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Marlett, Leon

Charlotte de La Tremoille, Comtesse de Derby...

Paris: 1895



Marshall, W. Lockington

The Calf of Man

Douglas: Shearwater Press 1978 0-904980-19-7
pp96 + map

  914.279    B78-39393


Martin, Benjamin

The Natural History of England or a Description of each particular County. 2 vols

Isle of Man = pp387-392



Mathieson, Niel

Onchan Isle of Man The story of a village

Douglas: Norris Modern Press ? ?1960


Mavor, William Fordyce

The British Tourists; or Traveller's Pocket Companion through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Comprehendng the most celebrated tours in the British Islands 6 Vols

London: 1798

3rd ed 1809 792.b.5-10
Robertson's Tour vol v pp 87-136

F65    10348.a.23  


Maybury, Paul

Syd Gleave and his Specials: the story of a T.T. rider

Macclesfield: Upton c1981 0-9507599-0-2
60pp illus ports

  796.75094279    B82-21674


McClintock, Henry Foster

Old Irish & Highland dress, and that of the Isle of Man

Dundalk: Dundalgan Press 1950 2nd and enlarged ed

prev ed 1943

  391.1    B51-3962


McCormick, Donald 1911-

Islands of England and Wales

Reading: Osprey Publishing 1974 0-85045-166-3
229p ill maps

IoM pp78/92

  914.2'04'85    B74-07648



Saints and Sites in Mann

:SPCK ?1955


Meteorological Office

The climate of Great Britain Lancashire and Cheshire and Isle of Man Climatological memorandum 130

Bracknell Meteorological Office 1983
17p ill maps 30cm



Miles, Philip C., 1955-

Isle of Man buses 1907-1988

:World of Transport 1989 1-87197-900-5
64p pbk

  629.22233094279    B90-12640


Manx tramways in camera : centenary edition, 1893-1993

Whittlebury : Quotes, 1993 0-86023-603-X

  385.46094279    B93-35222


Miller, Stephen

Manx folk-songs from A.W. Moore's Manx ballads and music (1896)

Onchan: Chiollagh c1994 1-89861-304-4
spiral 30cm



Mitchell, Jean (ed)

Great Britain Geographical Essays

Cambridge: University Press 1962
pp.xii.612 (IoM chap 24 pp457/470)

IoM chapter by J.W.Birch



Molony, E (ed)

Portraits of Islands

London: Denis Dobson 1951
pp.147 (IoM pp.15-24)

IoM chap pp14/24 by John Betjeman



Mona's Herald

The Falure of Dumbell's Bank: the Great Bank Trial. Mona's Herald's History and Report; with portraits of those connected wth the Company and Court

Douglas: C & F 1900
pp184 245x185



Moore, A.

Manx Scenes: A Tour Down Memory Lane.

Douglas: The Norris Modern Press. 1973


Moore, Arthur William 1853-1909

A History of the Isle of Man...with a new map of the Island 2 vol

London: T.F.Unwin 1900

F64  942.79  9508.e.20  

Douglas:Manx Museum and National Heritage 1977 reprint

Douglas:Manx National Heritage 1992 reprint 0-901106-33-X 1994


Douglas One Hundred Years Ago; an account illustrative of Manx Life and Manners at that period; compiled from various authorities both printed and MS [reprinted from Max Sun]

Douglas: Manx Sun ? 1904
pp35 216x90


Folk Medicine in the Isle of Man

pp12 215x130


Historical Account of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, Limited, 1830-1904

Manchester: R.Johnson & Sonns 1904
iv,126p ill,ports 180x120


Manx Ballads and Music

Douglas: G & R Johnson 1896


Manx Folklore

Douglas: SKB 1899


Manx Names, or The Surnames and Place-Names of the Isle of Man, with a Preface by Professor Rhys

London: Elliot Stock 1903 2nd ed revised
pp.xvi.261 8vo

H306  929.4279  12978.c.41  

Manx Worthies; or Biographies of notable Manx men and women

Douglas: S.K.Broadbent & Co 1901
pp.213.x 8vo

G 4  920.6  010803.e.34  

Sodor and Man

London: SPCK 1893
pp.276 Map 165x104

F22  274.279  2210.a.18  

The climate of the Isle of Man

: 1889
pp36 Map 430x350


The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man, being an account of its myths, legends, superstitions, customs & proverbs...with a general introduction; and with explanatory notes to each chapter

Douglas: Brown & Son London: D.Nutt 1891
pp.xii.192 8°

E244  398.21094279  12431.bbb.43  

The Story of the Isle of Man

London: T Fisher Unwin 1902 second impression

F64  942.79    

The Story of the Isle of Man An Historical reader for Manx schools

London: T Fisher Unwin 1901

F64  942.79  9508.aaa.11  

The Surnames and Place-names of the Isle of Man

London: Elliot Stock 1890

H306  929.4279  12978.f.27  


Moore, Arthur William 1853-1909 (+Morrison, Sophia & Goodwin, Edmund)

A Vocabulary of the Anglo-Manx Dialect

London: Humphrey Miilord ,Oxford Univ Press 1924
pp.xii,206 216x135

H313    2278.g.8  


Moore, Ramsey Bignall

Revised index to Isle of Man Statutes

Douglas: Brown & Sons 1927
pp.ii,266 250x148

D200    c.s.a.16/2  


Morris, Joseph E.

The Isle of Man. (in Black's Beautiful Britain series) [illus by A.Heaton Cooper]

London: A & C Black 1911
pp.64 illus 220x155

F65    010348.g.2/9  


Morris, Ronald W. B.

The prehistoric rock art of Galloway & the Isle of Man

Blandford Press 1979

Bibliography: p.189-191


Morrison, Sophia.

Manx fairy tales

London: David Nutt 1911
185pp 180x120

E244  398.2  12410.df.10  

Manx fairy tales

Peel:pp S.Morrison printed by L.Meyer Dougls 1929 2nd ed.
x,234p 180x120

E244  398.2  12403.df.50  

Douglas : Manx Experience, . 1991 reprint 2nd ed.

E244  398.2  NLS W1.91.322  


Munro, H. ?

MacGregor's gathering : Aberdeen to Manxland, Isle of Man,5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th June, 1923.

Aberdeen : Printed by H. Munro, 1923
78 p. : ill., map ; 18 cm.

    NLS  HP1.88.3926   


Mutch, Ronnie

The last of the great road races: the Isle of Man T.T.

London: Transport Bookman 1975 0-85184-012-4
135p ill,ports 21cm

  796.75094279    B76-34167



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