Manx Genealogy

Miscellaneous Manx Wills

Hello Researchers,
I have a very specific question which I am hoping someone could answer.

I have been looking through the transcripts compiled by Joyce Oates on Archdeacon Wills of 1660-1699 on the website and have come across specific Wills termed "Miscellaneous Manx Wills 1602-1633". I am looking for the Will of John Garrett 1610M#61 of Lezayre from this Miscellaneous Manx Will index. I am not sure if "Miscellaneous Manx Wills" are Episcopal or Archdeaconal Wills, or something entirely different.
The Will transcript of John Garrett hasn't been included in Joyce Oates' Archdeacon transcripts or has any of the "Miscellaneous Manx Wills".

I hope I have made this understandable for someone.

Thanks Craig