William John Rennison, 1840-1900

Local Architect, active 1880's: address 4,5 & 6 Villiers Chambers, Douglas; originally practised in Stockport and may have first encountered the Island when asked by Charles Udall to design the Railway Hotel c.1874. He then went on, in 1876, to design some of the elevation of the Villiers Hotel.

In 1881 census entered as William John Rennisen, Architect Surveyor & Valuer, age 41 born England, living with wife Katurah (age 40, born England) and son Robert Albert (age 20, brewer) at 98 Bucks Road, Douglas.

He saw the potential for work in the expanding tourist industry in Douglas and settled in Douglas - buried Borough Cemetery 19 August 1900.

His name is on plans or is associated with:

In his advert claimed work at

He is also credited with the Sefton Hotel of 1892-5.


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