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Re: identifying Jane Taylor nee Cannell

Thank you, Lisa. I’d totally forgotten that I’d looked at these Cannells of Ballawillan back in 2014. I enjoyed revisiting that thread. If only my brain was still capable of retaining details of old research to use in current research !

I’ll paste in your final message from that thread at the end of this message for anyone who may be interested.

Ruth doesn’t say whether she descends from Edward Taylor’s first marriage to Jane Cannell or his second marriage to Elizabeth nee Cordon. If her great grandfather was Edward John Taylor b 1855 (son of Edward and Jane), then she might be delighted that you have done a DNA test which would be useful in establishing whether her g g grandmother was the Jane Cannell (bap 1 Feb 1824 to Thomas Cannell and Isabella Clague) from the Ballawillan family.

Edward John Taylor’s family were based in South Wales, and Ruth has a Welsh surname, so maybe......

Edward Taylor’s other child (from his second marriage) who survived to adulthood, was Elizabeth Myrah b 1863, and her descendants are in Canada / USA.

Jean C

Your 2014 message below:


Re: CANNELLs of Ballawillin
By:Lisa Bridson
Date: 3/11/2014, 4:24 am
In Response To: Re: CANNELLs of Ballawillin (Frances)
Thank you Frances. This is helpful, but I am still no closer to putting my Cannels together. This is what I have - apologies if not brilliantly formated..

Cannells of Ballawillan (Ballawylln, Ballawillyn)

Property Deeds
the deed SSS May 1776 63 - dated 3 Jan 1771;Thos Kelly(Kk Braddan) + wife Jane als Faile sells for £108 10s to Wm Cannell a parcel of qtrland Ballawillin
(Braddan) rent 6s 2d adj Robt Cannell + Wm Kelly on north, Thos Faile on east, Robt Lewin on southeast, Nicho Faile on south and Wm Kelly on southwest - notes that land that adjoins to Robt Lewin is part of Arderry(Abbey land) of rent 0.5d; Witt Thos Faile x, Robt Kelly
(who is Robert Cannell already living at Ballawillin)

From will notes
29 jun 1784;Ballawillin, Braddan; ch ann(left legacy from uncle Wm Faile), wm ,robt; husb Wm(her half of estate lately purchased from Thos Kelly pt of Ballawillin rent 6s 2d deed dated 9? jan 1771he paying £44 between sons [?SSS May 1776 63] ) exor;pledges Robt Kelly + Wm Killey(both braddan)
(looks like the same Wm Cannell who bought the property in 1776)

Christian FAILE nee KELLY
made 27 mar 1780;ballawillan;bro wm kelly;son robt faile

Nicholas FAILE
dated 2 nov 1779;ballawillan;wife christian exex

Robert KELLY
dated 26 jul 1806;wife elizth als stevenson exex;ballawillin;dau elinor,cath,elizth(youngest);son Robt(eldest),mathias,wm;1826: daniel kaneen h/o elinor,wm callow h/o cath;John Kneen(maughold) h/o elizth;son Robt decd many yrs ago only child Wm kelly acks from (step fa) Isaac Kendal h/o elizth

From IGI
Children of William CANNELL and Alice FAYLE
William chr 17 Sep 1769 Braddan
Anne chr 8 Jul 1764 Braddan
(no sign of Robert,)


2 Cannell families are still in Ballawillan in 1851

Thomas Cannell M Head abt 1789 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Farmer of 48 Acs employing 2 labs
Isabella Cannell F (nee Clague) Wife abt 1788 Onchan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Ann Cannell F Daughter abt 1823 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Isaac Cannell M Son abt 1828 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Eleanor Cannell F Sister abt 1805 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Thomas Cannell M Head abt 1813 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Farmer of ?21? Acs employing 2 labs
Margaret Cannell F (nee Clague) Wife abt 1819 Onchan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Elizabeth Cannell F Daughter abt 1846 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Thomas Cannell M Son abt 1847 Braddan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

The first family was also there in 1841
Thomas CANNELL (Farmer) abt 1791
Isabella CANNELL (nee Clague) abt 1791
Thomas CANNELL 22 yrs abt 1819
Robert CANNELL (joiner) 20 yrs abt 1821
Isaac CANNELL 12 yrs abt 1829
Ann CANNELL 17 yrs abt 1824
Margaret CANNELL 14 yrs abt 1827

Also at Ballawillan in 1841 Census
1. William (weaver) and Catherine CALLOW

2. John KELLY (farmer) with ?children and grandchildren

3. Thomas CAIN (Tailor) and Isabella CAIN with ?children and ?brother William (Shoemaker)

4. William CANNELL (farmer) 65yrs (abt 1776)
a. Elizabeth CANNELL 35 yrs
b. Jane CANNELL 30 yrs
c. Thomas CANNELL (ag lab) 25 yrs
d. Robert CANNELL (weaver) 23 yrs
e. Philip GALE
(Who is this William? He is the wrong age to be the husband or son of Alice FAYLE)

5. Daniel and Catherine CREER

6. Thomas CANNELL (Ind) 85 yrs
a. Isabella CANNELL 80 yrs
b. Eleanor CANNELL 35 yrs

7. Robert KARRAN and Daniel CAIN

So is the head of the second family in 1851 the son of William (1776) or Thomas (1791) and Isabella (1791)?

I think there are two generations of Thomas CANNELL m Isabel(la) CLAGUE who lived at Ballawillan.

From IGI
Marriage of Thomas Cannell and Isabella Clague 16 Jul 1815 Braddan
Marriage of Thomas Cannell and Isabel Clague 29 Nov 1785 Braddan

Children of Thomas CANNELL and Isabel CLAGUE
Catherine chr 9 Apr 1786
Isabl chr 19 Aug 1787
Thoms chr 8 Feb 1789
Edwd chr 21 Nov 1790
Jane chr 10 Dec 1792
Elizabeth chr 27 Jul 1794
Hugh chr 20 Mar 1796
Elinor chr 17 Oct 1802

Children of Thomas CANNELL and Isabella CLAGUE
Betsy chr 19 May 1816
Thos chr 20 Sep 1818
Ann chr 5 Apr 1822
Jane chr 1 Feb 1824
Isabella Margaret chr 4 Dec 1825
Isaac chr 25 Nov 1827

Not sure which parents
John Joseph chr 13 Nov 1831 death 10 Jan 1778 (misprint)

Thomas Cannell,1757--1843 of "Ballawillyn" buried at St Lukes at Baldwin (This looks like the Thomas still at Ballawillan in 1841 living with wife Isabella).

Can anyone add anything to what I have? Does anyone have access to the Braddan MI's? Maybe some of the headstones may shed some light, or at least give me some death dates to know which films to get out to find a will. None of the wills online seem to be this family. I am assuming that if someone has property, then there would either be a will or an intestate document?

End of Lisa's 2014 message