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Re: William GARRETT 1800-1880
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Good morning Tim: Believe we have corresponded some ago re this line; I appreciate your response and thank you for taking me back a couple of generations in the CANNELL line. Think Bruce has just answered what I wanted to say. Father of William GARRETT(1800-1823) who married Jane LACE is Edmund GARRETT. The parents of William GARRETT 1800-1880 who married Jane Corlett are William GARRETT and Catharine CANNELL of Ballakaighin. There is likely a connection between Edmund GARRETT and William GARRETT although I don't have him in my database at this time. When I return from the Isle of Man (and when the LDS library re-opens) I will order the films with wills of both William and Edmund to see if they will shed any light. Good to hear from you again and happy researching. If you wish to discuss further please let me know if your e-mail address is still the same.