[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


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The particulars were printed in connection with the first popular election of the Keys.

The First Popular Election of the Keys, with woodcut of Court House, Douglas. In Ill. Lon. News, 20th April, 1867. [3030, L 6] 'The Epistle of Iliam John to the Promenadians' in the Peel Election. S. K. B. N.D. [ 1893] Broadside. [D 154]

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Return showing . . . population at each Census in 1861, 1871, 1881, the registered Voters, and proportion of registered Voters to the population, within each Electoral District, dated 14th December, 1885. 330x210. [6136, D 155 and 6123, D 152]

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House of Keys Election Poll Book, 1891; Town of Douglas (example of). B. & S. 1891. pp. 16. 430x275. [5727, D 155]

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Report of Committee of Tynwald to consider the existing Law as to the Registration of Voters, and as to Election by Ballot, and the advisability of extending the Ballot to the Election of - Local Government Boards, etc., with minutes of evidence. 24th April, 1903. B. & S. pp. 19. 330x210.[6136, D 155]
The evidence was taken by a former committee on 26th November, 1898.

The City Star for Nov. 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 1903. Peel: W. H. Christian. pp. 4. 210x165. [4489, L 6]
The paper was issued to promote the election of T. H Cormode to the House of Keys, as representing Peel. His unsuccessful opponent was A. N. Laughton, High-Bailiff.

Election Broadside : Against T. 11. Hall Caine, Dec. 1, 1903, the Member for Ramsey. B. & S. 1903. p. 1. 220x285. [ D 155]

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Report of Tynwald Court Committee on Accounts under House of Keys Election Acts. In Debates, vol. 39, 1892. Report of House of Keys Committee on the laws relating to elections, compulsory voting, canvassing, etc. In Debates, vol. 40, 1923.

Report of the House of Keys Committee on the desirability of amending the Laws relating to Elections, more particularly with a view to provide for Compulsory Voting, tc prevent Canvassing, and to lessen the cost of such Elections. B. & S. N.D. [1924] pp. 4. 255x190. [5129, D 155]

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Do. to 31st March, 1926.
Do. to 31st March, 1927.
Do. to 31st March, 1928.
Do. to 31st March, 1929.
Do. to 31st March, 1930.

Report of Committee of House of Keys on the Schedules to the House of Keys Election (Voters' Lists) Bill, 8th January, 1929. B. & S. pp. 4. 255x190. [6167, D 155]

Election and revising expenses under House of Keys Election Act for years to 31st March, 1929 and 1930. [6136, D 155]

See also Reports in the Manx newspapers and the various Annuals published.

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