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Re: Thanks Sue Re: Lezayre MI Lookup Sarah Lee HAN

Hi Simon,

Civil Registration was not compulsory in the IOM until 1878 (births & deaths) and 1884 (marriages), so what Donna gave you is probably all there is. Pre-civil regt they rarely gave causes of death. In Maughold they noted smallpox with an "x", and often recorded accidents and shipwrecks, but few other causes.

The burial says she came from Peel (where she was for the 1851 census) but was buried in Lezayre. Did she have a son/daughter living there or in Ramsey? Ramsey is a town partly in Lezayre parish and partly in Maughold parish. If you give me the names, surnames, ages, and husbands of her other daughters I'll see where they were in 1851, if in the IOM.

Donna's information would have come from the IOMFHS published transcripts of burials from various parishes. The FHS also published MIs of the gravestones they could find in the mid-1900s, and sketch maps showing where these were.

There are earlier MIs for some parishes - mostly available on Manx Notebook. You can read about Lezayre there:

I think owners of burial plots and details of where buried are held at the particular church, but someone living in the IOM will be able to tell you specifically about Lezayre.