Ballasalla Methodist Chapels

Ballasalla (Bridge Road) Primitive Methodist Chapel,1833

Ballasalla (Bridge Road)

Site bought for £7 from John Cubbon and Isabella Cubbon (of Ballasalla) - deed dated 6 Jan 1833.

Closed by 1949 though used as Sunday Schools until 1975 after which left empty until sale completed in 1980 for £8500; seats, pulpit and choir pews transferred to Ballafesson; now used as store

Grid Reference SC281703

1833 Trustees (ref MM MD 717/18):

Iin 1851 trustees borrowed £33 from Thomas Bridson tailor of St Marks, named as
John Kewin x; Charles Preston x; Thomas Quine, Robert Fargher, John Gill, Henry Welch, James Wallace, John Macdonnald x, William Shimmin, John Clague, James Skinner x; John Callister

In 1868 new trustees appointed as only Thomas Quine, mason, Ballasalla left -


Ballasalla (Wesley) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1797

Now Scout Hall (though somewhat modified)

Grid Reference SC280702


Ballasalla (Wesley) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1893

Ballasalla (Wesley)

Closed 1980; demolished 1981 as building unsafe - built from rendered 'swaddler' stone (poor quality limestone) which due to failure of rendering had 'dissolved' - reading architect's report it would appear that the building had received little maintenance for some years.

Site now partly occupied by houses

Grid Reference SC281701

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