William Robinson, 1814-1902

William Robinson
William Robinson

Son of John Robinson (1765-1839) and Jane Cannell (1772-1854). Brothers John and Henry were architects/builders in Douglas (responsible for, among others, the Oddfellows Hall (Court House), Atholl Street).

Married Helen Cashen (daugher of leading Rechabite Philip Cashen, of Peel) 4 November 1845 and upon her death, her sister Francis (sic) (Fanny).

Apprenticed to George Jefferson (of Manks Advertiser) rising to become printing shop manager, and remained with the company when sold in 1842 to W.Dillon and S.S. Rogers and then in January 1844 to John Livesey.

Described by Cubbon as a very methodical man, who kept a detailed diary upon which Cubbon appears to have drawn.

Cubbon states that both he and his family were associated with the Athol Street Independent Chapel.

He and F.R.Lees bought the business from John Livesey on 17 July 1844; the business then became very successful, publishing many titles connected with temperance such as The Temperance Advocate

Was himself a writer on Temperance issues, contributing articles to the Manx Sun amongst others.

The ending of the free Manx Postal regulations in 1849 effectively meant that Douglas was no longer attractive as a centre of publishing aimed at the UK market - thus Robinson moved himself and press to Bolton in April 1849. In 1854 he bought the Bolton Advertiser which survived in the family until 1934.


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