Methodist Circuits


1778 Circuit (part of Liverpool District) instituted by J. Crook
1798 Split into two Circuits - Douglas with Castletown and Ramsey with Peel
1805 Separated from Liverpool and becomes its own District
1862 Castletown became separate circuit - see 1862 register for split of chapels
1863? Peel and Ramsey split to give 4 circuits based on the 4 main towns. L Railton who died, in office, in Peel, 1864, was described as first minister since the formation of the circuit.

Primitive Methodist

The Island was never a separate district but formed part of Liverpool District - the sequence of branches, circuits etc. is derived from W. Curry's list of Ministers.
1822 formed as mission from Bolton and at first circuit called 'The Isle of Man and Bolton'
1842 IoM circuit plus a Ramsey Branch
1843 IoM Circuit, Ramsey Branch and Peel Branch
1844 Douglas Circuit plus Ramsey Circuit
1847 as 1844 plus Peel Branch
1851 as 1847 plus Castletown Branch
1854 Peel branch merges with Ramsey
1861 Peel branch restarts
1868 Peel and Castletown branches become Circuits (i.e. 4 circuits on Island)
1874 Douglas split into Douglas I and Douglas II
1889 Douglas circuits amalgamate
1892 Laxey, Baldhoon & Baldrine form Laxey branch

Methodist New Connexion

1886 received as a Home Mission Station
Four circuits Douglas, Ramsey, Laxey (cottage meeting) and one other still unknown.

Post Union 1932+

1932 Split into 7 circuits

In the later 1960's these circuits were further amalgamated to give the current three



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