Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Re: Charlotte Maggie Kermode b1889

Hello Loraine

I have just sent myself another copy of the set of files, and it went away and came back pronto. Thus encouraged I've sent you a third(?) lot. Let me know what happens - if it dosen't arrive I'll have to try something else.

Two points: the first is that I may have overwritten one of the files with with another; let me know if you need a replacement.

The Second concerns John Kermode; you may recall that I wasn't entirely sure that I'd plumped for the right one - well I hadn't , the IoM Registry have told me that the father of the John I quoted to them is not James. His father is actually William. so in the trees I've sent you John's paternal line is incorrect and can be deleted.

You may have your own resources for filling the gap but when I'm able to research the correction then I would be happy to send you an update should that be necessary.


You may have information to