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Viv, happy to have helped with your blood pressure. When it gets frustrating, I just walk away from it for awhile, and see if a new day brings some luck. Once in awhile it does. Glad my note, 3 months late, helped.

John GELLING m Margaret CLAIGUE (wid) 26 May 1798 in Lonan. She was Margaret SCARFF who married Thomas CLAIGUE (son of Thomas & Jane; see MI Lonan) 16 Jan 1794; he died 5 months later age 21. John leased Glen Gawne farm in Lonan in 1812 from John WOODS the proprieter; previous tenant was Thomas CLAIGUE. John GELLING died 1847 age 74 and Margaret in 1861 age 87. Margaret was the daughter of John SCARFF and Margaret nee KILLIP of Ballascarroo.

John and Margaret GELLING had 4 children bapt in Lonan:
1. Margaret (1798-1873) m Matthias CALLOW (1797-1877) shoemaker in 1819 in Onchan. They had 8 children, first 7 born in IOM and the last one Edward b 1841 in Liverpool, which is where they lived from then on.
2. John (1801-1876) m Elizabeth GELL (1806-1878) in 1831 Lonan. They also had 8 children of which 4 married and had issue. John took over Glen Gawne from his father. Elizabeth was of Glen Gawne when she died in 1878 but I haven't tracked where it went from there. Incidentally, the baptism for John is recorded wrong. It is 30 Aug 1801 in Lonan, son of Jno & Margaret CLAIGUE instead of GELLING.
3. Jane (1804-1872) m Thomas SCARFF (1799-1867) 6 May 1826 Lonan and they had 9 children. Lived in Lonan. This is your ancestor so you would know more than I do here.
4. William (1808-1886) shoemaker m Catharine KEWLEY (1810-1864) 26 Oct 1841 in Braddan. He is described as a "widower", but I don't know who his first wife would be. I have tentatively picked Margaret COWIN m 3 Sep 1831 Braddan but I have absolutely no proof. I haven't found any issue from this marriage, nor yet found a death for Margaret. William and Catharine started having children in 1834 in Liverpool and I've found 11, most of whom died early. The 10th one Thomas Charles GELLING is my g-grandfather. I have a suspicion that William ran off with Catharine and perhaps abandoned Margaret, but that's just a story that may or may not be true.

Going back, I'll just do a skeleton tree:
John GELLING bapt 2 May 1773 Lonan, son of David GELLING (1716-1778) and Bahee nee CHRISTIAN (1739-1803). John & Bahee were married 9 Jul 1765 Lonan and they had 5 children, 4 lived to adulthood and married. David had been previously married to Jane BREW for 19 years until she died 1765 childless.

David GELLING bapt 16 Feb 1715/16 Onchan, son of John GELLING and Mary nee COTTEEN. John & Mary were married 23 Jun 1711 Onchan and they had 9 children, all of whom lived to adulthood. I have only traced some of the descendants. Mary GELLING als COTTEEN died 15 Feb 1739/40 in Onchan and left an intestate will that mentions all children but no husband. There is a burial of a John GELLING 3 Oct 1740 Onchan that I think could be him, but it's after Mary's.

Beyond this, it gets more speculative.

I think John GELLING will be the one bapt 30 Nov 1684 Onchan son of Paul GELLING and Ann CANNEL. I have no marriage, nor any other children. Ann died 1698 Onchan and there is a will which I've unfortunately misplaced, but it does mention her "only child John GELLIN sole admin, who is of age but because of his ignorance his cousin german Cath CANNELL is sworn supervisor". I figure John was 14, which is barely of age in those days. I don't know who Cath CANNELL is, but likely related to Ann. There is a 1704 burial of Paul GELLING in Onchan which seems a good fit. Odd to me that he wasn't mentioned in Ann's intestate will; perhaps they weren't actually married. A friend on the IOM discovered that Paul GELLING had been married to Ann MOORE before and they had a daughter Catherine who was buried 1683, and that Ann was buried 1682. I haven't followed up with this yet.

My friend has recently been digging more out, and we now think that the Paul GELLING bapt 14 Sep 1640 Marown son of John could be him. This John's wife was Ann MOORE. John's father could be Donald GELLING who was buried 29 Mar 1649 Onchan. Donald's parents could be John GELLING & Isabel KELLIE. John was buried 1629 Marown. There should be another generation, and then back to John McGELLEN to match 1511 "John McGellen and his wife held two tenements of land at Slegaby, Onchan... the Lord's Rent being 17 shillings" and 1539 "They both held Slegaby Quarterland Rent 17 shillings".

I have lots more, but it makes for too long a note.

I don't live on the IOM so I don't know about where eggs are for sale on the main Douglas Ramsey road. Could that be where Glen Gawne is? When I went to the IOM many years ago, I didn't know about Glen Gawne so I've never been there.