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STOWELL (Kermotte). A Letter to the inhabitants of the Isle of Man, or an Exposition of the circumstances which led to the ruin of the Methodists Friendly Society of Douglas; with notes containing interesting anecdotes of many eminent persons. London: J. Adlard. 1813. pp. 24. 225x140. 1/6 (for the benefit of the poor belonging to the above Society). [4887, D 126 W. Sayle Coll.] A rare tract.

A Report of the Proceedings of a Delegate Meeting of the Operative Spinners of England, Ireland and Scotland, assembled at Ramsey, Isle of Man, on Saturday, Dec. 5th, 1829, and three following days. Manchester: M. Wardle. 1829. pp: 56. 210x130. [2586, D 126]
The meeting was intended to have been held in Douglas. The English delegates arrived at Ramsey after a thirteen hours' sail from Liverpool, and found that the delegates from Scotland and Ireland' had arrived some days before. A resolution was passed fixing the 1830 meeting to be held in the Isle of Man. There is an engraved frontispiece headed: 'The Friendly Associated Cotton Spinners of Manchester.' A rare pamphlet.

Rules and Orders to be observed by The Isle of Man Sisterly Society, instituted first day of May, 1816. Douglas: Reprinted for the Society by J. Quiggin. 1830. pp. 14. 155x95. [3561, D 126]
The rules provide that new members must reside within two miles of Douglas, she must be of good character, not under the age of 15 nor above 30, and free from any infirmity of body ; that an anniversary be holden on the Ist May of every year, and any member not attending be fined 1/-.

Rules of Kirk Christ Lezayre Friendly Society, instituted June 3rd, 1833. Walls & Fargher, Mona's Herald. 1834. pp. 16. 165x105. [1513, D 126]
The Society was formed at 'a meeting of gentlemen, farmers, tradesmen and labourers, inhabitants of Lezayre,' 3rd June, 1833. The president was John James Murray Corlett, John Casement and Joseph Nixon stewards, Charles Earle Butt secretary, Hugh Joughin, John Martin, Hugh Corlett, John Corlett, and John Crow committee.

Laws for the government of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the M.U. recommended by the Committee appointed at the York A.M.C. for revising the minute book, and adopted by the A.M.C. held at the Isle of Man, June 1841. Oldham: P.G. John Dodge. 1841. pp. 58. 170x100. [2090, D 126]

Rules and Orders of the Onchan Friendly Society, estab. 11th May, 1810. Robert Fargher. 1844. pp. 16. 165x105. [4487, D 126]
The Society was established at the house of Thomas Cubbon in Conchan, 11th May, 1810. The following were the officers in 1844 : Thomas Cubbon, junr., president ; Edward Christian and Thomas Clague, stewards ; William Quilliam, senr., Thomas Cubbon, senr., Thomas Cowin, senr. Thomas Cowin, William Fayle, William Baldwm and John Gorrey, committee.

Rechabite Magazine from No. 13 to No. 36. New series. Manchester: James Hodgson. 1844-5. 245x155. [ 126, D 126]
Contains occasional references to the work in the Island.

Report of the sixteenth Moveable Committee of the Indep. Order of Rechabites held at Douglas on the 5th August, 1856, and following days. Bolton: William Robinson. 1856. pp. 24. 180x105. [127, D 126]
The Manx delegate was James Cannell.

Observations on the State and Condition of the present Friendly Societies; and proposal for the formation of a Friendly Society on improved principles, by James Gell, Mark H. Quayle, R. T. Quayle, and J. T. Clucas. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. 1860. pp. 10. 210x130. [5860, D 126]

Rules and Orders of the Kirk Santon Concordant Society. Douglas : Robert H. Johnson, Prospect Hill. 1866. pp. 20. 180x108. [D 126]
The Society was established ' at the parish schoolhouse' on August 2nd, 1814.

Rules of Kirk Christ Lezayre Friendly Society. (A reprint.) Ramseyo : John Hampton, postal telegraph office. 1875. pp. 16. 166x105. [5859, D 126]

Friendly Societies in 1878. In Report of House of Keys Committee, 1879. [281, D 50]

Rules of the Loyal Good Anchorage Lodge, No. 1776 [Ramsey] Isle of Man District Branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, M.U. Friendly Society. Ramsey J. Craine. 1885. pp. 20. 165x104. [D 126]

Rules of the Loyal Tynwald (Foxdale) Lodge, No. 1755, of the Isle of Man District of the Indep. Order of Odd Fellows, M.U. Friendly Society. Douglas: W. H. Cowin, North Quay. 1886. pp. 20. 180x125. [1516, D 126]

Mona Fellowship Tent, Ramsey, No. 912, I.O.R., S.U., Account of the Initiation of the Lord Bishop, the High-Bailiff of Ramsey and others, with reports of speeches by members. Ramsey : John Craine. 1888. pp. 16. 160x100. [4979, D 126]

Rules of the Mona Union Tent, No. 22, District No. 6, of the Indep. Order of Rechabites, S.U. Friendly Society. Clucas & Fargher. 1893. pp. 34. 180x120. [309, D 126]

Rules of the Isle of Man District No. 6 of the Indep. Order of Rechabites, S.U. Friendly Society. C. & F. 1895. pp. 18. 180x120. [310, D 126]

KNEALE (W. H.). The Odd Fellows' Companion and Guide to Douglas. 1897. pp. vii,138. Illus. glas. B. & S. 180x120. [848, D 126]

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, M.U. Friendly Soc.: Isle of Man A.M.C. 1897. Names of Deputies, etc. Manchester: Co-operative Printing Society. PP. 195x42 215x135. [2089, D 126]

The Rules and Orders of the Benevolent Society of Andreas, instituted . . 1812. A reprint with appendix giving the names of the officers from 1812 to 1901. Ramsey : A. H. Teare. 1901. pp. 29. 180x120. [5601, D 126]

[All D 126]

Subscription Card of the North Douglas Tent, No. 1756, I.O.R., S.U., Juvenile Branch. S. K. B. 1903. pp. 2. 115x75.

Subscription Card of the Mona Union Tent Indep. Order of Rechabites, Douglas. C. & F. 1911. pp. 4. 135x100.

Mona Union (Douglas) Tent, I.O.R. : Balance-sheet for 1922. C. & F. 1923. pp. 4. 365x235.

__Balance-sheet for 1923. C. & F. 1924. pp. 4. 365x235.

Programme of Demonstration in connection with the Isle of Man Juvenile Rechabite Tents, Villa Marina, Douglas, 21st May, 1925. C. & F. 1925. pp. 1. 265x210.

Mona Union (Douglas) Tent, I.O.R. Balance-sheet for 1924. C. & F.
__ 1925. pp. 4. 365x235.

Balance-sheet for 1925. C. & F. 1926. pp. 4. 365x235.

Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows: Souvenir of the 1928 A.M.C. held at Douglas. S. K. B. 1928. pp. 31. 210A40- [5765, D 126]

Souvenir of the 1928 A.M.C. held at Douglas. S. K. B. 1928. pp. 31. 208x130. [D 126]
Has 24 pp. of illustrations in collotype process printed in England.

The Manx Co-operative Society Limited : Fourth Report and Balance-sheet for six months ended Oct. 5th, 1922. C. & F. 1922. pp. 4. 265x210. [6117, D 120]

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