[Taken from Manx Wesleyan Church Record 1893]


John Stevenson Moore

Mr. John Stevenson Moore was born in the City of Peel, on the 4th day of May, 1804. He has, therefore. lived during the reigns of four ruling British Sovereigns -George III., George IV., William IV., and Queen Victoria. He preached his first sermon in Dalby Wesleyan Church in 1821. when seventeen years of age. In that year he also preached in Thomas-street Wesleyan Church. Douglas, After having passed his 88th year, he is still able to fulfil his preaching appointments on the Peel Circuit plan and is the oldest local preacher in active work on the Island-probably in the United Kingdom.

For many years he preached in both Manx and English, and there is scarcely a church or meeting-house in the Island, with the exception of those recently- built, in which he has not delivered the Master's message.

Mr. Moore received his first plan from the Rev. George Barker, Superintendent of the Ramsey and Peel Circuit, and since then, for the long term of 72 years, he has not spared himself in the work he loves so well. For 16 years he was Circuit Steward in the Peel Circuit. He has also been a trustee of many chapels in the West of the Island. Mr. Moore was a member of the old House of Keys, when it was self-elected, and was the first member sworn in the new House when popular representation became the law of the land. He is the proprietor of Lhergydhoo, and for 44, years farmed it with considerable enterprise. The old homestead there was the home for very many years for Methodist Ministers and others whose calling was in sacred things.

Mrs. Moore [Alice Corlett] died some twenty-one years ago, and her memory is still fragrant.




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