Manx Methodist Historical Society - Newsletter 16

Did Satan send William Clowes to the Isle of Man ?

I spent a day with Mr Harrison in Whitehaven, in a very profitable manner, visiting several families; and had with him a deal of conversation on the things of God. I thought it was unfortunate that I had not received his letter immediately after its arrival; as I should most likely have missioned Scotland. being at the time in Shields in the north where the work was going on prosperously. I believe Satan laboured unusually hard to get me out of the north; and I am persuaded that I left it too early. Accompanied with Mr Suddard, I went by steamer from Whitehaven to the Isle of Man; and here we took lodgings hear the abode of our superintendent preacher, Mr A. (William Allcock). Our object in visiting the island was not one of pleasure or pastime, but to hold missionary meetings and to save souls. Accordingly we held public meetings at Douglas, Castle Town, Ramsey, Peel and Laxey. At all these places the cloud of the Divine presence rested upon us.

I was greatly interested in my visit to the beautiful isle: the scenery was truly fine, and many of the views picturesque; but the spiritual work which God had accomplished, through the ministry of Brother Butcher and others, was fine and interesting to my soul; hundreds of souls had been converted, and several new chapels had been built.. The day after that on which brother S departed for Whitehaven, I took the steamer for Liverpool. We had a boisterous passage, and I became very ill through seasickness; however, we arrived safely at Liverpool, whence I travelled to Tunstall. My wife seemed, on my arrival, to be a little better than when I left her; and for this I felt thankful, though I had but feeble hopes at her recovery. The Lord's ways are equal, just, and right; and by and by every dispensation of his providence will be accounted for, and all that is apparently inexplicable will be fully and satisfactorily interpreted.

Primitive Methodist Preacher'
pp286-7 (covering 1828)


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