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Re: Charlotte Maggie Kermode b1889

Hello Lorraine

John Kermode (22 May 1870) was one of the ten children of James Kermode and Eleanor Jane Gorrey,
and the brother of my paternal grandmother Alice Maud Mary Kermode (22 May 1870); so John was my granduncle, and Charlotte & Jane were my 1st cousins once removed, as were their half-sisters Doris & Emma. Your father and I are therefore 1st cousins twice removed (I think).

I can’t tell how deeply you want to research your ancestry (neither you nor Elaine appear to have trees on Genes reunited ‘though you are raising queries there) but I can help in the following ways:

Give you access to my tree on Genes Reunited, or
Send you mini-Gedcoms of the direct lines of John Kemode and those of his two wives, or
Send you a Gedcom of my entire family tree (there over 700 hundred individuals listed).
Please say which would be most useful to you.

Outwith your query. I am not actively researching your branch of the Kermodes but I would never turn down an offer of source docs so, yes, I would like scans /photocopies of any docs you care to send, as well as names/dobs/pobs of relatives you have mentioned.

Below, for you reference, is a copy of the note I sent to Elaine.


Alan Gorry


Hello Elaine

I had abandoned trying to sort out this one (which is my John Kermode?), but your email
has prompted me to reappraise it.

Take the following facts:

The 1901 IoM census has:

John Kermode c1863 - head
Emma c1865 - wife
Anna E c1892 - dau
Doris Irene c1899 - dau
Emma B c1900 - dau

Note the 7 year gap between Anna and Doris.

The Lawson site has Doris and Emma born to John and Emma Caine, but Anna E(lizabeth)
is shown as born to John and Susannah Cannan - their first daughter, Charlotte, was born a
couple of years earlier in 1889.

Lawson's also shows Susannah marrying John Kermode 19/1/1889, and Emma marrying
John Kermode 23/12/1897.

Further, Lawson has a burial record for Susannah Kermode, aged 36, at K.Michael 1/4/1895.

The scenario in summary is:

1889 - John and Susannah marry
1889 - Charlotte Maggie is born
1891 - Anna Elizabeth is born

1895 - Susannah dies

1897 - John marries Emma
1898 - Doris Irene is born
1899 - Emma Belle is born

Of course, if I have the wrong John Kermode then I shall not be able to enter this into my
tree, but at least the internal logic is sound.

Does this accord with your own facts?