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(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Meteorological Observations made in the Isle of Man, 1822-25, by Robert STEWART In Brewster's Edinburgh journal of Science v, p. 231.

Meteorological Observations. 12 pp. of Meteorological data appear in Cumming's History, 1848, compiled from journals kept at the Point of Ayre and The Calf from 1825 to 1847 (pp. 364-376).
See also Cumming's Guide, 1861.

Meteorological Notes by Harrison, 1865. In Mx Soc. xi, 83-4.

MOORE (A. W., M.A., F. R.M.S., F.R.H.S.). Causes of Winds and Storms. In Trans. i, 1879-84. Manx Sun Office. 120-127. [A 363]

__Weather Summary for 1884, 1885, 1886. In M.N.B. i, 69-70; ii, 89-90; iii, 96-7.

__The Climate of the Isle of Man. B. & S. 1889; 36, 240x140. Rainfall map, col'd, 430x350. 1/-. [489, A 300]
The same subject dealt with in Y.L.M. i, pt. 1.

__Weather Summary, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891. 171 Y.L.M.

__Earth Temperatures at Cronkbourne. In Quar. journal of Roy. Meteorological Soc. xx, 1894, p. 250. Not in Library.

__Has Climate Changed? In Y.L.M. ii, 237-241, 1901.

__Weather Summary 1897. In Y.L.M. iii, 296, 1902.

__Weather Summary for the period 1888 to 1897. In Y.L.M. iii, 387-394, 1902.}
Gives summaries of temperature, rainfall, etc., from Bishopscourt, Andreas, Cronkbourne, Point of Ayre, Woodville, Clypse, Maughold, Ramsey, Derbyhaven, and Santan.

__Weather Summary for 1898 to 1900. In Y.L.M. iii. Weather Summary for 1901-1904. In Y.L.,M. iv.

__Weather Summary for 1905 to 1909. In Proc. i, pt. 1.

__The Climate of the Isle of Man. In Proc. i, 447454, 1913.
Gives shade temperature, sunshine, barometer and rainfall from 1878 to 1907.

Monthly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office 1907 to date. [A 300]
These Reports are not in the Museum Library. An unbroken series in the Port Erin Biol. Station may be consulted by any person authorised by the Museum authorities. The sea temperatures, as given in the maps accompanying the Monthly Weather Reports, are the 'means' of several coastal and light-ship stations in each case. The southern Irish Sea temperature is the mean of the readings supplied by the following:-N.W. Lightship, Skulmartin, Port Erin Biol. Station, and Selker.
The 'Monthly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office' gives, every month, the following data from many stations, including Douglas, Isle of Man. [District 6B.]

Air temp. in deg. F.

Mean max. temp. (A)
Mean min. temp. (B)
Mean of (A) and (B) Deviation from normal
Absolute max. temp. and date
Absolute min. temp. and date ,


Total rainfall, in. and mm.
Deviation from normal
Most in a day, amount and date

Number of days in the month on which were recorded

0.2 mm, or more precipitation
1 mm. or more do. Snow.
Snow lying.
Ground Frost.

Bright sunshine

Mean hours per day.
Deviation from normal.
Per cent. of possible.

Mean atmospheric pressure.
Deviation from normal.

Temperature and humidity.

Dry bulb reading
Depression of wet bulb
Vapour pressure
Relative humidity

Mean cloud amount.

No. of days of stated cloud amount visibility.
No. of days of several degrees.
Wind force.
No. of observations of several strengths, with directions.

Weekly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office 1907 to Feb. 1928. [A 300]
This gives `weekly' means of the more important of the foregoing values from all stations, including Douglas. Discontinued as from Feb. 1928.

The Book of Normals of Meteorological Elements for the British Isles. Sections i, ii and in, 1919-20. HAI. Stationery Office. 4/3 the set. [A 300]
The sections are in the Port Erin Marine Biol. Station library, and are open to inspection. They give the monthly normals for all stations for the 35-year period 1881-1915.

The following values observed at Port Erin daily ,vithout interruption since about 1900, are kept there, but are not published. They are open to inspection at Port Erin
Air temp. at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Sea temp. at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Daily max. and min. air temp. Wind, strength and direction Visibility i All at 9 a.m.
Salinity of the sea and 4 p.m.
Barometric pressure ' G. M., T. (only since June 1926)
The 'monthly means' of sea and air temp. at Port Erin have been worked out for the 25-year period 1902-1927, and are published in the following paper :

Bruce, J.R.-'Physical Factors on the Sandy Beach," Part l, Journal Marine Biol. Assoc. (Plymouth). 15. (1928).

Meteorological Observations at King William's Coll. 1922. In Barrovian, Oct. 1922, 141-2. [4643, L 6]

Douglas Astronomical Society : Papers read at Session 1888-9. B. & S. 1888. pp. 73. 222x146. [195, A 304]
Contributions by Thomas Keig, Evan Kerrnode, Thomas Grindley, Dean Walsh, Rev. Canon Savage, M.A., John Taylor.

Manx Astronomical Society : Papers read at Session 1890-91. B. & S. 1891. pp. 68. 243x146. [195, A304]
Contributions by Dean Walsh, Canon Savage, Thomas Keig, Joseph E. Leece, Thomas Grindley, Evan Kermode.

Manx Astronomical Society : Papers read at Session 1892-93. B. & S. 1893. pp. 93. 243x150. [2045, A304]
Contributions by Thomas Keig, Evan Kermode, Thomas Grindley, John L eecc Kneale, Dean Walsh, John M. Nicholson.

Manx Astronomical Society : Papers read at Session 1894-95. B. & S. 1895. pp. 77. 240x150. [2045, A304]
Contributions by Dean Walsh, Thomas Keig, Thomas Grindley, john Taylor, E. Rowland, Rev. W. Curry.

LEWIN (Joseph). Earthquakes. Liverpool : C. Tinling & Co., 196, 210x130, 1926. [5492, A 290]

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