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The parents of these children were:
1. William James Skillicorn 1843: John Skillicorn and Margaret Kermode

2. Eleanor Skillicorn 1854: John Skillicorn and Ann Garrett

John Skillicorn (James Skillicorn - Ann Callow, Philip Skillicorn - Judith Killey, Philip Skillicorn - Mary Garrett ?) was baptized at Lonan, October 3, 1819. John Skillicorn of Ballagare, age 73, was buried at Lonan, June 19, 1893.

John Skillicorn, 23, miner, son of James Skillicorn, farmer, married first, at Lonan, May 20, 1843, Margaret Kermode, age 20, daughter of William Kermode, farmer. Margaret Kermode, daughter of William and Jane (Fargher) Kermode, was baptized at Lonan, January 19, 1823. She is probably the Margaret, wife of JAMES, Colby, who was buried at Lonan, November 19, 1849. This would have been shortly after the birth of her daughter Margaret Jane. Her age in the burial transcript should be 36, but is given as 30, which is perhaps also a copying error.

John Skillicorn, a miner, and a widower, son of James Skillicorn, miner, married second, at Lonan, December 14, 1851, Ann Garrett Kelly, daughter of Matthew Garrett, laborer. She was the widow of Patrick Kelly, whom she had married at Lonan, September 17, 1848. Ann Garratt, daughter of Matthew and Mary (Killip) Garrett, was baptized at Lonan, September 1, 1822. Ann Skillicorn, Laxey Glen, 37, was buried at Lonan, March 1, 1860.

John Skillicorn was a lead miner. He lived at Ballagare with his parents after the death of his first wife.

He later lived at Ballacosney. Two of John’s daughters, Sarah and Margaret Jane, were apparently raised by relatives.

Children of Margaret Kermode and John Skillicorn: baptized at Lonan

+ i. William James Skillicorn was baptized November 10, 1843. He married, at Maughold, June 18, 1865, Emily Pascoe.

ii. Sarah Ann Skillicorn was baptized February 1, 1846. She apparently lived with her maternal grandparents. Sarah Ann Skillicorn, of Adelaide Terrace, daughter of John Skillicorn, miner, married, at Braddan, January 29, 1870, Richard Hannah, a mariner. He was the son of William Hannah, mariner.

+ iii. Agnes Skillicorn was baptized October 3, 1847. She married, at Lonan, November 17, 1866, Edward Christian, son of Edward Christian.

+ iv. Margaret Jane, “daughter of John and Margaret, Ballagare”, was baptized November 13, 1849. She apparently lived during her childhood with her uncle, Charles Skillicorn, but was at Ballagare in 1869 when her daughter Sarah Annie was baptised, and was with her father in the 1871 census.

Children of Ann Garrett and John Skillicorn: baptized at Lonan

v. Joseph Skillicorn was baptized May 23, 1852. He is probably the Joseph Skillicorn, a servant with Eleanor Kermode at Ballagare, in 1871.

vi. Jemima Skillicorn was baptized August 21, 1853.

vii. Eleanor Skillicorn was baptized December 3, 1854.

viii. Catherine Jane Skillicorn was baptized March 21, 1856.

ix. Elizabeth Maria Skillicorn was baptized September 13, 1857.

x. Edward Charles Skillicorn was baptized November 14, 1858.

Children of Ann Garrett and Patrick Kelly: baptized at Lonan

i. John Kelly was baptized February 4, 1849.

ii. Margaret Ann Kelly