John Rocque, 1753

John Rocque, 1753

The Isle of MAN.
Size: 235mm x 205mm (line) 1:290,000

Copied from King (with many errors) with a few additional names (Irish Coast). Adjacent coasts included (out of scale) as in King & Speed; Ramsey Sand added ex Collins (or later)

Possibly first issued in The English Traveller 1746 which appearance would date the map to around 1743-6 and should then be attributed to T.Read - however no copy of the relevant volume has been found, thus assumed to be a later map added to those which first appeared in the English Traveller to make up The Small British Atlas of 1753..

John (Jean) Rocque (d. 1762) came to London by 1709 as a child with his Hugenot family - initially produced plans for formal gardens (sharing premises with his gardener brother Batholomew) but famous for his 24-sheet 1746 plan of London. This though giving him financial problems gave him sufficient status to be appointed Chorographer to the Prince of Wales in 1751. A fire in 1750 had destroyed his house and stock but by 1753 he was employing ten draughtsmen. He married twice - his widow continuing the business after his death.



Appeared in:

(?) NOTE this has been assumed from Kingsley & Burden - the exact status of the IoM map is still to be checked as Kingsley states that no copy of Vol 4 (in which IoM possibly appeared) is known to exist. Chubb states it was only a 3 vol work.
Thomas Read (fl 1726/53) printer with premises in Fleet Street area.

The Isle of MAN.
Without plate number

The English traveller: giving a description of those parts of Great-Britain called England and Wales. Containing ...a
map of every county, from the best and latest observations ... after the designs of Herman Moll
Originally issued in parts:
The English traveller. ... vol ?
London T Read 1746

(?) The Isle of MAN.
Note - this is also taken by ref to Sussex + Berks maps
Plate number (53 ?) added (Ea(os)) - however doubtful if any impressions in this state exist

(1) The Isle of MAN.
Plate number 53 ? partially erased

The Small British Atlas: Being a New set of Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales
London: John Rocque (61753),1753
(CUL (Atlas 7.75.1))

The Small British Atlas...
London: John Roque and Robert Sayer 1753
(BL (Maps C 24 b 13)) (RGS (8 A 1))

(2) The Isle of MAN.
Plate number 54 (?ft) added (Ea(os))


Map 54 in

The Small British Atlas: Being a New set of Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales
London: John Roque 1762,

(1764 edition plate number altered ? as in Sussex Map (BL (Maps C 24 b 14))

(5) Reprinted in England Displayed ...1769, which contained 33 maps from Rocques 1753 Small British Atlas; 10 by T Kitchin ex London Magazine 1747-60, 4 by G Rollos and 1 by T Bowen.

The Isle of MAN.
Plate number erased
Map 40 in vol 2

England Displayed Being a new Complete and accurate Survey and Description of the Kingdom of England and the Principality of Wales.. by a society of Gentlemen.. each of whom has undertaken that Part for which his study and inclination has more immediately qualified him..
Printed for the Authors by Adlard and Browne Fleet Street And Sold by S Bladon No 28 T Evans No 54 and J Coote No 16 in Pater-noster Row W Domville and F. Blythe at the Royal Exchange MDCCLXIX 2vols



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