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Re: Lezayre MI Lookup Please - Sarah Lee HANSON

Hi Simon,

Geo. R Hanson, Mar., aged 26, b.England was a visitor in the Cardle St., Maughold, household of Elizabeth L Corlett 29, her son Thomas Corlett 12, servant Ann Smith 16.
No occupation given.

There was a William B Hanson, Un., aged 24, a visitor in the Fawsett family in Malew, b.Douglas IOM.

John G Moore, 39, advocate, b.IOM Rushen? [too black to read], was in Church St., Peel, with wife Mary A., 22? 28? b. England, and Sarah Lee Hanson Widow 70 b. England, and a servant.

There is information about the Moore family in Manx Notebook:

Also information from an IOMFHS Journal offering members copies of photographs, including Moores (taken in Wellington):