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I've been away from the board for a few months, and just came back. I noticed this query from August and I can help answer it. Thomas SCARFF married Jane GELLING in 1826 in Lonan. Jane's brother William GELLING, a shoemaker who moved to Liverpool in the 1830s, was my g-g-grandfather. Jane and William's mother was Margaret SCARFF; thus Jane GELLING and her husband Thomas SCARFF were distantly related.

Thomas SCARFF was bapt 9 Jun 1799 son of Philip SCARFF (1759-1841) and Jane SCARFF als HOGG (1765-1838). They married 15 Jul 1786 and had 6 children: William, Ann, Jane, John, Margaret and Thomas.

Philip SCARFF was bapt 13 May 1759 (Philip SCARFF & Ann CALLISTER) and buried 4 Nov 1841. Jane HOGG was bapt 25 Aug 1765 (Thomas HOGG & Jane COWIN) and buried 28 Oct 1838

Philip SCARFF Sr. married Ann CALLISTER 31 Jul 1755 and they had 6 children: James, Philip, Thomas, John, William, Daniel.

Philip SCARFF Sr was bapt 29 Aug 1728 (John SCARFF and Margaret QUARK) and was buried 30 May 1805. Ann CALLISTER's parents were John CALLISTER (d 1738 - Archd Will) and Margaret CLARK but I don't have anything more.

John SCARFF and Margaret QUARK were married before 1717 and had 6 children: John, Thomas, James, Ellinor, Philip, Daniel. The above Jane GELLING is descended from the eldest child John.

John SCARFF was bapt ca 1690 and parents were William SCARFF and Margaret CHRISTIAN. He was buried 22 Nov 1741 of Ballascerroo, Lonan. She was buried 11 May 1760. Margaret QUARK's parents were Phinlo QUARK (died 1715/16) and Jane LEWNEY (d 1713).

William SCARFF and Margaret CHRISTIAN were married about 1690. It was her second marriage of three, the first to James KILLEY and the third to CALLISTER (I don't have first name). She had children by each. William SCARFF died 1692/3. Margaret's brother was James CHRISTIAN who left a 1690 Archd will that mentions sister Margt Xtian als Skarff.

Finally, William SCARFF's parents were (I think) Philip SCARFF and Catherine KAIGHAN. She left a 1675 Archd Will.

All of the above events took place in Lonan.