Windsor Park

detail plan of Douglas c.1869


Developed from mid 1840's by John Crellin - Windsor Road was originally known as Crellin's Road - his name is still commemorated in the steep hill that climbs the brow - Crellin's Hill. The Land was bought by George Stueart from the Joyner estate. On his death in 1806 the land passed to his son Robert (Receiver General) - on the part below the brow he built Villa Marina - after his early death his wife Maria, a shrewd, busnesswoman sold parts of the estate for new houses in the rapidly developing Douglas, in the North to form Derby Square and the south Windsor Park developed by John Crellin. Windsor Terrace was designed by John Robinson and is thought to be his best work.

Osborne Terrace
Osborne Terrace

Osborne Terrace was buit 1851 to the designs of George Raby.

Marina Lawn was later developed to provide land for the Sefton Hotel to the north of which is the Gaiety Theatre.

On the land to the south of Crellin's Hill would be built Noble's Hospital - later to become the Manx Museum.


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