Ballafesson Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1794 & 1846


Original building dates from 1794/5 (the 1851 census gave 1798).
'Restructured' 1846; the original slate roof is still intact. The 1851 religious census stated there were 149 seats and an average attendance of 80 S/S scholars at the morning service, 170 at the afternoon and 180 at the evening service. John Kermode, Steward.

Jean Wilkinson, (Secretary & Treasurer to Ballafesson Methodist Church Council) generously provided the following description.The original chapel was built 1794. The present chapel was rebuild on the site in 1846. Prior to the plastering of the chapel, a twelve foot long Spanish Head lintel could be seen in the wall nearest the road, and at the front of the chapel, doors were fitted below the lintel and that part of the building was used to house the preachers horse and acted as a loose box.
The cost of rebuilding the chapel was about £150, but it would appear from old records, that not all the seating as we remember the chapel was done at that time, but further seating and the rise was added at various times down through the years. No mention of heating was made when the chapel was rebuilt, and it was 1887 that the purchase of a stove appears in the treasurer’s cash book along with the purchase of coal.
The original slate roof, the slates being held in place by hard wood pegs, and laid in mortar to prevent rattle in the wind was still in place until 2005 when it was replaced.
The preachers vestry was built in 1947 at a cost of £230. At a special Trustees meeting held on 9th May 1949 the alterations to the chapel as we know it today were discussed. The chapel was to be closed while the work was in progress, but Mr T. Qualtrough offered the use of a hut in his yard while this was going on. The re-opening Services of the Chapel were held on Thursday, 12th January 1950. The ceremony of opening the door was carried out by Mr Alf Clague, and the Service at 3pm conducted by the Rev. Elgar James, Chairman of the District, assisted by Rev. Temple Bone who was the resident Minister. Tea was served at Mr Qualtrough’s hut. The refurbishment of the chapel included using pitchpine pews, chair seats and pulpit from Bridge Road, Ballasalla Methodist Chapel.
The stone laying of the Sunday School took place on Tuesday, 29th July 1952. The opening of the Sunday School was on Thursday, March 19th 1953. Divine worship was held in the chapel at 3pm with the Rev. James Moorehouse being the preacher. At 4pm Mrs Percy Shaw declared the Sunday School open and a service of dedication was conducted by Rev. Leslie Smith.

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The Sunday School started in 1827 with an attendance of 96 scholars and 17 teachers in 1851.

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