Seats in St Peter's Peel, 1734

Transcript taken from Parish Register

Lib Causarum 1733
The curate and Wardens of Kk German are now a third time required to make report at the next consistory, whether or no there be a necessity for a regulation of the seats of the Church in Peel Town, which some of the Parishioners have desired - June 27th 1733
Persuant to the within Injunction We the curate & Wardens of Kk German do certify that a Regulation is very much awanting in the seats in Peel Chuch - witness our hands this 25th of July 1733

James Gell
Thomas Christian Curate
James Cowle
James Taubman his mark
Thos Cottier his mark
Phinlo Clucas his mark
Jon Shimin his mark

Oct 25th 1733 The Wardens of Kk German are forthwith to see that the seats of the Church be put into sufficient repair, out of the common Cess, upon which necesary order shall begiven for a regulation & allotting the same to the Inhabitants, wch as is certified, is very much awanting, especially since the people of Kk Patrick are removed to their own Parish Church and tis ordered that all persons in arrears with the wardens on account of the chuch do forthwith pay their respective proporcons of the same, sub paena Confinemt in St Germans until they submit & pay all fees.

Lib Causatu 1734
Bishops Court 25 June 1734
The curate of Kk German having certified that the seats of St Peter's Church are now put into decent and regular repair - and the wardens having sometime ago represented the necessity of a thorough regulation - ordered that the - wardens of the town & parish with the assistance of four men to be sworn for that purpose, vizt Mr Wm Tear, John Lace, John Gill Kenna & John Cottier Knock Sharree, with the advice of the curate do proceed to a regulation of the seats of the Church, regard being has as near as possible to the places belonging to the several parishioners of antient right - and whereas Mr George Moore of Peeltown has proposed to give five pounds towards the casting of a bell for the use of that Church, provided he may have allotted to him the upper (?) seat on the south side of the Altar The court looks upon this proposal to be very much for the advantage of the Parishioners and recommends the same to be considered of by the wardens & their assistants in the regulation An account of wch regulation is to be return'd to the spiritual court at the next Consistory at St John's Chappel, & to be entered into the church Regry
Thomas Sodor & Mann
John Woods
John Cosnahan

A regulation of the seats of St Peter's church of Peeltown pursuant to an order of the spiritual court dated june 25th 1734

In the chancel


1 Liargydoo Capt Wm Stevenson
2 Liargydoo John Cain
3 Henry Wattleworth & Peter Quirk
4 Ballabooie
5 Ballanair
6 Ballny howin


1 Mr George Moore on acct of his concerns and his generosity contributing the sum of £6 1 8 Irish currency towards the new bell, besides incident charges of carriage and other benefactions
2 Casar Wattleworth & Mr Wm Tear
3 the vicar's family
4 the late Wm Harrison's concerns with Richd Quirk & Wm Cottiman
5 Capt James Cowel for his concerns

South Isle

1 Mr James Gell for his concerns
2 Ballagarragh Mylechreest & Crane (vid no 9 North Isle)
3 Ballakillworrey (vid no 11 North Isle)
4 Kynaa John Gell
5 Kerroo coard
6 Mathew Shimin, Gilbt Cowen, Jon Dawson & John Crellin Shoemaker
7 Thos Crellin, Jon Crane, Thos Curry & Willm Kelly
8 Airy Beg - Killey & Quirk
9 Drinagh & Croitt Cotteir
10 Kerroo ny glogh Ballagh & Cronkdoo (vid no 3 northside of church)
11 Ballachruink
12 Jon Cottier Knocksharry wth Jo Cannel
13 Ballnyharrow Mylchreest & cain
14 John Radcliffe & Wm Hopes

North Isle

1 Knocksharry John Woods
2 Corvalley & Ballakaighin (vid no 12 Northside of the church)
3 Brackabroon Patr: Crellin & Hen: Wattleworth wth ptners - Ballawillin Wm & Thos Clark
4 Airy Moar
5 Wm Dawson slater, Wm Dawson Reast, Wm Dawson pedlr & James Dawson
6 Cronkbreck
7 Ballluigg - Crellin & ptners with Bairy Eires about numbering 8
8 Ballluigg Crane and the Keaw
9 Ballgarraghan Mylechreest & crane (vid no 2 South Isle)
10 Patr: Lace John Kewish's concerns with John Lace tannr
11 Ballakillworrey & Wm Quirk with Thos Kenniagh (vid no 3 South Isle)
12 Ballalough - Oates Clucas
13 Hugh Crane with Oates Clucas
14 John Clucas smith & Hen Lace

The body of the church - one quarter & half of Land to each seat by computation

1 Ballaleece and gunner Gell's concerns in the town
2 Thos Corrin, John Corris, Syl Ellison and Hen Calvin
3 Kerroo ny glogh Bollaugh & cronk doo (vid no 10 south side)
4 Ballny howin Killey, with Sam Mcylxt [Mcylchreest] for half the Kerroo garroo
5 Lammal moar Quirk and Maase moar Wm Cain
6 Wm Fairbrother, sil fairbrother, wm white & christopher quay with Patr: Clark
7 Air Lane one Qr & Patr: Crellin with partnrs for half Kerroglass
8 Wm Kenniagh for half Kerroogarroo, Ballacurry & Rhenney moar
9 Kynaa Wm Quine one Qr and Jo Crellin for half Ballaotes
10 Airy himin, Reinass & the Liargagh
11 Lammal beg & the moaney moar
12 Corvalley & Ballakaighin with airy glass - vid no 2 north side)
13 Capt wm stevenson & ptners for the rest of Liargydoo & maase moar
14 Willm Shimin & partners for the other half of Kerrooglass - Wm Crane ny Creggey Rhenney beg - Patr: Crellin & Patrick Cain for another half Qr of maase moar, together with Wm Crellin for the long croft
15 BallaVackys one Qr and John Quilliam with John Quine for the other half of Ballaoates

Backwards up the southside

16 Dollin Corris, Dal Claig, Thos Cooil Casar Irwin & Wm Oates
17 Jon Cain (tinker) Jon Shimin (shoemaker) Chas Cowel, Hen Mcylworrey beg his concerns, and Wm Pedan's concerns
18 John Kaighin, Thos Irwin, John Hutchin the late Robt Lace's concerns wth Thos Knakle & Robt Christian
19 John Clark (Cooper) John Quirk, Margt Kerron - the late Jon Hartley's concerns & the late Danl Corrin's concerns
20 Willm Cubon Arthur Colvin of the green Gilbt Gell & Casar Wattleworth wth James Radcliffe
21 Willm Clark - Phil Fargher - Willm Cain (maor) - Jon Knackle - & Hen Killey
22 Thos Cubon, Edmund Cubon, Robt Quay Willm Quayle Soldr, Wm Shimin and Jane Evans
23 John Comish, Sil Cooil Jon Gell for the Closemoar John Crellin and Thos Stephan
24 Richd Harrison, Wm Mcylechreest Wm Moore (cooper) John Garret & Patr: Crellin Shoemaker
25 Wm Mcylworrey (Landy ?) the late Ednd Boid's concerns Thos Quay (tailr) Thos Cannon & Hugh Cannon
26 John Calister's concerns - John Callin, Arthur Colvin of the Corner & Phil Gell
27 Hen: Mcylworrey - Hunters concern's - Wm Quay - Thos Shimin weaver & Thos Mcylxt
28 Ballagyr - with Phil Crane & Thomas Goldsmith
29 Phil Cross Ballaellison - Richd Radcliffe John Sant & Thos Crellin
30 David Young - Epinetus Cross Mr Jon Watleworth wth John Addi & the late Henry Radcliffe's concserns
31 Willm Cooper senr, Wm Cooper junr and Charles Cooper's concerns

The foregoing regulation of the seats of St Peter's church of Peeltown, according to the holdings of the Parish, and the present family's in and about the town is concluded upon, as near as we can fix the same, and offered to the Revd Court this 7th of Novr 1735
John Woods vicr,
James Gell,
James Cowll
James Taubman,
Thos Cottier my mark I
Patr Crellin my mark + Churchwardens
Wm Tear, John Leece, John Cottier John Gell Assistants

Mem: there is vacant space by the west gable on the southside of the church for a vestry - and the like space space on the opposite side, designed for the constable & garrison, they erecting seats theein, and paying a proportionate part of the assmt.

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