[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


HEYWOOD : TAUBMAN . An Act for vesting the Settled Estates of Peter John Heywood, called The Nunnery, in Trustees, to be sold. 1796. [F 7012]

MILLS (Mark Anthony). An Imperial Inquiry respecting the Duke of Atholl's Right to License Intacks ; and the Tenants' Indefinite Claim as to Turbury and Depasture on the Mountains of the Isle of Man. Douglas : Printed and sold by Beatson & Copeland, Custom House Quay.. 1813. pp. 28. 235x150. One shilling and sixpence British. [4914, D 134]
The author claims that the Lord of the Isle had a sovereign right to license the inclosure of Intacks against the wishes of the Commoners. A scarce pamphlet.

__Observations Applied to the Existing System of Tithes in the Isle of Man. Douglas : Printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for M. A. Mills. 1818. pp. 16. 180x115. [4899, D 134]

Bishop Wilson's Letter to the Earl of Derby relating to the Tenure of Land. In App. Seacome's Hist. 1821. p. 211. [F 69]

Heads of a Bill suggested for the Commutation of Tithes in the Isle of Man. Douglas: Printed by John Sumner, The Manxman Office, Parade. 1823. pp. 8. 150x95. [3915, D 134]
A scarce pamphlet.

An Act for the Commutation of Tithes. J. Quiggin, North Quay. 1839. pp. 16. 250x155. [5211, D 200]

ADAMSON (Lawrence). A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann on the Present State of the Law of Real and Personal Property in the Isle of Man as compared with that of England. London: Longman & Co. 1842. pp. 56. 205x130. [3876, D 134]

The Tenure of the Straw. In Train's Hist. ii, pp. 225-231. 1845.[F 64]

Judgment of the Lords of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on the Appeal of Quayle and others v, Davidson, from the Court of Chancery of the Isle of Man; delivered December 2nd, 1858. [No printer's name.] 1858. pp. 4. 330x210. [3719, D 134]
Relates to the construction of a will of Philip Lewis concerning Creggan Ashen, Glenmaye.

Petition against the enclosure of the Common Lands by the inhabitants of the Isle of Man. [No printer's name.] 1862. Broadside. 420x330. [D 134]

Public Turberies. In Mx Soc. xi, 84. 1864. [F 64]

Disafforesting Act: Report by the Commissioner of H.M. Woods and Forests and Land Revenues in the Isle of Man to the Board of Treasury, relating to the Disafforestatiou, and of the Acts of Tynwald . . dated 11th January, 1865. London. 10th Feb., 1865. pp. 16. 330x210. [6121, D 152]
Gives the ' Act for disafforesting and allotting the Unenclosed portion of the forest,' and the ' Act for making Compensation.' 29,144 acres of 'forest' were involved.

Disafforesting Act: Copies of the following Papers respecting the Disafforesting Act:

Declaration of Boundaries by the Disafforesting Commissioners.
Letters from Thomas Brooke to the Commissioners, 1861, and of the answers thereto.
Letter, 6th May, 1863, enclosing a Memorial to Sir George Grey, and reply thereto.
Letters from Thomas Brooke to Sir George Grey, 11th May, 1863, and 27th June, 1863.
Petition from Council and Keys to Sir George Grey, _July, 1863.
Deed of conveyance to the Crown by the Disafforesting Commissioners, 17th July, 1863.
Notice published by the Commissioners of Woods in the newspapers for the removal of Cattle and Sheep front the land included in such deed.
Authority by the Commissioners of Woods to Crown Agent in Man to remove cattle and sheep, and letter from Governor Loch on the saure subject.
Petitions of Sammel Brooke and John James Moore presented to Tynwald, 8th February, 1864, against the Disafforesting Comp. Act.
Report made by Governor Loch of the proceedings taken by the Civil and Military authorities for removing the Commoners' cattle and sheep.

London. 29th March, 1865. pp. 32. 330x210. [6121, D 152]
Full details are given of the boundaries of the 'Forests' and 'Commons' in the Northern and Southern mountains, the Ayre lands, and the Mooragh.

'Isle of Man Disafforesting Commission. First Award of the Commissioners, appointed under an Act of Tynwald, passed in the 24th year of the reign of Queen Victoria, and intituled An Act for Disafforesting and Allotting the Unenclosed Portion of The Forest in the Isle of Man. Printed by order of the Commissioners. London. 1865. pp. 61. 330x210. [5764, D 134]
The award maps, which are not printed in the Report, give the boundaries of the forests and of the parishes.

GELL (Sir James). Land Revenue prior and after the Act of Settlement [1704]. In Mx Soc. xii, 203-9, 1867. [F 64]

The Alteration of the Tenure in 1643 the Reason for the Illiam Dhone Insurrection. In Mx Soc. xxvi, p. xxii. 1877. [F 64]

Valuation of Real Estate, showing extent, annual rateable value, and name of Owner of the principal Properties in the Parishes. In Brown's Directory, 1882 and 1894, pp. 179-225. [L 10]

Orders relating to Provisions for the Garrisons, Mills, Markets, Corn, 1648-1774. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 224-232. 1882. [F 64]

List of the number of Quarterlands of Lord's Land; of the Monastery of Rushen ; and particulars of the Baronies, etc., 1791. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 267-9. 1882. [F 64]

Farmers' Customs payments in kind: Agreement between the Deputy-Governor, Council, and Officers, Deemsters, Keys and others, as to the Payment of Customs in Money instead of Kind . . . dated 3rd August, 1601. In Manx Note Book, ii, 61-64. 1885. [L 6]

Reproduction by Lithograph of the Manorial Roll of the Isle of Man, 1511-15. Douglas: The Manx Society, G. A. Dean, lithographer. N.D. [c. 1885] pp. 76. 215x135. [5286, D 134]
The work was done at the instance of the Manx Society, but was not published.

COOLE (C. W.). Translation of pp. 29-42 of Manorial Roll 1511-15. Manx Sun Office. N.D. [c. 1886] pp. 12. 230x140. [D 134]
This was never published.

Report of a Committee of Tynwald to inquire into the provisions of a Bill for facilitating the Sales, Leases, etc., of Settled Lands, etc., dated 25th Nov., 1890. B. & S. 1890. pp. 2. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

The Manx Magna Charta. See Walpole, Land of Home Rule, 191-201. 1893. [F64]

GELL (Sir James). Tithe Redemption: Memoranda. i, Proposals of the Dept. of Woods and Forests. ii, Minutes of meeting of Tithe-owners. iii, Memorandum of the Attorney-General. B. & S. 1894. pp. 18. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Encroachment of the Sea at Michael, Ballaugh, etc.: Report of Committee of Tynwald dated Dec. 1897. B. & S. pp. 8. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

SHERWOOD (Richard). Manx Law Tenures: being a short treatise on the law relating to Real Estate in the Isle of Man. With preface by Alfred Nelson Laughton and notes by Sir James Gell. Robinson Bros. 1899. pp. 152. Appendix 13, Index 11. 238x150. [5675, D 134]

The Land System. In AW,M. Hist., pp. 40-44; 49-62; 154-5; 317-320; 337-8; 649-650; 871-909. 1900. [F 64]

QUINE (Rev. J., M.A.). The Manx Doomsday Book. In Y.L.M. iii, 92-95. 1902. [2050, A 363]

__The Boundary of Abbey Lands in Malew in Chronicon Mannize. In Y.L.M. iii, 417-424. 1902. [2050, A 363]

Disafforesting Bill: Report of Committee appointed by House of Keys to consider and report upon the Disafforesting (Commoners' Allotment) Bill. 26th Feb., 1902. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Manorial Courts : Copy of the correspondence between the Crown Receiver and the House of Keys Committee on the Manorial Courts Bill, 1901-1902. pp. 11. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Second Report of the Committee appointed by the House of Keys to consider and report upon the Manorial Courts Bill, together with correspondence between the Woods and Forests Commissioners and the Keys Committee. N.D. [ 1903 ] pp. 8. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Leases and Tenures in 1609 A.D. In A. W. M. Notes and Docs. pp. 12-17, 39-40, 44, 49, 55, 59, 62, 74, 75. [758, F 64]

Land Drainage: Report of Committee appointed by Tynwald to inquire into the working of the Land Drainage Act, 1875. N.D. [ 1905] pp. 4. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

FARRAN T (Reginald D.). Manx Land Tenure. B. & S. 1906. pp. 32. 240x145. [3289, D 134]

QUINE (Rev. J., MA.). Evidence of a Clan System in the Isle of Man. In Proc. i, 54-57, 1907. [1399, A 363]

Our Common Lands; by a Manxman of the Thirty-third Generation. In The Manx Patriot, xvi. Jan. 1908. [L 6]

Lord's Rents Purchase Bill, 1908: Report of the Committee appointed by the House of Keys to consider and report upon the Lord's Rents Bill, together with minutes of evidence and appendices, 5th May, 1908. B. & S. 1908. pp. 80. 330x205. [6119, D 134]
Valuable as a record of Lord's Rents, etc., up to 1908 ; deals with Quarterland, Mills, Cottage, Abbey and Bishop's rents, etc.; Crown lands, Common lands ; alienation fines ; tithes ; Setting Quests ; Common lands income and expenditure ; correspondence with Crown Receiver and Offiee of Woods and Forests..

MOORE (A. W., F.R.H.S.). The Ronaldsway Estate. In Y.L.M. vol. iv, 53-58, 1910. [4055, A 363]
Deals with James, Earl of Derby's attempt to alter the tenure of the straw' to that of ' the three lives system.'

Waste Lands : Interim report of Committee of Tynwald on the Reclamation of Waste Lands, etc. Undated. [c-. 1912] No printer's name. pp. 4. 330x210. [6131, D 152]

Office of Woods and Forests and the Isle of Man. Memo. by Sir E. Stafford Howard, showing the income from the Island. In Dep. Com. Rep. on Constitution u, 284. 1912. [6133, D 153]
The income comes from Demesne lands, Waste lands (intacks), Foreshore, Lord's Rents and Fies, Alines and Quarries, Impropriate Tithes.

RALFE (P. G.). Notes on the Manx Abbey Lands. In. Proc. i, 485-494, 1913. [1399, A 363]
Deals with the document in ' Chronicon Mannię' called Limitis sen divisiones terrarum Monachorum de Russyn, Insulę Mannię, a terris regis.'

Waste Lands : Reprint of Interim Report of Committee of Tynwald on the Reclamation of Waste Lands, etc., with minutes of evidence. Undated. Presented to Tynwald, 4th March, 1913. B. & S. pp. iv,32. 330x210. [6131, D 152]
There are reports from P. Clune, of the Dept of Agric. for Ireland, and Geo. Kay, Surveyor, giving valuable suggestions for the using of waste lands to the best advantage. Mr. Kay's deals exhaustively with the question of drainage of the Curragh.

Landlord and Tenant : Report of a Committee appointed by the House of Keys to consider and report upon the Landlord and Tenant Amendment Bill, 20th Feb., 1915. B. & S. 1915. pp. 4. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Reclamation of the Curraghs : Report by R. Egerton Purves, C.I.E., late Engineer Irrigation Works, Punjab, dated 14th July, 1911'. (Marked " Confidential.") pp. 4. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Assessment Board : Rules made in pursuance of sec. 14 of Tithe Commutation Amendment Act 1905, dated 27th July, 1921. pp. 2. 330x205. [6119, D 134]

Landlord and Tenant: Report of Committee of the House of Keys appointed 15th Nov., 1921, to consider the Landlord and Tenant Amendment Bill. 13. & S. N.D. [? 1922] pp. 4. 255x190. [6119, D 134]

Coast Erosion : Report of Committee of Tynwald together with report of W. H. Blaker and statement by H. Cowin. July 8th, 1924. B. & S. pp. 8. 255x190. [6119, D 134]

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). The Manorial Roll of the Isle of Man, 1511-1515. Translated from the Latin by the late Rev. Theophilus Talbot, of Douglas, Isle of Man. With a Preface by G. Fred Clucas, M.A., Speaker of the House of Keys. Together with Appendixes and various Indexes. Oxford University Press: Humphrey Milford. 1924. pp. viii,118, interleaved. Two pp. facsimiles from the Roll. 280x192. [5036, D 1341
The edition was limited to 250 copies, and is printed on handmade paper. The book, the earliest preserved Manorial Roll, gives the names and estates of those who held land and other properties in Man in the reign of Thomas, Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley of Man and the Isles. It contains, besides the complete Roll of the Tenants of the Quarterlands and Wastes, a list of those who were holders of Tenements, Cottages, Rooms, Brewhouses, Gardens, in what were then Castletown, Douglas, Peel, Ramsey, Ballasalla, and Port St. Mary. There are a number of Appendixes - all dealing with matters not hitherto published. Most o£ the Appendixes are by W. Cubbon, who was responsible for the editing.

CUBBON (William). The Treen Divisions of Mann, 1511-15. Douglas: L. G. Meyer. 1930. pp. 18. 460x370. [6077, D 134]
The Divisions are coloured to denote Celtic and Norse holdings as suggested by the names of the Treens. Ecclesiastical lands are separately coloured. These plans are the first pictorial records of the Treen boundaries. The plans, uncoloured, appeared in J. J. Kneen's work on ' Place-Names.'

The Calf of Man: Report of Committee of Tynwald on the desirability of purchasing the Calf of Man. N.D. [1931] B . & S. pp. 4. [6119, D 134]

See also Class F. 70/1 for proceedings relative to the enclosure of the Commons. [F70/1]

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