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I know very little about my family history; however I believe the three brothers from Cumberland decided to split there farm between them.
Two of the brothers started farms in the north of the Island, one at Kirk Michael and one near Andreas.
One of the descendants of the Kirk Michael brother was a school teacher and I believe she was still teaching in the 1950s.

During the late 1960s and early 70s my sister and her husband and family were living in Brunei, north Borneo island.
They came across a main street named Burrows Street; this prompted a research into the history of the name which culminated in an article in the IOM Examiner.

If memory serves, Captain William married a young girl from a local offshore island tribe, she was reputed to be the daughter of the chief and he subsequently inherited the island along with his wife.

The island now has a series of pylons carrying electricity to other larger islands.

Captain William died in the area in his late 50s I forget the circumstances, but Iím sure a little research with the help of the newspaper will clarify some of the missing details.

My branch of the family moved to Kirk Conchan, now known as Onchan which you may know is just north of Douglas.

My Grandfather who was also from the Tyson Burrows side, spent most of his life in the British Army.

I hope this helps in your search.
William Burrows.