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Narasimham, Janet.

The Manx family tree: a beginner's guide to records in the Isle of Man

:pp by author 1986
vi,50 1map fac 21cm

  929.34279  NLS HP2.86.2624  B87-33976

Douglas:The Copy Shop distb IoM Family History Soc 1994 2nd (revised) 0-9523963-0-0
vi,50 1map fac 21cm


Nelson, Esther

Island Minstrelsy; comprising Old King Death, and other Poems

London: G.B.Whittaker & Co 1839
pp.xii,232 167x100


Nelson, Philip

The Coinage of the Isle of Man

London: Spink & Son 1899
pp.51 (4 plates) 220x140


The Coinage of William Wood

?Liverpool: W.M.Murphy ?1903
pp.46 [3plates]

BL only lists pp.23 American Coinage of W. Wood 1905 - yet 1957 reprint has sticker with 1903 date
Chap IV covers Derby Coinage for IoM

London: Spink & Son, Ltd 1959 reprint
pp.46 [3plates]


Nelson, T & Sons

Nelsons' Pictorial Guide Books. The Isle of Man

London: T. Nelson & Sons [1868]
pp48 illus 100x165


Noney, J.P. ed

King William's College Register 1886-1956

Castletown: King William's College 1959 3rd ed
lxxvi 501-959

prev ed 1928

  373.4279    B59-4198

Norris, S.

Douglas. The Naples of the North

Douglas: 1904

F71  914.279    

Manxland's Home-Rule Parliament [The first five articles reprinted from the "Liverpool Weekly Mecury"]

Douglas: Liverpool Mercury [1903]
pp.36 8¥

D152  320.94279  20031.e.60  

Norris, Samuel

Manx Memories and Movements. A journalist's recollections. [with plates including a portrait]

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1938
pp.xxiii.534 8¥

  920.5  010390.g.50  

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1939 second ed
pp.xxiii.534 8¥

  920.5  010390.g.53  

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1941 popular 3rd ed
pp.xxiii.534 8¥


This Manx Democracy! A Speech and Writings...With suggestions for a Manx democratic party [With a portrait]

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1945
pp.iii.92 8¥

  320.94279  8146.aa.59  

Two Men of Manxland. Hall Caine, novellist, T.E. Brown poet

Douglas: Norris Modern Press 1947
pp.xvi.342 8¥

  920.2  10861.de.28  

Norris, Samuel + Mayer, Louis

Norris-Mayer Guide to Douglas

Douglas: Norris-Meyer Press [1910]


Seaside Pocket Guide to Douglas

Douglas: Norris-Meyer Press 1911
pp48 illus + maps


O'Rahilly, Thomas Francis

Irish Dialects past and present, with chapters on Scottish and Manx

Dublin: Browne & Nolan 1932
ix,278p 215x140

H118      A36-9637

Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 1972 reprint
iii-xiii,303p 23cm idex

    NLS NE.731.e.15  

Oliver, J.R.

Monumenta de Insula Manniae or a collection of National Documents Relating to the Isle of Man parts i to iii

Douglas: Manx Soc ix 1862

F64.3  941.1'402    

Orrell, Robert 1934-

Saddle tramp on the Isle of Man

London: Hale 1988 0-7090-3275-7
pp.192 ill 23cm

  914.279  NLS HP1.94.4685   B88-01751

Ouseley, T.J. (Thomas John)

Mona's Isle, and other Poems. Dedicated to Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister

London: Woodfall & Kinder 1853
pp.vii,232 187x118

J8    11646.cc.26  

Poems. Dedicated to Charles Dickens

Douglas: M.Glover 1870 2nd
pp.xv,370 180x115

J8    11612.bbb.10  

Owen, E.C. (Rev Canon)

A Hundred Years of Educaton: King William's College, 1830-1930

Douglas: B & S 1930
pp66 illus 212x137



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