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Morden 1695
Man I.
(overall title) The smaller Islands in the British Ocean by Robt Morden.
size 120mm x 140mm

The Smaller Islands in the British Ocean
by Robt Morden.

50 maps (map is #50) , most bear name of Robt Morden. Sutton Nicholls and John Sturt appear as engravers on some (+ probably did all).
Larger version of Morden (1701) for which it was probably a replacement with the smaller maps recycled some years later.

Map 50: Sold by Abel Swale, Awnsham and John Churchill.



Chubb CXIII Skelton 90

Appeared in:

Camden's Brittannia, Newly translated into English. Published by Edmund Gibson
Printed by F. Collins for A Swale at the Unicorn at the Westend of St Pauls Chrchyard ; and A & J Churchil at the Black Swan in Pater-noster Row 1695

An Ed 1715 - coloured reprints printed on thick paper
An Ed 1722 - coloured reprints on thin paper
An Ed 1753 - uncoloured reprints
An Ed 1772 - uncoloured reprints


The IoM Map was lithographed and appeared in The Old Historians of the Isle of Man Manx Soc vol XVIII 1871 - imprint under outer box "G. Waterson & Son Edin. Photo Litho - 135mm x 120mm



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