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identifying Jane Taylor nee Cannell
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Is this the right Jane Cannell b circa 1825 who married Edward Taylor 9 Jan 1855 Braddan ?

Looking at the few scraps of evidence:

Her residence prior to marriage in Jan 1855 was Athol St, Douglas.

Her father was Thomas Cannell, farmer.

Witnesses were Ann Cannell and John Clague.

Her baby Emma Jane Taylor b 1857 was buried at St Luke’s Baldwin, Braddan 8 July 1857 at a time when she and her husband were living in Liverpool. Had she possibly been visiting her parents when the baby died ? Baldwin isn’t near where Edward’s Taylor family had lived. So I looked for a Jane Cannell whose family (parents and/or siblings) lived near Baldwin.

Jane Cannell
Isle of Man Births and Baptisms, 1607-1910
1 February 1824
Thos Cannell
Isabella Clague

Thomas Cannell married Isabella Clague 16 July 1815 Braddan.
Wit: John Corkill and Thos Clague.

There was no Jane living with the family at Ballawillan (not far from Baldwin) in 1841 or 1851, and there was no suitable Jane Cannell burial between 1824 and 1841.

Ballawillin, Braddan

Ancestry’s transcription:
Name Age
Thomas Cannell 50
Isaballa Cannell 50
Thomas Cannell 22
Robert Cannell 20
Isaac Cannell 12
Ann Cannell 17
Margaret Cannell 14

TC 50 farmer
RC 20 joiner

Ballawollan, Braddan

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Thomas Cannell 62
Isabella Cannell 63
Isaac Cannell 23
Ann Cannell 28
Eleanor Cannell 46
Margaret Kelly 20
Vinces Crellin 16

TC 62 farmer of 48 acres b Braddan
IC 63 b Onchan
chn all b Braddan
EC 46 sister b Braddan
2 servants b Douglas

Ballawillin, Braddan

Name Age
Thomas Cannell 72
Isabela Cannell 73
Elenor Cannell 57
Elenor Kermode 19
Ann Cowin 2

I think that this might be Jane b 1824 in 1841:

John St, Douglas

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Walter Cottier 35
Eliz Cottier 40
Edw Cottier 9
Walter Cottier 7
Thos Cottier 70
Ed Christian 20
Jane Cain 20
Jane Cannell 15

WC 35 smith
EC 40 is Elizabeth Cottier nee Clague
JC 15 dress m(maker) --- is this Jane Cannell b 1824 Braddan, daughter of Thomas Cannell farmer and Isabella nee Clague of Ballawillan ?

Walter Cottier m Elizabeth Clague 10 Oct 1832 Braddan.
Wit: Dan Teare and Thos Clague.

Was Elizabeth Cottier nee Clague a sister of Isabella Cannell nee Clague ?

I looked at all the Jane Cannell entries of the right age group in the IOM 1851 census using Brian Lawson’s census index to make sure of finding them all, and they were all eliminated.

So I looked on the mainland and found:

1 Clarence St, LP Mount Pleasant

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Ann Turton 39
Elizah Turton 23
Thomas Henry 22
Charles Rattliff 21
Jane Cannel 26
John Clague 22
Generoso Pandolfi 40
Mary Cromie 20

JC 26 unm dressmaker b IOM
JC 22 tailor b IOM

If this is the right entry, Jane and Edward could have met in Liverpool rather than on the IOM.

Does anyone recognise this Ballawillan Cannell family ?

Jean C