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Lezayre MI Lookup Please - Sarah Lee HANSON

Hi from New Zealand.

I have located, in the burial register on the IOMFHS site, the burial of my 3rd Great Grandmother Sarah Lee HANSON age 73 on 02 October 1851 at Lezayre.

I wonder if burial monuments/headstones still exist and if it may be possible to locate a photo or incription please?

She was the mother of Mary Ann HANSON who married John George MOORE on 02 February 1844.

I understand that Sarah and her daughers went to live on the Isle of Man, following an earlier visit by her sons George Robert HANSON & Beecher Henry HANSON, however I have been unable to find out more about her after her arrival.

I would be grateful to hear from anybody who may be able to help please.