Groudle Glen


Established in 1893 by Richard Maltby Broadbent who saw the opportunity offered by the construction of the Douglas-Laxey Electric Railway - he was a director of the Palace Company. Groudle river formed the boundary between Howstrake farm and Bibaloe beg which was owned by his family. He came to an agreement with the Howstrake estate to acquire the other side of the river valley so that he could develop it as a pleasure ground. It was opened in 1893 though further developed over the next few years with the minature railway opening in 1896.

Feeding the Sea Lions and Polar Bears, Groudle Glen
Feeding the Sea Lions and Polar Bears, Groudle Glen

Its main attraction was the Polar Bears and Sea Lions kept at the seaward end of the valley (in conditions that would not be acceptable today).


Groudle - sea lions

Sea Lions were imported from California (though 6 out of the 12 died on the voyage)
- the spectators viewed then perched on a iron trestle bridge (now removed)

Behind the Sealions were the cages and yard for the bears.


groudle glen hotel

The necessary Hotel at the entrance was built to a design of Baillie Scott

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