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Hi Donna,

I notice you are in America so may miss our wonderful little Ballaugh exhibition.

I believe Jean's family are linked to Boddaugh's that I have researched for a little booklet about Glen Dhoo and the Port in Ballaugh, due out next year (I keep saying that but Traa dty lioor).

William Bodduagh 1733-1790 Weaver, buried at Ballaugh Old Church. Lived at Glen Dhoo. Married to Ann Corlett born abt 1735. Will dated 1790.

Their children were
Catherine b.1760, she married Robert Clarke.
Thomas b.1762-1827. He married Elizabeth Cain.
William b.1765
John b.1767.
Daniel b.1770-d.1773.
James b.1773-d.1848.
Ann b.1777.

I have tracked the line from Thomas and Elizabeth Cain. Their children were:
John b.1793-d.1873. He married Jane Corkill.
Isabella. She married John Caine.
William b.1798-d.1801.
Thomas b.1798-d.1801.
James b.1800-d.1801.
Ann b.1802-d.1882. She married James Lace.
Thomas b.1804.
Margaret b.1807-1846. She married William Cannell.
James b.1809-1869.Married Jane Corlett.
William b.1811-1812
William 1813-1889 (Willie the nailor).

The next generation I have too, but it's getting a bit big to describe by now. I seem to remember Jean's family decended from James (1809-1869) and Jane. I followed most specifically the family of John b.1793-d.1873 and Jane Corkill b.1801-d.1884.

Isabella and John Caine's children are mentioned in Willy the nailors will of 1887. They are John Caine and Ann Caine,who is married to a Daniel Boyde.

I hope all this is of interest.

I note that you are especially interested in Quayles and Caines. Do you know anything about Catherine Jane Quayle b.1878(Birkenhead)-d.1917. Parents were William B.1827-d.1891 Plumber. Possibly born Ballaugh.
Mother was Catherine. Born Lonan 1833. d.1902. She may have been a Cain.

I am interested because Catherine Jane sold the land to the Rector to build our Parish Hall whose anniversary we are celebrating. I am appealing for information, but as you may not be able to make it.....................