logoRobert Morden, 1701

Morden 1701

Size: 115mm x 140mm 1:630,000

Very similar to those used in the 1695 Camden for which, according to Shirley, they were probably intended but rejected as being too small. That of the IoM is part of map 7: The smaller Islands in the British Ocean by Robt Morden. Sometimes seen cut from the main sheet thus losing any main title and imprint. Maps are plain at back;


Chubb CXXIV Skelton 123 EMIoM p39



The New Description and State of England, containing the maps of the Counties of England and Wales, in Fifty Three Copper-Plates, Newly Design'd.. by the best artists..London Printed for Robert Morden, in Cornhill; Thomas Cockeril, at the Three Leggs and Bible against Grocers-Hall in the Poultry; and Ralph Smith, at the Bible under the Piazza of the Royal Exchange 1701

2nd ed 1704: imprint corrected: London Printed for S and J Sprint, J Nicholson and S Burroughs in Little Britain; A Bell and R Smith in Cornhill 1704

(ii) compass rose added to Isle of Wight map - no change to IoM

An Ed 1708 - 3 additional maps
An Ed 1720-31 (+5 new maps) 4o 5 x 6.75 in
An Ed 1738




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