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Hi Donna,

Margaret Skillicorn was the daughter of John Skillicorn and Ann Faragher.

She had an illigitimate son John by John Skillicorn, and later married William Maddrell.

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John Skillicorn (John Skillicorn - Katherine Skillicorn, John Skillicorn - _____, Gilbert Skillicorn - Elizabeth Ceiggeen), “son of John of Ballaragh”, was baptized at Lonan, November 25, 1744, and was buried there, April 4, 1817.

John married, about 1770, Ann Fargher. She was probably the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Quark) Fargher, baptized at Lonan, August 11, 1745. She was buried at Lonan, July 12, 1812.

Ann Skillicorn’s will was dated September 28, 1812; her estate administration dated October 20, 1812. She is identified as Ann Skillicorn, alias Fargher, wife of John Skillicorn. Ann leaves bequests of 1 guinea to eldest son Edward; son Phillip; daughter Mary, John Kelley’s wife; daughter Ann, William Kelley’s wife; daughter Margaret. Husband John Skillicorn is to administer the estate.

In his 1817 will, dated April 10, 1817, John Skillicorn leaves bequests to his eldest son Edward, 37 shillings “which legacy I sometime ago sent him”, Philip “10 guineas which he already hath”, Mary Kelly als Skillicorn “1 guinea which some time ago I gave her”, Ann Kelly als Skillicorn 1 guinea, Margaret Maddrall als Skillicorn “one guinea”. The executor was Margaret Maddrell.

Children of Ann Fargher and John Skillicorn: baptized at Lonan

+ i. Edward Skillicorn was baptized March 17, 1771, and died at Lonan, December 12, 1832. He married, at Lonan, December 17, 1795, Esther Corkill.

+ ii. Mary Skillicorn was baptized October 22, 1775. She married John Kelly.

+ iii. Ann Skillicorn was baptized April 6, 1777, and died at Lonan, March 5, 1843, age 66. She married, at Lonan, June 29, 1811, William Kelly.

iv. John Skillicorn, “son of John of Ballaraugh,” was baptized August 26, 1781, and probably died before 1786, when another son John was baptized.

+ v. Philip Skillicorn was baptized December 14, 1783. He is probably the Philip Skillicorn who married, at Braddan, January 25, 1814, Ann Quayle.

vi. John Skillicorn, “son of John of Ballaraugh” was baptized August 6, 1786. He perhaps died before 1812, as he is not mentioned in his mother’s will.

+ vii. Margaret Skillicorn was baptized May 10, 1789, and died at Lonan, September 6, 1859, age 70. She had an illegitimate son, John Skillicorn, by John Skillicorn, the son of Henry and Margaret (Quayle) Skillicorn. She married, at Lonan, December 12, 1812, William Maddrell.

+ viii. Jane Skillicorn perhaps fits in this family. HOWEVER SHE IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE WILL OF EITHER JOHN OR ANN (The only other Jane Skillicorn shown in baptism records at this time is the daughter of Henry; Henry’s will proves his daughter Jane married John Fargher.) Jane, daughter of John, was baptized August 29, 1790, and died at Lonan, September 8, 1860, age 70 years. Jane Skillicorn married, at Lonan, November 10, 1818, Phillip Quilleash of Ballaragh.

Next Generation

Margaret Skillicorn (John Skillicorn - Ann Fargher, John Skillicorn - Katherine Skillicorn, John Skillicorn - _____, Gilbert Skillicorn - Elizabeth Ceiggeen) was baptized at Lonan, May 10, 1789, died at Lonan, September 6, 1859, age 70, and was buried, “Margaret Maddrell, Ballamore”, September 8, 1859.

Margaret had an illegitimate son, John Skillicorn, by John Skillicorn, the son of Henry and Margaret (Quayle) Skillicorn.

Margaret Skillicorn married, at Lonan, December 12, 1812, William Maddrell, son of . He was born about 1787, died at Lonan, September 29, 1851, age 64, and was buried October 1, 1851, “William Maddrell of Ballamooar”.

William and Margaret Maddrell lived at Ballamoar; he was a weaver.

Child of Margaret Skillicorn and John Skillicorn:

+ i. John Skillicorn (illegitimate) was baptized at Lonan, March 4, 1810. He married, at Lonan, February 11, 1843, Ann Lawson.

Children of Margaret Skillicorn and William Maddrell: baptized at Lonan

ii. William Maddrell was baptized October 10, 1813, and was buried at Lonan, July 25, 1839, age 26. He married, at Lonan, May 3, 1834, Jane Henry.

iii. Ann Maddrell was baptized November 20, 1814. She married, at Maugholld, December 16, 1837, William Moore. Children: William Thomas; Margaret; Mary Ann; Ann; Thomas

iv. Thomas Maddrell was baptized October 4, 1818, and died before 1830, when another child of the same name was born. He is probably the “child of Wm Maddrell” buried at Lonan, August 19, 1819.”

v. James Maddrell was baptized January 14, 1821.

vi. Margaret Maddrell was baptized July 27, 1823. She married, at Lonan, September 11, 1841, Paul Quirk, age 21 of Lonan, son of Thomas, a shoemaker.

vii. Eleanor Maddrell was baptized December 24, 1826, and died at Lonan, June 30, 1857, age 30. She married, at Lonan, July 8, 1854, Thomas Kneale of Ballastowell, Maughold, son of William Kneale, weaver.

viii. Thomas Maddrell was baptized May 2, 1830, and died November 24, 1903, buried November 27, 1902, age 72. He married, at Maughold, January 5, 1858, Ann _____. They lived at Ballaraugh cottage.

ix. Maria Maddrell was baptized December 25, 1831. She married, at Lonan, October 10, 1857, John Wade, miner, of Ballarragh, son of John Wade, weaver. He died March 18, 1887, age 59, and is buried at Lonan. John and Maria Wade lived at Minorca.

x. Robert Maddrell was baptized October 12, 1833, and died July 3, 1899, aged 65. He married, at Lonan, January 21, 1860, Eleanor Quilleash, of Ballaragh, daughter of Philip Quilleash. She died at Lonan, October 30, 1895, age 61. They lived at Ballaquark.