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Re: Ballaugh connections?
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Hi Elizabeth,
Yes, I would be very interested in hearing about your relative. Although the research we are doing at the moment has a specific focus, I see it as a fantastic opportunity to gather information from Ballaugh descendants. I view the interest in Ballaugh's history as being of interest to many people who live here now, but more importantly, it's of interest to the thousands of people decended from the few hundred people who once lived here. Or maybe that's my view beacuse I am a genealogy geek!

Information about the Railway Hotel may come in handy for future research projects too, so I would be grateful for your contribution.

I see your relative was not there in 1901. Where did she come from and where did she go? Are you based on the island so we could chat? Do you have any old photographs of her while she was living in Ballaugh?

Thanks for your time.