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I will again bring it to the attention of the owners of the site - remember however that it was the previous owner but one (with a personal interest in genealogy ) who set it up - I know both subsequent owners have raised the question of obvious duplication with the society but as of yet have not reached any satisfactory conclusion - the costs of the site are small (and are, afaik, not borne by the society) but any amalgamation will involve some effort (and during TT week no effort is available as the owning company are heavily into videos etc of TT events).

I believe that it is only the editor (Ann K.) who advertises an email address - I don't know if she attends committee meetings - certainly during the 15 months I was editor I was never formally invited to one but as I resided for most of time off-Island would have missed informal invites.

I suspect a letter from you to the secretary with the signatures of other members should be enough to raise the question in the next AGM.