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St Peter - Peel

St Peter's Peel (c.1920) demolished 1958

Built as Chapel of Ease to the then Cathedral of St German on St Patrick's Isle, probably around 1550 (though some date it earlier - note that the 1428 Garrison roll records a chapel in Holmtown (Peel)). When the old Cathedral fell in disrepair it became the joint parish church for Kirk Patrick and German. Originally just a chancel and nave, a south transept was added by Bishop Wilson's time and a north nave at some later date as Feltham, 1797, describes it as 'in the form of a cross'. A West gallery was added 1764 and extended 1826.

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The sketch from the appeal published by Bishop Ward in 1830's shows however only a south transept.

The report on the 1757 Visitation [MM MS 00797 C] paints a depressing picture:

At BishopsCourt Jun 1st 1758
Having found upon a parochial visitation of St Peter's church of Peeltown on the 6th day of July last - that many of the seats are broken & shamefully out of repair, that the west door wants mending - that the alley [aisle] in the church & chancel is very rugged & uneven, as also that human bones & pieces of coffins lie scattered in different parts of the chuch - that the font wants to be made firm and secured upon a proper pillar to be made for that purpose; that there is no hearse cloth for the decent internmt of the dead, nor an offertory bason, to put in alms - as also that the roof of the chancel wants to be repaired, that the window of the chancel is broken & that the whole church wants to be whitewashed.

It was only 20 years since the seating was supposedly placed in good order

1830's sketch

St Peter's Peel

In 1872 the clock was presented to Peel by the Hon J.K.Ward of Montreal and as there was no place to put it, the tower was built to house it.

Ceased to be parish church when, what is now the Cathedral was opened in 1893, and after being empty for 10 years was converted into a mission church. However in 1958 it was reduced to its current state after a fire rendered it unsafe.

A fire in 1667 destroyed all earlier records - see entries from Vestry Book.

J.J.Joughin St Peter's Church, PeelProc IoM Nat History & Soc vol 2 #4 pp425/438  

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