 557; index and subscribers' names xii. 240x140. [627, D 200]
The first portion is stade up frotu the sheets of M. A. Mills' Statutes.

JEFFCOTT (John M.). Statute Laws of the Isle of Man promulgated since the year 1832, to which is added an Appendix which contains Rules of the Chancery Court, and an analysis of the Law of the descent of hereditary property; compiled with a digest of the provisions of the Statutes, etc. J. Quiggin, North Quay. 1837. pp. 134. 240x140. [628, 2099, D200]

The Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws of the Isle of Man; carefully compiled from, and compared with, the original records, from the earliest date to the year 1841; with a copious index. Printed and published by J. Quiggin, Custom-House Quay. 1841. pp. 557; index and subscribers' names xii; pp. 559-616 by George Geneste; pp. 140 and index by John M. Jeffcott [1837].[2111, D200]
The first portion is made up from the sheets of M. A. Mills' Statutes. There is a strange title page, not seen elsewhere, with the date 1841, and 'printed and published by J. Quiggin' This copy is from the Library of Bishop Short (1841-7). On the fly-sheet there is written the following :
In a MS. belonging to George Tollett, Esq., Petley Hall, Newcastle under Line, written by Thomas Bushell in 1648, p. 254, is the following account

" Anno 1406. The Breastlaws were 'continued ab origine until the Island of Man was given to Sir John Stanley by King Henry IV. At his coming thither to be invested and made King of the Island he brought over with him out of Lancashire a very understanding and active gentleman whose name was Michael Blondell, him he made Governor of the Island, etc., etc. He caused all cases to be taken down and written by the Clerk of the Rolls as precedents, and these are now kept under three keys for the use of the Lord's officers.'"

GELL (James) [afterwards Sir James]. Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, promulgated since the year 1836: with an Appendix containing the By-Laws for the Regulation and Government of Towns; and the Rules of the Court of Chancery, etc., etc. . . Printed and published by Peter Curphey, Sun Office, North Quay; also published by John Mylrea, Duke-street. 1848. pp. 230. 240x140. [629, D 200]
The Statutes are newly set up in type, Mills' sheets not being used as in some of the earlier editions of the statutes. This copy belonged to the library of the House of Keys. In October 1922 it was presented by the Speaker to the Museum Library.

Statute Laws of the Isle of Man promulgated on the 8th March, 1849. Printed (by authority) by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, North Quay. 1849. pp. 70. 235x145. [634, D 200]

BURMAN (James, Advocate). Statute Laws of the Isle of Man promulgated since the year 1848: with an Appendix containing the additional Bye-Laws for the Regulation and Government of the Towns; Rules of the Court of Chancery respecting Insolvent Debtors, etc. Peter Curphey, Sun Office, North Quay. 1853. pp. vi,278. 240x140. [629, D 200]

MACKENZIE (Rev. W.). Prospectus and Specimen Sheet of the New Index to the Manx Statutes. [No printer's name.] 1860. pp. 18. 245x150. [4880, 4174, D200]

MACKENZIE (Rev. William). Index to all the Statute Laws : being a combination of the separate Indexes to the volumes edited by Messrs. Burman, Gell, Jeffcott and Geneste, with a new Index to that of Mr. Mills, by A. W. Adams, Crown Solicitor; together with an Abstract by. Mr. Burman, secretary to the Governor and Council, of all the recent Acts of Tynwald, and a table of the dates of all the Statute Laws. W. Kneale, Duke Street. 1861. pp. viii,87. 240x140. [629, D 200]
The compiler lived at Strathallan Villa, and was a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Douglas. He annotated 'The Stanley Legislation of Man,' vol. Manx Soc.

LAMOTHE (John Corlett, Student at Law). Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, promulgated from the year 1853 to the year 1861 inclusive, with a short Appendix containing the Rules of the Chancery and Exchequer Courts, made during that period, etc. Published by Harriet Curphey, Sun Office, King-street. 1862. pp. v,403 and index. 240x140. [629, D 200] Statute Laws promulgated since 18th October, 1865, to July 1867, inclusive. Harriet Curphey, Sun Office, King street. N.D. [ 1867?] pp. 162. 235x140. [2115, D 200]
It is not apparent who compiled this series.

GILL (J. Fred), afterwards Deemster. Statute Laws of the Isle of Man promulgated from 1860 to 1865 (inclusive), printed and published by authority; with an Appendix, containing Rules of the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer made during that period, and the Regulations for Common Lodging Houses, and with a copious Index. Published by Harriet Curphey, Sun Office. 1872. pp. vii,501. 248x148. [2114, D 200]
Revision and Republication of the Manx Statutes; being Correspondence between the Lieut.-Governor and the Committee of the Law Society, for circulation amongst the Society and Bar only. B. & S. 1876. pp. 16. 240x14{1. [637, D 200]


GILL (John Frederick, Deemster). The Statutes of the Isle of Man. Vol. i, from A.D. 1417 to A.D. 1824. London Eyre & Spottiswoode. 1883. pp, xi,469. 240x150. [2104, D 200]

This series of the Statutes was begun at the instance of Governor Loch, and continued to the present by various editors. The cost was borne by vote of Tynwald. The laws not in force are printed in smaller type. Mr. Gill has 'carefully compared the text with the originals or the authorized copies in the Rolls Office . that it is the most perfect copy of the Statutes which has ever been published.'

__ Vol. ii, from A.D. 1824 to A.D. 1859. B. & S. 1886. xv,507. [4681, D 200]
__ Vol. iii, from A.D. 1860 to A.D. 1871. 1888. . xii,628. [2106, D 200] '
__ Vol. iv, from A.D. 1872 to A.D. 1878. 1891. xiv,616. [4683, D 200]
__ Vol. v, from A.D. 1879 to A.D. 1886. 1894. xxiv,692. [4684, D 200]
__ Vol. vi, from A.D. 1887 to A.D. 1895. 1897. [5449, D 200]
This work, as well as those previously issued, was prepared under the superintendence of Sir James Gell, Attorney-General.

HUGHES- GAMES (C. T. W.,M.A., Vicar-General). Vol. vii, from A.D. 1896 to A.D. 1905. 1912. pp. cvii,676. [4686, D 200]
As in the previous issues, there is a table showing the effect of legislation subsequent to certain dates given.

JOHNSON (G. S., Advocate). Vol. Viii, from A.D. 1906 to A.D. 1909. 1921. pp. cv,423. [1218, D 200]
__ Vol. ix, from A.D. 1910 to A.D. 1915. S. K. B. 1922. pp. x,504. 240x140. [1757, D 200]
__ Vol. x, from A.D. 1916 to A.D. 1920. 1925.. xi,603. [5061, D 200]
Volume xi is in preparation.

MOORE (Ramsey B., Attorney-General). Revised Index to Isle of Man Statutes. Interleaved. B. & S. 1927. pp. i,266. 250x148. [5699, D 200]
'The Index purports to contain references to the Acts now in operation, ignoring all such as have been repealed.'

Acts of Tynwald 1923. pp. 701-863. [1867, D 200]
__ 1924. pp. 865-1092. [5049, D 200]
__ 1925. pp. 1045-1122. [5057, D 200]
__ 1926. pp. 1123-1142. [5712, D 200]
__ 1927. pp. 1143-1286. [5713, D 200]
__ 1928. pp. vii, 1287-1484. [5849, D 200]
__ 1929. pp. 1485-1662. [5927, D 200]
__ 1930. pp. 1663-1813. [6221, D 200]

Extracts from Manx Rating Statutes. B. & S. 1908. pp. 14. 185x120. 2d. [399, D 200]
The Statutes referred to are The Lunatic Asylum Act, 1860 ; The Cattle Diseases Prevention Act, 1866 ; LocalNGovernment Acts, 1886, 1894 ; The Highway Act, 1889; The Poor Relief Act, 1893 ; The Education Act, 1893; The Higher Education Act, 1907 ; Municipal Corporation Act, 1895 (9) ; The Advertising Rate Act, 1897.

Acts of Sir John Stanley (printed from the Sloane MS. in the Brit. Museum (1414-1432). In Mx Soc. iii, 1860, pp. 69-102.

Summary of the Acts of James Stanley, Seventh Earl of Derby, 1627-1651. In Mx Soc. iii, 1860, pp. 103-118. The Two Principal Acts of James Stanley, Tenth Earl of Derby, 1702-1735. In Mx Soc. iii, 1860, pp. 119-130. The Manx Magna Charta, 1703-4. In Feltham's Tour, Mx Soc. vi, 1861, pp. 244-56.

Revesting Act, the [1765], and the subsequent proceedingsIn Mx Soc. xii, 1866, pp. 107-130.

An Act dissevering the Bishoprick of Chester and of the Isle of Man from the jurisdiction of Canterbury to the jurisdiction of York. In Mx Soc. vol. xxxi, 1882, pp. 300-1The original print is in Sec. F 70/2.


(All are embraced in the officially-issued Statutes.)

An Act for preventing Tumults and riotous Assemblies, and for more speedy punishing the rioters. And for the appointment of Magistrates. J. Penrice, Manx Sun office. 1826. pp. 4. 328x208. [279, D 200]

An Act for the better making, repairing and amending of Highways and Bridges, promulgated September 20, 1830. J. Qaiggin, North Quay. 1830. pp. 17. 225x140. [3286, D 200]

Acts of Tynwald promulgated at the Tynwald Hill, St. John's, on Tuesday, March 17, 1840. Supplement to the Manx Liberal. Douglas: M anx Liberal Office. 1840. Broadside. 610x295. [5305, D 200]
The three Acts related to the Copper Currency, Weights and Measures, and the Commnutation of Tithes.

An Act to amend the law respecting Defamatory words and libel; promulgated at St. John's, December 1846. P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, North Quay. 1847. pp. 8. 230x140. [3632, D 200]

Act to render more effective the registering and recording of all Deeds, conveyances, wills and instruments which shall be made of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments. P. Curphey. 1847. pp. 30. 245x150. [3656, D 200]

First report of committee appointed to revise the Statute Laws; printed . for the use of the members of the Tynwald Court. Peter Curphey. 1847. pp. 8. 248x150. [4176, D 200]
__ Second Report 1848. pp. 12. 248x150. [4176, D 200]
The report is signed by Mark H. Quayle, J. T. GoldieTaubman, T. Ar. Corlett, Geo. W. Dttmbell, John Kelly.

An Act to provide additional Burial Ground for the parish of Braddan. P. Curphey. 1848. pp. 8. 245x150. [3659, D 200]

An Act to provide means to enable persons who object to and decline the offices of the Established Church to cause Registration to be made of Births and Marriages. P. Curphey. 1849. pp. 18. 245x150. [3657, D 200]

An Act for the better regulating of Parish and other Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Peter Curphey. 1849. pp. 14. 245x140. [3647, D 200] An Act to provide for the Solemnization of Marriages of persons who object to and decline the offices of the Established Church. Peter Curphey. 1849. pp. 20. 245x140. [4254, D 200]

An Act for amending the law respecting the solemnization of Marriages. Peter Curphey. 1849. pp. 16. 215x155. [4441, D 200]

An Act for the better preservation of spawn and fry of fish, and to prevent the taking of young and unsizeable fish. June 1849. P. Curphey. pp. 4. 340x210. [3936, D 200]

[Subsequent Acts will be found in the official issues.] D 210

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