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Dear Mr. Catling,
I believe that your wife is related to my mother's father's family line. I have quite a large database of the Burrows family tree (from 1787 to the present) which you are seeking. Here's a short extract of some of your wife's Greatgrandfather's information:

Captain William Burrows 2nd (born 6 Jul 1830 England, died 25 Jun 18840 of heart failure in Singapore).
Born at Moresby Hall, Carlisle, Cumberland County, England.
Father - William Burrows 1st, English, Agricultural labourer turned Isle-of Man farmer (born 1796, died 17 Feb 1874).
Mother - Ann Postlethwaite, English (born 1806, died 27 Mar 1873).
Eldest son, Brother - John, Sisters - Mary & Ann.
Baptised 15 Aug 1830, Parish - Moresby Hall, Carlisle, Cumberland County, England.
The Burrows left England shortly after the birth of William Burrows 2nd and farmed 300 acres of land ("The Creggans") in Malew district, Isles of Man.
Studied at King Williams College (1841- Summer of 1846).
Left for Far East after passing Mates Examination (London) in 1851.
Served on the following vessels (amongst many others): "Bridget", "Hermes", "Emma Colvin", "Royalist", "Ascendant", "Shanghai".
Travelled extensively around South-East Asia - China, Indonesia, Sarawak, and finally married and raised a family in Singapore.
Became Singapore's 1st qualified Marine Pilot.
Died in Singapore. Obituary printed in Singapore Straits Times, Thursday 26th June 1884.

Should your wife and you wish to learn more of the Burrows, feel free to e-mail me. Perhaps you can also share in the Burrows family history from information you already have.

I look forward to your response.

Best Wishes,