Primitive Methodist Ministers

Taken from Rev W. Curry The Story of Primitive Methodism in the IoM in 'The Primitive Methodist World' 4/April/1907.

Explanation and history of circuits given elsewhere.

1823 (Jan.) John Butcher, (July) Henry Sharman.
1824 (Beginning July in each case) Thomas Butcher, James Kellet, Henry Johnson.
1825 William Knowles, Edward Vaughan, Josiah Partington, Henry Johnson.
1826 William Knowles, William Lupton, John Graham, Henry Shatford.
1827 John Butcher, John Graham, Thomas Williams.
1828 William Alcock, J. Buckle, Henry Brining.
1829 William Alcock, Charles Glendining.
1830-1 James Moss, William Mole.
1832 James Moss, J. Westwood, T. Smith.
1833 John Hopkinson, Robert Kaye, R. Acornly.
1834 John Hopkinson, Robert Kaye, James Crompton, Jonathan Kaye.
1835 Jonathen Clewer, Matthew Lee, Thomas Moscrop.
1836 Jonathan Clewer, Matthew Lee, William Dent, William Roberts.
1837 Samuel Atterby, Thomas Oliver, Thomas Lowe.
1838 Samuel Atterby, Thomas Oliver, Thomas Lowe, David Tuton .
1839 S. Atterby, T. Oliver, Jesse Ashworth, Abraham Gee.
1840 Thomas Jobling, Thomas Hadfield, Thomas Hamilton, Jesse Ashworth, Marshall Tinsley.
1841 T. Jobling, T. Hadfield, James Bottomley, Charles Jackson, Benjamin Whillock.
1842 I.O.M. Circuit: Thomas Jobling, Charles Jackson, John Brining.;Ramsey Branch: Thomas Greener.
1843 I.0.M.: Richard Davies, R. Wordsworth. Ramsey Branch: Thomas Greener.Peel Branch: William Inman.
1844 Douglas Circuit: R. Davies, J. Britain, J White. Ramsey Circuit: Robert Kaye, W. Inman, J. Pine.
1845 Douglas Circuit: James Cheetham, J. Britain, J. White. Ramsey Circuit: John Lawley, Jas.Peet, John Aspinall.
1846 Douglas Circuit: Jas. Cheetham, Geo. Dawson, James Openshaw. Ramsey Circuit: John Lawley, Jas. Peet, E. Waring.
1847 Douglas Circuit: M. Lee, D. Tuten, J. Aspinall. Ramsey Circuit: Thomas Hadfield.;Peel Branch: James Bottomley.
1848 Douglas: Matthew Lee, D. Tuton, J. Aspinall. Ramsey: Thos. Hadfield. Peel Branch: Jas. Bottomley.
1849 Douglas: Samuel Smith, Ambrose Kirkland. Ramsey: John Clewer. Peel Branch: Thos. Hadfield.
1850 Douglas: S. Smith, A. Kirkland, Abram Sagar.Ramsey: J. Clewer.Peel Branch: Geo Dawson
1851 Douglas: S. Smith, George Smith.Castletown Branch: John Judson.Ramsey: Charles Jackson, J. Clewer, sup.Peel Branch:George Dawson.
1852 Douglas: S. Smith, J. R. Pickard, J. Clewer, sup.Castletown Branch: John Judson.Ramsey: Charles Jackson. Peel Branch: George Dawson.
1853 D: Robert Hill, J. Mosby, J. Clewer, sup. C. Br.: Thomas Hindley.R.: George Dawson..P.: Br.: John Turnbull.
1854 D.: Robert Hill, Joseph Sutcliffe.C.Br: .Thomas Hindley.R.: George Kidd, John Turnbull
1855 D.: R. Hill, J. Sutcliffe.C.Br.: John Eastwood.R.: Geo. Kidd, Matt. Lewis.
1856 D.: George Herod, H. J. Huffman.C. Br.:William Wilkinson.R.: G. Kidd, M. Lewis.
1857 D.: G. Herod, L. Stafford.C. Br.: Samuel.Smith (b. 1798) .R.: J. Aspinall, Jno. Dumbell.
1858 D.: John Oscroft, R. Eardly (3 months), James Travis (9 months).C Br.: M. Lewis, S. Smith, sup.R.: J. Aspinall, G. Smith.
1859 D.: J. Oscroft, William Harris, S. Smith, sup (until 1873, except one year of active ministry, 1869).
1860 D.: Thomas Hindly, W. Harris. C. Br.: Matthew Lewis (b. 1832) ; R.: M.Lee , George Smith(b. 1823).
1861 D.: G. Kidd, Thomas Wilshaw. C. Br.: Samuel Stafford, John Buckley. R.: W. Wilkinson. Peel Br.: W. Harris.
1862 D.: G. Kidd, R. B. Howcroft. C. Br.: S. Stafford, E. A. Davies. R.: W. Wilkinson, Chas. Jackson, sup, P. Br.: W. Harris.
1863 D.: G. Kidd, R. B. Howcroft.C. Br.: S. Stafford, Jns. Henshaw. R.: W. Wilkinson, C. Jackson, sup, P. Br.: Stephenson; Stobbs.
1864 D: James Peet, Walter Graham. [on copy pencilled 1m[onth]] C. Br.: J. Openshaw, Edward Kershaw. R.: Stephen . Kelly. P. Br.: W. Wilkinson.
1865 D.: J. Peet, Robert Middleton. C. Br.: W. Harris. R.: S. Kelly. P. Br.: James Ball.
1866 D : Robert Arnfield, John Turner. C. Br.: W. Harris. R.: Fred Smith. P. Br.: J. Ball.
1867 D.: R. Arnfield, Jas. Crompton. C. Br.: W. Harris. R.: F. Smith. P. Br. E. A. Davies.
1868 D.: R. Arnfield, W. Thornley. R.: F. Smith, G. Morris. Castletown Circuit: W. Harris. Peel Circuit: E. A. Davies.
1869 D.: W. Harris, S. Smith, J. Peet, sup. (until; 1883). R.: E. A. Davies, G. Morris. C: Walter Graham. P.: Jas. Openshaw.
1870 D.: W. Harris, J. B. Buglass. R.: E. A. Davies, John Glass. C.: Ed. Kershaw. P.: Jas. Openshaw.
1871 D.: Murray Wilson, Thomas Meakin. R.: E. A. Davies, J. Glass. C.: E. Kershaw. P.: J. Openshaw.
1872 D.: Joseph Morton, T. W. Barker. R.: John Hancock. C.: E. Kershaw. P.: J. Openshaw.
1873 D.: J. Morton, T. W. Barker. R.: J. Hancock. C.: Jno. T. Lawson. P.: J. Openshaw.
1874 Douglas I.: J. Openshaw. Douglas II.: J. Morton. Ramsey: J. Hancock. Castletown: W. Smith (2). Peel: G. Smith (1).
1875 D. I.: J. Openshaw. D. II.: J. B. Rayner. R.: E. Kershaw. C. : W. Smith. P. : G. Smith.
1876 D. I.: Jas. Hall. D. II.: J. B. Rayner. R.:E. Kershaw. C.: J. Aspinall, James Openshaw, sup. (until 1892). P.: G. Smith.
1877 D. I.: J. Hall. D. II.: J. B. Rayner. R.:. E. Kershaw. C:. J. Aspinall. P.: G. Smith.
1878 D. I.: J. Hall. D. II.: J. B. Rayner. R.. Wm Kitson C.: Robert Hilton. P.: G Smith.
1879.D. I.: B..Dain. D. Il.: T. H. Hunt, J.:E Wilsden. R.: W. Kitson. C. R. Hilton. P.: R. B. Howcroft.
1880 D. I.: B. Dain. D. II.: T. H. Hunt, W. Brass. R.: W. Kitson. C.: R. Hilton. P.: R. B. Howcroft.
1881 D. I.: B. Dain. D. II.: Ed. Newsome, W. Brass. R.: R. B. Howcroft. C.: R Hilton. P.: Ed. Cairnes.
1882 D. I.: B. Dain. D. II.: E. Newsome, Thos. Dickinson. R.: R. B. Howcroft. C.: Hy. Hatherly. P.: E. Cairnes.
1883 D. I.: Thos. Markwell. D. II.: Jos Warner, T. Dickinson. R.: R. B. Howcroft. C.: Hy. Hatherly. P.: E. Cairnes.
1884-5 D. I.: T. Markwell. D. II.: J. Warner, Wm. Spedding. R.: E. R. Tripp. C: Hy. Hatherly. P.: T. A. McCready.
1886 D.I.: John Hall, D. Tuton, sup. (until 1888). D. I I .: John Sharp. R.: E. R. Tripp. C.: S. Stubbings. P.: T. A. McCready.
1887 D. I.: J. Hall. D. II.: J. Sharp, R. Hall (H.L.P.). R.: R. Ayres. C.: S. Stubbings. P: R. W. B. Whiteway.
1888 D.l.: J. Hall. D. II.: Robt..Carr, R. Hall R.: R. Ayres: C.: S. Stubbings. P: R. W. B. Whiteway.:
1889 Douglas (I. and II. amalgamated):- William Whitby, J.-T. Barkby, B. Arnfield. R.: R. Ayres. C.: J. Hall, D. Tuton, sup( until 1891) P.: R. W. . B. Whiteway
1890 D.: W. Welford, J. T. Barkby, B Arnfield:: R.: Robt.Howcroft. C.: J. Hall. : P.: W.Harris.
1891 D.: W. Welford; J. I. Barkby, B. Arnfield R.: R.B. Howcroft. C.: J. Hall. P.: W. Harris.
1892 D.: W. Welford, Wm. Curly. R.: R. B Howcroft. C.: E. R. Tripp. P.: W.:Harris. Laxey Branch: J. R. Tranmer.
1893-4 D.: C. Finch, W. Curry. R.: J. B. Buglass: C.: E R. Tripp. P.: R. Ainsworth. L: J. R. Tranmer.
1895 D.: C. Finch, W. Curry R.: J. B. Buglass C.: E. R Tripp. P.: F. Leadley. L: S. L. George.
1896 D.: Jno. Sadler, J. M. Brown. R.: J. B Buglass. C.: Jos. Angliss. P.: F. Beadle L: S. L. George
1897 D.: J. Sadler, W. Carr, E. Quine, sup. (until 1900). R.: C. Tinn. C.: J. Angliss. P.: F. Leadley. L.: W. A. Eyre.
1898 Same as 1897, except W. Harris comes to Peel.
1899 D.: T. Whitehead (2), S. Palmer.R.: C.Tinn, R. B. Howcroft, sup. (until present time).C.: R. Hilton.P.: W. Harris.L.: W. A Eyre.
1900 D.: T. Whitehead (2), S. Palmer. R.: Jas. Shepherd.C.: R. Hiltom P.: W. Harris.L.: W. Fidoe.
1901 D.: T. Whitehead (2), S. Palmer. R.: J. Shepherd.C.: R. Hilton, W. Harris,- sup.(until present time).P.: R. W. Russell.L.: W. Fidoe.
1902 D.: T. M. Pinnock, W. Upright. R.: E.;Icke (3 months), E Quinn.C.: F. J. Morgan,R. Hilton, supP.: R. W. Russell L.: W. Fidoe.s
1903 D.: T. M. Pinnock, W. Upright. R.:. E.-Quine.C.: F. J. Morgan. P.: R. W..Russell. TT. Stones.


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