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This family is related to the John Skillicorn/Margaret Kermode and Ann Garrett family:

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James Skillicorn (Philip Skillicorn - Judith Killey, Philip Skillicorn - Mary Garrett ?) was baptized at Laxey, December 1780. James Skillicorn of Ballagare, age 79, was buried at Lonan, July 13, 1859. He married, first, at Lonan, July 18, 1815, Margaret Killup. She was the daughter of William and Jane (Kewley) Killip, baptized at Lonan, March 23, 1794. Margaret died at Lonan, July 27, 1817, age 23.

Margaret Skillicorn, alias Killip, died intestate. Her estate administration November 30, 1820, names daughter Jane, husband James, guardians John and Thomas Skillicorn. Margaret’s daughter Jane is appointed administrix, and being “of too tender age to undertake the burden” her father James Skillicorn is sworn in trust to exhibit an inventory, pay debts, and as guardian of his child. Her maternal uncle, William Killip, is likewise sworn her guardian.

At a Consistorial Court holden in Ramsey 30 Nov 1820

Margaret Skillicorn alias Killip of the parish of Lonan having departed this life about three years ago intestate leaving issue one only child named Jame under age, this Court having received intelligence thereof hath decreed her the said Jane sole adminorx of all and Singular her effects moveable & immoveable whatever, and she being of too tender age to undertake the burden of the admin~ her father James Skillicorn is sworn in trust to exhibit a perfect Inventory & pay debts & as guardian & supervisor of his child under age & to these ends he hath given pledges in form of Law namely John Skillicorn and Thomas Skillicorn both of Lonan. — William Killip maternal uncle to the minor admor is likewise sworn her guardian & Supervisor

Decretum est

Margaret’s identity is confirmed by the joint will of her parents, William and Jane (Kewley) Killip, dated October 22, 1831, and probated June 10, 1836. They left bequests to son John; to daughters Jane, wife of Thomas Moore; Eleanor, wife of James Kewley; Ann wife of John Skillicorn, and to grandaughter Jane Skillicorn, daughter of James Skillicorn, “at the discretion of the executor”.

James Skillicorn married second, at Lonan, October 10, 1818, Ann Callow, daughter of John and Isabella (Kerruish) Callow. She was baptized at Lonan, February 23, 1783. Ann Skillicorn, of Ballagare, age 72, was buried at Lonan, January 18, 1855.

James Skillicorn was a hand loom weaver. He lived at Ballagare.

Child of Margaret Killup and James Skillicorn: baptized at Lonan

+ i. Jane Skillicorn, “daughter of James Skillicorn and Margaret Killip,” was baptized March 3, 1816, and died at Lonan, August 28, 1885, age 69. Jane 23, daughter of James Skillicorn, farmer, married, at Lonan, July 11, 1840, Robert Quine. He was born about 1815, and died at Lonan, January 23, 1892, age 77.

Children of Ann Callow and James Skillicorn: baptized at Lonan

+ ii. John Skillicorn was baptized October 3, 1819. John, son of James, farmer, married first, at Lonan, May 20, 1843, Margaret Kermode. John, widower, son of James, miner, married second, at Lonan, December 14, 1851, Ann Garrett.

iii. William Skillicorn was baptized November 4, 1821, and died at Lonan, August 17, 1824, age 3 years.

+ iv. Eleanor Skillicorn was baptized July 25, 1824. Eleanor Skillicorn, daughter of James, proprietor of land, married, at Lonan, October 28, 1860, John Kermode.

+ v. James Skillicorn was baptized December 24, 1826, and was buried at Lonan, February 11, 1883, age 55. He married, at Lonan, November 11, 1865, Catherine Skillicorn, daughter of Charles and Ann (Callister) Skillicorn.