Example Photograph Backs


Ramsey Photographers


Arthur Hadley specialised in tourist parties.

This card, which unlike all my other Hadley cards is not numbered, would appear to date turn of century and shows a plate camera and box for the glass negatives.

The second Hadley card, shown below possibly dates from 1906.

Hadley II

Alfred Moore

Alfred Moore, 23 Waterloo Road, Ramsey

Dated on back to 1896


Photographers at Douglas Head

Fred Johnson, Douglas Head

dated on back to August 1899

Fred Johnson


F. Woodcock, Artist
Douglas Head


Finch Road

Carte de Visite

Samuel Rothwell

(possibly late 1860s



Carte de visite

Keig, Photographers

(printed in red on a light orange back - the small print reads 'Marian, Imp, Paris')

[not dated but probably early 1880s]

Marshall Wane's increasing collection of medals etc are proudly displayed on the back of his cards.

Address: 4 Finch Road

Rh - latest is 1871
Bottom L - two from 1871 are added
Bottom R - latest is 1874

wane I

Wane II

Wane III


Carte de visite


(on face 'Abel Lewis Studio)

[undated but probably early 1890s]

Carte de visite

Geo A Dean

Carte de visite

Geo A Dean

(probably towards end of period)

W Cottier Cubbin

26 Finch Road

Branch Offices Palace and Derby Castle - Electric Light Studios (the large dance halls)

[not dated but probably c.1905]

Cottier Cubbon

Champion Bradshaw

J Champion Bradshaw

40 Finch Road

[other similar cards dated 1897/8]



[not dated but probably early 1900s]

Alex Robinson

[Prob late 1870s or early 1880s]
image courtesy M. Kelly

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