Family History Society

"21st century"

I know this has cropped up many times before, but why do we have two sites i.e. Family History site message board and Manx Genealogy message board.

Repetitive questions are asked and answered, 100% by all here and I must say the talent out there is 100%. I know by all interested, but still it must be confusing by all.

What annoys me is how does one contact the Manx Family History Society if one has a problem with email address's or passwords. I know I have lost mine many time times and have to search for email address's.

True in the journal there is an internet site mentioned on inside cover page one but there is no contact in the Journal, am I missing some thing here or is it me, or are we still in the 20th century.

It is like they do not want to come into the 21st century.


Brian Kneen @ www.kneen.com